District 187 First Look

District 187 First Look

District 187 is a new FPS published by CJ Games. In District 187 players must fight for their turf as the world economy collapses. Players will take on the role of a notorious gang member or the hardened SWAT as they fight through cramped alleyways and rundown apartments. Players are able to extensively customize their characters appearance and weapon modifications while engaging in various 8v8 game modes including clan based territory wars where players fight for control over persistent locations within the District 187 universe.

To find more about District 187 check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. DonĀ“t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. I dont like the graphics a lot on a comparitive basis. Though I like the design, I mean the streets and the swat and gangster in different outfits. I must admit that I had fun in the first match i played. The thing i like is its a bit easy to learn and it is not as if you cant kill those who have been playing. I like the grenades damage and I feel good. So I like this game personally though on a comparitive basis I cant like this. It looks as if my order of liking game is directly proportional to size like Best 5-7GB Gotham City Impostors – Second Best 1GB Battlefield Play4Free and Third 500MB District 187. If they improve a bit on the graphics I would love this game . Though its a very good game in 500MB. For those who dont download alot this is a good option. So Graphics are a bit dissapointing but i dont have much problem with it.

    • Because games not avalibe yet they had a stress test on the 18th for a few hourns servers where open but now they closed until ful release i think

  2. The setting is interesting. But gameplay is so boring, generic and unsatisfying… Between Blacklight Retribution, Arctic Combat and Warface there’s simply no room left for this game.


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