Marvel Heroes is an action RPG developed by Gazillion Entertainment. The game allows a player to assume the identity of over 22 Marvel superheroes each with their own iconic skills and voiceover lines. The game features combat similar to other arpgs with players exploring new openworld zones and taking on a variety of iconic super villains and their respective henchmen. Marvel Heroes story was written by one of the original writers of the Marvel Universe Comics.

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  1. what do you guys really expect? Marvel is basically owned by Disney now… live with it. Your lucky they didn’t put the Disney characters in the heroes costumes and called it “Disney presents another piece of crap clone online oh yeah and marvel comics is in there somewhere” Honestly I knew this was going to be crap the minute they announced it and said you play as the named heroes… this should be a FACEBOOK game its so horrible.

  2. marvel heroes should be like dcuo, not like they done here, creating a hero of your own imagination 🙂

    • Fun fact: It requires a better computer to run smoothly than DCUO does…
      I’m in the beta, the Engine they use is HORRIBLE… If more than 6 people show up on your screen and you’re on a slightly older PC (Even a dual core), The game will lag BADLY for you. I tested it on several different types of computer while in the beta… its sad.

      Whoever chose to use this engine should be fired.

      • Wow, u really have a bad Pc dont you? Cant imagine u tried it on different Pcs or they all sucked. My pc is far from great,but can play games like this without any lag,slow mos and so on…Get ride of your P90 and enjoy the year 2013.

        • I can confirm that the engine used for this game is working like crap. I can run Skyrim on HD (4k) textures with lot of visual optimizers, online games like Tera, C9, Vindictus, GW2, while taking part in massive PVP there and having only small frame rate drops.
          In Marvel Heroes I find first better world boss, 10 people around it or more and my FPS go down to 10 or lower. Like wtf, this game dont even have good graphic for the times we live in.

        • I can play PS2 at 40 fps in big battles, and yet this game lagged for me too. Could it be that, maybe, oh I don’t know, the game is not optimized well? You don’t spend hundreds of dollars on pc hardware to lag in a game that doesn’t look that good to begin with.

  3. Wait for 5 months for a key to play IT.
    Totally bs game.
    U just keep running around + point/click to kill all.
    End game

    • Guess what, thats the case in the most games. FPs = run around and click to shoot/kill.
      Mobas = click to attack/kill
      Rpg = run around,click/kill and so on. Im sorry, but your comment is just bleh…

  4. tried to watch video, even at 1080 textures look dirty, characters with minimum detalization, and yes, skills are quite nice, but sluggy animations kill it.

    i’m not a big fan of “super-duper-trash-popcorn-culture-heroes” but the whole idea about isometric games is ok for me, will try it, but now i don’t expect much of it. rusty hearts and elsword looks and feels much better than this.

    btw, so f2pcast is dead? only one good and unique content of this website is down? i mean, hey there’s a lot of first looks out there. weekly news arent bad aslong as this feature acts like an addon for whole thing, cause it’s always late and unimportant. f2pcast was a field for hosts indepth opinions and user discussions. it’s content from nothing, and good one. shame you blew it.

    • F2P cast isn’t dead we just had a hiccup after the last episode which prevented us from making last week’s. Will return this upcoming week.

  5. The highlight for items is turned off after a while just like in diablo3, they dont wanish so quickly.
    Marvel Heroes is dissipointment to me, since the customization of character is low, itemization sems poor too in suffix/preffix way, I tried Hawkeye, one skilltree looked like few passives and few active abilities. All actives went like that, shoot 1 arrow, shoot 2 arrows, shoot 3 arrows, shoot volley of arrows. Really creative 😛
    Additionaly the game will suffer from gigantic balance problems, since no skills there got cooldown and they are based on just one resource system, with means “pick best damage skill possible and spam it”. Where rest is buffs, debuffs, passives, crowd control and mobility skills.

  6. the number is for First National Bank, i thought it was gonna be free in game item or something, which is dumb because i’m not even playing the game lol


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