Infinite Crisis is a DC Multiverse inspired moba from Turbine Entertainment. The game features champions from multiple dimensions of popular DC comics including iconic characters such as the Joker, Batman, Cyborg and Flash. One of Infinite Crisis main features revolves around the maps destruction. Players may throw cars and call down meteors as they brawl through iconic DC locations. As each match wears on, catastrophic events will occur that can open up new pathways while blocking others.

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  1. I played Infinite crisis and its really nice. You get 3000 crisis coins and 9000 merit (IN-GAME CURRENCY) that are around 8-12 heroes …PERMANENT HEROES (OR VILLAINS) and everything looks fine the arenas have different art from other games so that makes it ”unique”. One of the best mobas.

  2. I have a cb key and I redeemed it but I have not played it still I am bored of mobas today I am downloading TERA and I am excited in 2 hours I can play it!

  3. People who want to acces closed beta, its not too late yet, just go to their forum and look at the newest thread at Announcents! more than 1000 keys left.

  4. Ive been playing it from day 1 of closed tech beta.
    Infinite Crisis offers nothing more (at this point) than any other moba lets get that out of the way now.
    But there is something to be said for killing doomsday as batman, I enjoy that.
    However it would seem that the Dominion style battle grounds offer nothing that cant be found in the other mobas out there.
    Its hard to say if this is another case of “too much of a good thing”
    I like the other moba’s out there and play them often.
    If you are looking for a break-away moba that breathes new life into the same old 5v5 you wont find it here… sorry…
    But if you enjoy moba style games and have much love for the DC brands you are going to enjoy this game.
    As far as the performance of the Technical Closed Beta Client, IT IS a technical beta phase.
    Dont be too greedy. Sure it has a few bugs here and there, but i digress… This is technical beta right now ! Server load tests and broad client bugs are the focus at this time.
    Remember that, DC/Warner Bro’s has the resources to do this all by themselves. Lets also remember they are giving us access to ALL content at this time (premium and free) So again i encourage you all to be patient and appreciate the fact they are sharing this with us.
    Other than that, there are a few neat elements new to us moba fans.
    Random meteors fall around the battleground leaving craters and blowing up buildings and cars.
    Cars… You can throw them by the way, (hey batman…. CATCH !!) ya getting hit by a flying car hurts almost as much as being slammed into one until it explodes.
    Like that new building over there ? Well im gonna turn it into rubble by smashing you against it over and over.
    Gotta admit folks, It sounds like just a little bit of fun.
    With all that in mind, there is only the “dominion” style battleground for now, as I say, FOR NOW.
    Im looking forward to bigger better destroyable enviroments as well as seeing the rest of the DC cast appearances.
    Good luck out there heroes and remember FLYING TOYOTAS !!!!!

  5. Game is terrible. Ran at 80 fps but still had some sort of stuttered, control of heroes felt clunky and inaccurate. Heroes were just your DC characters with league of legends skills. Was boring and brought nothing new to the table. Uninstalled after 4 games.

  6. the most thing i don’t like in any moba .. mainly in this kind .. when u can double champions .. for exp in this video Green Lantern is in Red and Blue team … and Joker is fight along side of Batman … and Cyborg … this is profanation of hero/villain idea for me ..

    this should be team red villain set team blue hero set of champions

    • If you’re going to bitch about heroes and villains fighting together, don’t blame this game since they do it in DCUO Legends PVP as well.


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