Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE Online) is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG featuring engaging story quests, a pet system centered on hatching your own dragon, extensive crafting and much more.

To find more about RODE Online check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. Man, stop insulting the guy, if you think he is a noob and you are saying that to us that means you must also be thinking we are noobs, by not realizing what you meant before you state it, so you shut up, I don’t play a game which I don’t know if the cash shop will make the game pay to win, also how can you know if he is a GM or no cacalips? Also only noobs do double-posts.

  2. Otherthan mentioning the damn game is PvP and GM’s are cool. NO ONE has mentioned game play, gear based?, Cash shop gonna breal the game?, PvE content is like? uhh…anything besides its is PvP and GMs? Because GM’s dissapear over time, and PvP gets dull. So, the other things are needed to balance this game. And dont reply Sejiro fanboy, we need balanced review of this not a biased fanboy.

    • You don´t know the difference between a “First Look” and a “video review” right? The video purpose is to give you a little taste and share the first impressions of the game. A First Look video is not a in depth review.

    • I like the positive and the negative feedback cacalips,

      I would have liked to cover those posts…. however for RODE CBT2 (Closed Beta Test 2) the only elements of the game available were PVP & RVR.

      * The map was limited to 1 area, what you see in the footage is where I could go, believe me I
      tried to explore.
      * The cash shop wasn’t available.
      * Any toon created was automatically lvl 35 with Blue PVP Gear, so there wasn’t any pve to
      * The game goes live in March, check it out. I highly doubt at this stage the cash shop is gonna
      break the game.

      • Of the four that you’ve listed I’d say that the NPC’s are the one to go.The raoesn for this is that the other three all feedback round into each other. So skills affect items, items combat, and combat determines the skills you want. Where as NPC’s there totally seperate.Oddly you could turn that arguement on it’s head drop any one of those three and you’ve still got a core playable game AND you’ve get great NPC’s.I might be suffering from lack of vision but great NPC’s speak of control of the game leading it in the directions you want. Which sounds different to Emergent game play to me. So perhaps you should look at ways of removing NPC’s and allow other players to fill those roles.

  3. hey sejiro im not sure if this game is out yet but when it is message me id love to play with you and the guys that do the free to play cast

    • Geremiad,

      March my friend….. I’ll be playing hopefully I can drag Magicman on as well.

      The time has finally come…RODE will be released to the public during March 2012! Exact dates will be announced shortly.

      We look forward to an awesome beginning for our newest cutting-edge fantasy game of RODE. We’re taking all our players feedbacks from Closed Beta testing into great consideration and in process of developing an extraordinary game we believe you’ve never seen before! Get ready for the most exhilarating, addictive, massive mmo game this Spring!

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  4. Hey mmobombers,

    I hope you enjoy this First Look! I had a blast playing RODE and can’t wait for it to complete it’s beta testing and go live.

    ~ Sejiro

  5. Great GMS, very help full, fun and other stuff. me and my family are gamers and we’ve played this and spoken to allot of the gms.


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