In this First Look we examine the much anticipated free to play conversion for the much talked about Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) MMORPG. Breaking from normal First Look formats, we dive into the Pros and Cons of the conversion and showcase Space and Land Combat as well.

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  1. do you want to play the game?? yes…can you afford the subscription? no.. is the game worth every cent they are asking? by most accounts yes…. so quit bytching.. the game cost millions of dollars to create and you are playing for free…..shut ur entitled mouth and appreciate the.. fact you are getting to try the game at all. so tired of all the whining… im a f2p player because im broke..i cant afford to play any other way so i appreciate them doing this. if you can afford the script then get it..otherwise stfu…thanks and have a nice day (fkn kids are so spoiled….shoulda lived through the early days of eq and daoc….)

    • Wow man, do you not understand what this thread is for?, its for people to express an opinion, telling them to stop bitching (note the correct spelling) is kind of defeating the purpose, if you don’t like what you read just move along, there’s really no need to get abusive calling out “fkn kids are so spoiled” while hiding behind a keyboard, just relax, play some “portal” or “toki tori” to take your mind off it.

  2. I used to play this before the F2P option came along, and i enjoyed it then.. and i know they were losing players so thats they thought to make it F2P to bring players back but looks like its going down hill now cuz of the restrictions added onto it.
    I have not played in awhile, So i dunno how bad it is.. But to be honest.. This is the game that ended SWG… after 8yrs and swg never lost players until the CU and the NGE >,< cuz they thought it would be a good idea.. wow they were wrong.. and SWTOR is still new and is already going down hill, and swg was in my view was better in all aspects.. But if they dont start looking into what the people are saying and change some of the restrictions they will go down the same road as swg did..

  3. What an awful … awful community, after playing for 3 hours all i seen in the chat box was hate at the free to players, i don’t know whats worse…the community or the restrictions, but put them both together and its not a pleasant experiance

  4. I’ve played the game maybe 2 or 3 times since it went f2p,and I’m ready to leave.Not cause of the restrictions,but because of the elitist stuck up know it all subscribers(granted not all of them,but most) who think “I had to pay since day one,why should THEY get it for free?!” Well,here’s the thing.If you don’t like it,why are you still paying to play? Oh because you don’t wanna suffer the same restrictions that you think are “fair” as long as they’re not restrictions against you? Here’s a tip,Get over yourself.The restrictions won’t kill this game,mark my words,the community will.I’ve seen communities that don’t like f2pers but eventually grew accustomed to them,but this is the worst by far.

    I for one dont have any problems with the restrictions except them cutting off operations completely.There are even some subscribers that think the restrictions free to play people got are too light.That’s right,they want them more harsh.Oh and if you dont believe me go read the forums.(Which is even worse because subscribers can ridicule and brand free to players without us even having a chance to defend ourselves cause,guess what,we can’t post cause were free to play).

    • Who here said they wanted everything for free? Only problem I have is them cutting off Operations completely.That forces you to either buy or sub,and I’d rather decide wether I want to sub or not then be forced into it.There are other games with alot less restrictions that have been hugely successful without forcing people to sub.

      • Yeah,i totally agree! And i dont like F2P and Pay to Wins game! But i like we just buy the game and there will no in game currency and what so ever. 🙂

  5. Well…trying hard to give it a shot, but boy, they really went all out on this one huh? Another fun policy of the F2P conversion: Not even all quests give you rewards! Some are for subbers only.

  6. Game is now more expensive than before 😛 subscriptioned members was paying 15dolars a month thats all,now they making game subscription + item mall 🙂 i think game going to be dead soon 🙂

  7. For a f2p MMORPG… this new system fails horribly, and it forces you to pay if you even want to consider playing it after lvl 50 (or more than a few hours a week if you like flashpoints and such).

    Buuut… i have to agree with Magicman. If you only wanted KOTOR3… it actually works. You dont get gear, you miss out on many of the MMO stuff, but you mostly can experiance the whole story which is the main point of this game anyway (lack of actionbars makes life difficult for some classes)

  8. I’ve read some at the SWTOR forum and I just get so sad. Everyone is angry at the F2P, the subscribers because they feel like they have been cheated somehow, while the F2P guys get so pushed down by some of the subscribers.

    I started download two times, but I canceled both times because while I think it would be awesome to play a Star Wars game, I don’t want to be bashed in the community. I like some companionship and I just can’t play a game were most seem to have something against me, even though I haven’t done anything.

    Ugh. Just, no. They could have done this better, but I guess they didn’t really think about anything else than money when they did this…

    • Yeah subscribers bash “whining” f2p players because most of them have spent ALOT of money subscribing this whole time when they only wanted to play the story anyways. Then f2p players come in complaining about being able to play the game story all the way through for free. The operations, flashpoints and PvP are just end game stuff when you are bored and done with the story line. The story is i would say 99% of the game, matter of fact i think the story is better then any other aspect of the game.

      • And I can understand that, really. Of course they are angry that they have spent a lot of money and some F2P players whine about the restrictions, BUT the thing is: there is NOT a F2P part of this game. If there was you would be able to play it without as many restrictions as they have. It would have been better to call it something else, because F2P players complain/whine because they know what F2P games are expected to be like and then SWTOR comes and does this, of course they are going to complain.

        • You notice those same subscribers that complain about having to pay wont stop their sub and go f2p because they know how bad the restrictions are.

          • Oh also if you want a good/great f2p community,go to DC Universe Online.Much better/less harsh restrictions,better community,just better everything.For as much slack as that game has gotten,they should compare it to SW:TOR in a facedown/standoff or something.

