Dragon’s Prophet is an Action MMORPG developed by Runewaker, the same company behind Runes of Magic. Dragon’s Prophet focuses on giving players the opportunity to capture and train over 300 unique dragons each of which has its own abilities as well as strengths and weaknesses. Players can choose from 4 classes and chain both abilities and combo attacks together in order to promote fast action combat. The game offers non instanced player housing and a Frontier system where guilds can build housing in a sandbox style zone while fighting against other guilds attempting to stake their own claim.

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  1. Generic MMO + Gimmick = Dragons Prophet.
    It has a lil something to make it look unique but at it’s heart it just another generic MMO..

    • See this kind of comment all around, but tell us, what is a “new” or “innovative” MMO if not a generic MMO with some gimmicks? Some don’t even go that far, just use a theme for it that people want and it seems to work.

      In the end of the day, it’s just a matter of taste.

      • I’m not even sure what the gimmick is… is it the dragon taming? I wouldn’t really go as far as calling it a gimmick. I mean its a full blown feature of the game and there’s alot of things that go into it. Its not like Scarlet Blade(not that its a bad game personally) where you can pretty much get naked but that really has no overall affect on how you play the game, where as with the dragons it does.

        Taming monsters in games isn’t exactly unique in and of itself, but the general approach they’ve taken with Dragon’s Prophet is something generally different from most other games doing the same thing. It neither adds or subtracts from the quality of the game by itself.

        But to really call the game generic as a whole would be calling TERA generic since they both use pretty much the same system of combat and there’s no tab targeting in Dragon’s Prophet and the questing is practically the same, like it majority of MMOs. DP might not look as flashy as TERA but its not on the same bus as every other game out there. Its just in the back of the bus TERA rides on.

        I hope once SOE sort out the kinks and get everything polished by final commercial release(you know the one when open beta finally ends) people will enjoy the game more.

        • Precisely my point. Seems people just tend to ignore things in order to just say it’s generic because it didn’t add something they wanted or the way they wanted it. Shouldn’t look down on the game because of that.

          Just on a side note, I’d point out that turning into a mech and the cybersuit are the features of Scarlet Blade. Breasts seem to be what people focus on. Funny that people don’t do that with Age of Conan or Mortal Online just to name a couple (Mortal even has full nudity even).

      • Wildstar? not exactly completely fresh, but more than just one or two gimmicks, more like a vast number of gimmicks, so I’m looking forward to it. Yet this just looks generic and their 1 gimmick (dragons) is time based… Sad.

        • Again goes with eachs point of view. Some say Guild Wars 2 had a lot of inovation and new systems (fun ones too)…others just said it was SSDG.

          You liked Wildstar so you are rooting for it, that is good! But gotta see the final product and actually tear down the features to see how inovative they really are.

  2. The most important thing is, is it p2w or not is it a fair shop or will rich people get easy mode in this game?

  3. how can someone play with this blur enabled, my eyes bleed. and they push this strange thing in more and more games

  4. game holds some real potential,

    but open beta comes to soon, most of the items names are still coded.
    once they fix all the bugs, i will play the game for sure

  5. Just a little gripe. You’ve bashed other games features for less, but on this one, you barely made a point on how cheap it is to advertise an entire game on collecting and using dragons….but you only have 2 slots (with cash options to open more slots) and they have a time limit on how long you can use them thus limiting quite a bit what you can actually make in terms of builds for your characters.

    I was really hyped about this game but after seeing this limitations it really toned it down. Feels like a SW:TOR cash model.

  6. Looks like a cross between neverwinter and tera’s combat..but I’m not seeing any ability to dodge or actively block? At least not at any given moment. You kinda need to be able to pull blocks or evasion rapidly instead of only in a given context. I don’t know about this one..considering a large portion of any mmorpg’s content is based around fighting (insert thing here) I’d expect the combat to be a bit more deep instead of devolving into what seems to be a war of attrition.

    Visually it’s underwhelming. Whole lotta bloom to cover that up. I wanna like it since it seems (sorta?) fresh but it gives me such a ‘meh’ feeling. It comes off as a sub-par Raiderz–and Raiderz wasn’t that good anyways. I’m gonna check out some other footage for this game but I think it’ll probably end up passing under my radar. Obviously this is just my view on it.

    • I’ve mostly played the archer class and you do have a dodge ability besides just moving out of the way. Some monsters have special abilities you’ll need to use the dodge skill for. Other than that keep your distance and you’re fine. I rarely die unless I somehow over-aggro.

      Combat wise… I honestly prefer DP over TERA. Mostly because I don’t I feel its effing slow as hell like Tera’s is or even Raiders at that matter. Everything for the most part combo wise is very fluid.

    • may 30th? impossible…the amount of buggy nonsense and placeholders, they would need to revamp the whole game.Also trash engine, u can play tera at max & overheat on this game which looks & plays severely dated

      PWE games are better.& thats really saying something wen PWE is garbage

      • DP runs fine maxed on my computer. Alot of the people I’ve heard complain about their systems overheating are using laptops. My desktop runs this game just fine.

        • im not talking about laptops, & neither is most of the ppl on support, even down to ppl with 680s

          which is sad considering how awful this game looks and plays

          • That is really sad for them. I’m on a 660 Ti and mine runs at around 45-50C consistently. Maybe it is the game for them or maybe they did something stupid to their computers. Gawd only knows.


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