Free To Play Weekly – Wildstar F2P Has Launched! Ep. 190

Wildstar free-to-play has finally launched, Dragon’s Prophet is shutting down, all that and more, this… is Free to Play Weekly! Free-To-Play Weekly with Zach Sharpes…


Dragon’s Prophet Shutting Down November 16

Dragon’s Prophet has been the odd man out in SOE/Daybreak’s MMO portfolio for some time now, so today’s news shouldn’t come as the biggest surprise…


EQ and EQII Expansion Details and Pricing Revealed

Daybreak Games has announced content, pricing, and even release dates for their upcoming expansions for both EverQuest and EverQuest II. While both of these titles…


Warframe’s Jordas Precept Update Adds Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Atlas Warframe

When your newest enemy is described as “a hulking mass of infestation ready to assimilate all that stands in its path,” you’d better be prepared…

H1Z1 guitar

Bondage, Bugs, Butterflies, And Beasts: Daybreak’s Video Preview Of H1Z1’s Upcoming Art

The post-apocalyptic world is a scary place, and you never know quite what horrors you’ll encounter: swarms of insects, savage animals, a man in his…

Age of Conan thumb

Funcom Teases New Age of Conan Teases Raid Boss In Monthly Development Update

For a game that was released seven years ago, “failed,” and then relaunched as a free-to-play title — and is owned by a company that’s…


First Assault Stress Tests Starts Tomorrow

Nexon’s Ghost in the Shell inspired free to play game, First Assault, will kick off a stress test tomorrow, October 1st, and run until Monday,…

Landmark building thumb

Landmark Improves Building UI With Build Mode And Mega Palette

It’s not as sexy as adding content, but for a game in development, cleaning up a cluttered UI can be just as important to long-term…


Blade & Soul Shows How Your Weapon Grows with Your Character

I’m a sucker for weapon advancement. FFXIV did that (and will do more of it soon) with their relic weapon quests. Yeah, it’s a pain…


Rift Patron, REX, and Credit Pricing Being Adjusted; EU NOT Happy

Trion Worlds announced that the upcoming 3.4 update, scheduled to release on October 7th, will bring more than just a change in content to the…


Love It Or Hate It: Ghost Recon Phantoms

Some free-to-play games are more polarizing than others, with some sides taking the stance of “great, totally non-exploitative implementation” and others thinking “total pay-to-win trash.”…

Neverwinter Underdark

Delve Into The Underdark In Neverwinter’s Next Expansion

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have spilled some details for the next Neverwinter expansion, Underdark, giving us just the barest hint of what’s to come…


Star Trek Online Details Admiralty System

One of the major features coming to Star Trek Online in Update 11 is the Admiralty System, which lets captains use their old ships to…

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