          • I guess so. Yeah. But, my point was the fact that they are angry at the guys that try to stand up for those F2P-players that doesn’t whine and gets a mob of angry subs on them…

  9. this is disappointing, i really thought it might be like lotro`s f2p model. i have to pay to hide my head slot?, is this some kind of joke?

  10. Ok now if soe consider this as a f2p.. this is the most f** up f2p I have ever seen like seriously restricting high qualty gear?..That is by far the most absurb restriction I have ever seen in a mmo in my entire life in don’t even get me started on the rest of the restrictions they have turn this “f2p”to a extreamly pay to win and have fun in then im not big on pvp period… i mean i dont hate pvp im just nit use to it yet sents im still kind of a mmo noob but restricting raids is just redicolus the second i entered this i could just hear soe stomacs growling for money in im going to be completly onest i uninstall tht shyt after playing it for 30 min this is the exact reason y people hate soe they make possible triple a buy to play or f2p mmo but they just f** shyt it bigtime idk y the hell they dnt like to listen its gonna get to the point when ppl just dont even get egered at all when they say their making a f2p cause they just do the most dumbest shyt ever seriously soe just stop it in f*** listen cause in the free 2 play market your spending more money then your making period.

  11. Hey Magicman, nice vid. To bad on the restrictions for this but the only one reason I wont play this is the chat, social panel, quest & party searching! Hell a f2p player can’t even chat on general. That SUCKS! let alone post for a party or quest. Also the auction restrictions. DDO even lets f2p players 1 item in the auction house. & lets you buy as much as you want from the auction house. Same with Star Trek Online. WTF is up with EA.

  12. well..i agree with every word you said..if only they could make a system like LOTRO…i am a free player there, i haven’t payed a single dim, only 2 quests map left for me to unlock plus Rise of isengard and the latest riders of rohan expantion..and i am going to unlock these without paying also 🙂

  13. Hey, yea this game doesn’t look that fun to play until you pay lols. anyways i was wondering what happened to foreign fridays? BnS has hit open beta and it would be lovely to see that covered. i might even make an account myself and check it out.

  14. The EA/Bioware model for SWTOR is a lot like SOE’s model for EQ2 and most of it’s other games…which I personally dislike. As much as I like Star Wars (especially lore), I’m gonna pass on this.

  15. My suggestion to people who don’t like this, just don’t play. If enough people don’t play they’ll have to make changes, BUT if still play then you’re basically telling Sony/Bioware they’re on the right track. The best way to get a company to listen is to make them loose money otherwise they’ll continue doing what they’re doing.

  16. well my opinion since i already played it as in “FTP” user for this past hours is that, the system they are implementing with this change is truely the worst mistake ever for them , they pretty much scaring gamers to play this game at all, i mean theres a reasson they lost subs before and well now with this “FTP” system which is more like a long extended trial they not doing a good thing because the player is gonna get frustrated than can do shit! so if they trying to force you to sub they are wrong, people wanted to pay this as FTP mode not we force you mode or keep suffering.

    i feel like theres better games that are worth the investment time than this i love star wars but this is bad.

  17. so…i still havent tried the f2p because i spent 2 hours tryin to make an acount and the name was always invalid….
    can anyone help me please

  18. I tried th f2p and it really suck.

    for those who want to try it, do not do it is not worth, the restriction of exp makes it difficult to play

  19. I agree with you Magicman. They should have invested there resources on making thew endgame better and fixing bugs then this f2p crap. I ran around for like 5 minutes yesterday and done. This game could still be great but there not worried about giving the players what they want. The voice acting is cool and all but honestly I click through it half the time anyways its just fetch quest or gokills this with voice.They story voice is good but they should have used the standard quest voice money on something better like endgame

    • Many players believe BioWare should have focused on developing new content to keep players interested instead of working on the free-to-play option, but I believe the developers have made the smarter move. The development of new content is too time-consuming to be a viable option—even if the current players were kept entertained for another five months, the MMORPG would slowly die without any new players joining the game.

  20. I think I’ll actually consider paying, but not the sub. I like the idea of having the option to unlock features through the cash shop or sub. Granted, I doubt you’ll unlock EVERYTHING through the cash shop, but really, there’s enough there to where it matters

  21. Wait???? Do they call this F2p model f2p? They should name it a trail… It’s still like an subscription but only you can try the game until level 50. So many restrictions I was gonna try it out but when I saw this it changed my mind. All these restriction I’d rather play PACMAN than a game that is full of limitations.

    • Word.

      This game`s F2P limitations are a joke. Theyre trying to destroy everything the lategame has to offer as long as you dont pay. This goes as far as the Money limitations or even worse the interface. If you really think you can play this game F2P for a long time youre pretty wrong especially at the endgame and thats what they hoped to achieve! If you want to see a P2P game that had a relatively good transition to the F2P market look at DC Universe. It`s restrictions are just minor and almost completely gone if you bought something like an expansion pack. Calling this game a Free to Play title is not only wrong but also an intend to mislead.

      • agreed, i tried this game back in free trial, graphic it self is not better than DCUO… but i thought i would like to continue playing and ask my friend to join once the F2P released, but the the restriction just too much and 20GB bandwidth wasted that day.

  22. i think you have valid points, I’m a big PvE player and hate that they restricted the amount of flashpoints you can do a week really disappointing about the free to play conversion. although i am glad they have done it but they could have done it better


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