Prime World is a MOBA developed by Nival. In Prime World players are given a unique kingdom to rule and expand upon. By expanding their kingdom, players gain access to currency allowing them to purchase new heroes and craft special traits. These traits replace items usually bought with gold in MOBAs and can then be used to customize their individual heroes for battle. In the actual match, players can accrue the resource “Prime” which can then be spent on upgrading abilities or unlocking the aforementioned traits in order to increase their stats or grant them special passives in battle.

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  1. The castle concept seems interesting, but in the end it’s still just yet another MOBA. A stale genre that I don’t know why anyone sticks with.

    It worked as a mini-game, as a piece of Star/Warcraft…but it doesn’t stand-alone, it’s something to play real quick between other games.

  2. Seems interesting. Not a fan of the front line battles being typical run out, kill the spawns, tempt the other player, but take what we can get in the “different direction” department

  3. um is this pay to win. because it looks like it has a bit of farmville in there too. also are you aware of this mmobomb? seeing as how you focus on free to play games i’d like to show you all

    well i think this goes far as to say those pay to win ones might get shot down because they so hardly edge players into buying things, or maybe free mobile games? either way i don’t know. not sure if its bad to post a link O:

  4. Lol… Figures you would do a First Look on the game I’ve been stalking for a while now.

    I haven’t been much for MOBA, not that I’m terrible at them or anything, not saying I’m incredibly awesome either, they’re just some how distasteful.

    I’ve been following this game for quite some time now, and was hoping to land in the Closed Beta, because if any game could get me into MoBA, it would be this one. The entire idea of all other MoBA type games being similar is simply boring now. You see almost 20 other games trying to do the exact same thing, not that it’s a bad thing, however, they don’t try anything remotely different, and stick to “Why fix what’s not broken?”. Which is the type of attitude that drives people away from every other MoBA style game, because why play something else that has no one playing, when you could continue playing the same game with a massive population?

    In my opinion, this game definitely brings some new mechanics into the MoBA style of gameplay, some of which appeal to me, such as the whole choose your own skills per level, rather then just having a set of 4 skills, and ONLY 4 skills. This allows for massive variation between gameplay. I also like the idea of “Running in blind”. This allows for a different battle almost every time you play a match, and doesn’t really only concern “Counter Classing” each other.

    I also like the idea that they have an incredible amount of heroes per faction, not that they’re any different or anything, but it’s still around 50 different characters in total, basically just diff skins depending on which “Faction” you choose.

    As stated, not much for MoBA, but if any game could bring me into them, it would be Prime World. Hope you guys are working on getting some keys soon, I wouldn’t mind giving this a go. Probably some major bugs, and balancing issues, the community, and myself could find as well.

    Good video Spunkify, as always, I enjoyed it.

  5. I didn’t watch the whole video, so forgive me if I assume incorrectly.

    But this game looks like an RTS, I don’t see any MOBA-type features to it. And if there is, wouldn’t this be more similar to Starcraft than anything else?
    Anyways, MOBA doesn’t even fit for games such as DotA and LoL, so I’m not expecting this to be close to “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena”.

    Seems like an interesting game though.

    • If you jump to around 20 minutes in or so you will see that the game does have a tri-lane map with 5v5 complete with creeps, neutral monsters, skills, etc. I think you will find it is very much a MOBA.

      • Thanks for answering.

        After watching more, seems like a really interesting game. Very slow-paced compared to Dota though, but has some very nice features to it. And yes, definitely a “MOBA” (A-RTS as I like to call it).

        • I agree. MOBA is a terrible classification.

          I mean, it’s such a vacuous term that Quake 4 Arena fits it better than DoTA or LoL.

          To all MOBA players: get off your high horse, and admit you’re playing simplified multiplayer RTS.

    • Unfortunately we do not have control over what F2P games are released in what order. We just report on games as they come out. However if you read the past few weeks worth of news you will see there is quite a bit of news concerning other MMORPGs.

    • they just post what they have, no need to shet your pants over it,im glad that i saw this gameplay video of this game, plus noone forcing you to watch or play mobas.

  6. can’t wait to play it, i never liked having to go to the shop, the in-match leveling up or how upgrading work on MOBAs, it seemed like a very lazy way to make the game challenging, as for the castle building i guess it makes leveling up useful and gives you something else to want to accomplish other than just leveling up for sake of leveling up

  7. I love that you dont seem to teleport home to use the shop etc, you can just constantly stay in the battlezone, except when you die ofc… Using the shop at your base in most mobas creates a lot of downtime, Your a

    • —–> You’re actually afk during shopping imo, so this is a very good deal they make here. You set up your character/hero like you wish and dont need to think about your build during the actual moba fase, i love it and will defo play it when goes out of beta.

      • You’re talking about the “low” mobas like LoL, Smite, HoG and so on but in the “better” mobas (IMO) you have a courier and you learn the shophotkeys. This makes the shopping procces only last for 1-2 secs. But then, dota and HoN have much higher standards on players so I get your point anyways.

        Before complaining on me for calling LoL a low moba; I have played around 2k games in LoL, I’ve been up in platinum. The skill lvl is almost the same on every league but in games like HoN and Dota you don’t stand a chance against good players because of various reasons.

        regards, A guy who knows mobas.

        • The only way that may seem so compared to the other mobas is that in league of legends the game is more team oriented a team can be down 10k gold and still come back dota is a game where if 1 person is fed he can 1v5 the whole team that’s the only reason league might seem that way and the mechanics between low level and high level players are quite large theirs alot more to league than you think your it platinum im in challenger and ive played on korean servers theirs alot more to learn dota and hon are more about counter picking then actual team comp and teamwork.


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