DC Universe Online (DCUO) is a free to play 3D action MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainmen. Players can create their own superhero and join forces with their favorite DC Comics characters.

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  1. #4400+ in que???????
    great advertising a game wich has some decent gameplay
    yea i really want to pay for waiting 2 hours to get in a game…

    • You dont have to wait if you pay….. Paying members gets priority login. I haven’t had to wait since I subscribed a couple weeks ago. its a great MMO pogo

      • That sucks i never pay on games (its waste of your money dont ask why it just is) the waiting is like 30 minutes but the game itself is so cool.

  2. this game freakin sucks , EPIC LAG DUDES , I NEVER SEEN SUCH A LAG , you can’t even kill a mob or they don’t even spawn on map cuz of the extreme lag , its just extremelly laggy , continuing like this the game will close soon

    • Zenyth give it a month or so…… Servers are way over loaded adn they are working on it now. I dont think they expected this many f2p players joining there game. I gert lag ever now and again. some more then others. But its really a great game….. I finally found something that replaces WoW.

  3. This game is alot better on ps3 then on PC. there is less lag, usually less people so servers are less crowded, and the key layout is way better, if you are a keyboard user you can attach a keyboard and mouse to your ps3 and are able to use that as a controller type…happy killing!

  4. preset classes? what game are you playing dude? champions online or something? u choose a mentor and then you can customize everything. as in you can be a follower of circe’s (aka sorcerer/ess) and then choose to look like a gorilla with a nack for the big guns (RPG, machine guns, w/e floats your boat). also, if you would’ve bothered to look at the skills and powers trees, you would’ve noticed that you can go 2-3 ways in what regards power points (sorc has 6 from what i’ve seen) and then a few more ways thanks to skills (weapons, special movement skills, etc). seriously, i think you were playing the wrong game.

    as for the huge lag: READ THE FORUM! they were expecting a 400-500% increase in player database in the first month and instead went over 1000% in the first 2 days. they’re putting in new equipment every day to try and actually keep up with the huge influx of players.

    as for playing on a PvP server: just go to the hall of doom or the JSA HQ from any club/police station and you can change between PvP and PvE as you see fit (the phase generator…)

  5. The game is good, i’ll give it that.

    So what is the bad thing about it that noone seems to mention?

    Preset Classes, or well, superheroes.
    Apparently Bane typeish heroes, got Gadgets(???). I mean, i cannot remember bane throwing bombs and pulling people in with a line, he is some crackpot tank that has the brain the size of a wallnut. No way can he gather the intelligence to use a bomb.
    Lack of classes is the worst part in this game, long que’s, other players can pretty much steal quest targets from you. Ofcourse there is a system thing that allows both to get the quest objective, but that does not always work, which is the worst part of it all.

    PVP servers, i accidenally joined one(Takes one mis click and boom, you are right in it) and had a blast! lvl 3-6’s were being attacked by a level 30.
    Eventually 30 of us teamed up and ganked the guy and by some miracle beat him.

    Massive lag issues, basically you can see other players but mobs are INVISIBLE or just NOT there!!! I quit after that because making my second character i was forced to battle INVISIBLE guards and then the door right after killing the first guard. It NEVER opened!!!

    • been playing since launch being a hardcore dc fanboy and id like to say.. bane powers wahaha? bane is a boss mob for single and duo mode missions.. and the one in legends pvp is a pretty solid bane considering they attempted to balance him with the other characters(banes still a beast with a flying joker buddy). he has shockwaves and hammer fists.. oh and a really sweet venom enrage.. whodathunkit

    • Actually, Bane is one of the smartest criminals in the Batman mythos. You’re just thinking of how idiot Schumacher chose to portray him in the movie, in which he was a essentially a grunting zombie.

      That being said, your point is valid that Bane doesn’t use gadgets.

  6. Great game. I’m currently playing it on the PS3. que times are long. was number 3500 in line the other day. Last time I longed on I was 900+. I’m sure they will and more servers with the large number of people joining. If you pay attention to the game when your doing quests it feels like a story, which is pretty cool. Its the best superhero MMO game I’ve played and one of the top F2P mmo games I’ve played so far…. Even as a free player right now it seems to be pretty fair game play between people to P2P and people that are F2P. I’ll be playing this game for a long time…. Looking forward to a expansion. And being able to play on the PS3 is pretty sweet. I dont think they can get any better with controller layout features to play the game. Its pretty sweet.

  7. Yeah it’s a good game but like Diegaroz said it’s epicly long to get in game.
    And once your playing you got like 50% luck of having huge lag.
    The lag is server sie (not client side problem) as their having trouble to manage all the player.

    Anyway still stay a good game.
    Bad part?
    •the lack of customisation in the begining i think (but when you gather armor ect you can have more and more style and got a custom look :D)
    •It miss a bit of help on how to rejoin other city or some minor stuff

    But it’s a good game that is worth a try 😉


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