ArcheAge Summer Update To Introduce New Daru Transformation Skill

Also, get ready for 10v10 time wars.

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ArcheAge Daru

On June 22, the ArcheAge Summer update will hit, bringing with it an all-new transformation. The new Daru transformation skill opens up a bunch of new abilities to players, including increased movement while riding a donkey mount, the ability to breathe underwater, and a 20% swim speed boost – among others. It all sounds pretty useful, but there is a catch. Transforming into Daru means you’re less equipped for fighting. These little guys aren’t really big on combat. They’re here to explore, gather, mine, farm, and the like. So, maybe avoid the PvP.

Speaking of which… 10v10 time wars anyone? There are no factions in this fight. It’s all about the flags. Players are split into groups by flag color and must collect these flags as they appear and take them back to the base. The first team to hit the 250-point mark wins.

Another important thing hitting this month is the “Make a Splash” global arena beta service. Players from Korea, Asia, North America, and Europe will be able to create teams and participate in arena events. Remember, this is a test. Once it’s over, the devs will take the information back and make improvements.

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