Frontline Tactics is a 3D turn-based strategy game for the PC, Mac and IOS. Players are able to embark on intense strategic missions while upgrading their squad members with new abilities, armor, and weapons. Players are able to play cross-platform against others no matter what they play on.

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  1. cacalips have a point they just keep jumping like they just f*** there selfs and blacklight u just keep dying like an old f** with tears on your chicks SHHHH KIDS

      • payback, grow a brainstem. Tribes = bunny hoppers with big guns that look at their feet as they shoot. Stupidest concept of a shooter and filled with hackers and support hacking from their other mmofps. And there is not gameplay, it is just bunny hop.
        Blacklight = PWy to win failure. Horrid enu system, in game hack to see though walls, killing any strategy. Zergy spray and pray where better cash gun will win. In fact, in CB the knife and fast build was the best way to kill…So yeah…2016…NO…3050 we might have a better game.

          • yeah I know right, people like him just keep seeing the bad sides of games and nothing on the positive side which basically means he’ll never find a good game even if the best game in the world slams into his face. He’ll never notice it XD

      • Hey PSO2 is coming out soon… Might suck , might be good…. One of the only i’m anticipating…. HEY it’s japan.. They can’t screw up more than us… right?


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