America’s Army: Proving Grounds is a squad-based tactical FPS that attempts to mimic true realistic military combat. The FPS offers impressive visuals and encourages players to work together in order to complete the objective based scenarios. Proving Grounds is completely free (no cash shop), with players able to access all available equipment from the loadout screen..

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  1. Tried installing from steam 3 times. I get in, get to the server choice. Launch…acts like about to launch no go. Crap. Uninstalled. No urge to try again. XD

  2. So this is like an Ender’s Game type game :P, the army is funding it and its supposed to be as realistic as it can, next thing u know we start blowing up an alien race.

  3. I discovered this game by chance on steam. Although it may not offer many modes, it will definitely appeal to the more competitve players

  4. Its a nice game. But i have a question. Is the full-free-thing just for the beta or it will be that way even after the release?

    • All weapons in the game are free and you dont need to pay for weapons,clothes,… Everyrhing is free on the game.The game is paid by the army ive readed somewhere :p

      • I belive you’re right as I read somewhere that this game was meant to be some kind of a PR tool for the american army, so they’re funding it. so it’s completely F2P


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