Star Conflict Joins Perfect World’s Arc Platform

Star Gem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment’s free to play space shooter, Star Conflict, has become the latest MMO to be added to Perfect World Entertainment’s…

Blackrock thumb

Get Fired Up For Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain On April 2

The first chapter of the next Hearthstone adventure, Blackrock Mountain, will go live next Thursday, April 2, adding a series of solo adventures and 31…


Skyforge Cash Shop Debate Stirs Up Game’s Forums

I didn’t think I’d be writing another Skyforge article so soon today. After this morning’s full class reveal I thought the news out of the…


Skyforge Shows Off All 13 Classes Available At Launch

Time to lock in your choice for the first class you’ll be playing when you jump into’s Skyforge at launch. Today, The Allods Team…


Halo Online Free to Play Coming This Year…In Russia

Microsoft has announced that a free to play version of Halo, entitled Halo Online, will start closed beta and eventually fully release on PC this…

Nosgoth Crucible

Nosgoth’s Hot New Map Gets Video Teaser

You might find yourself breaking out into a sweat when you’re playing on the Crucible, the new map coming soon to Nosgoth. Looking like a…


SMITE 1st Birthday = Discounts and Bonuses for All

Hi-Rez Studios has baked the cake and now it’s time for players to get a bit of a reward as SMITE, the free to play…


Loki Added to Rise of Incarnates; Free This Week

Rise of Incarnates, BANDAI NAMCO’s free to play 2v2 fighting game available on Steam, released Loki today into their playable characters line up. If you…

TW2 village

Tribal Wars 2 Speeds Up Early Gameplay With Second Village

It takes a while to get going in InnoGames’ Tribal Wars 2, particularly to get a second village and expand your young empire. Now, InnoGames…

WolfTeam Reloaded thumb

Aeria Games Relaunches WolfTeam as WolfTeam Reloaded!

Fans of Aeria Games’ humans and werewolves, first person shooter game WolfTeam have had a lot to gripe about for some time. Too many servers,…


Heroes of the Storm Adds Sylvanas, Team League Mode, And More

The latest update for Blizzard’s free to play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, has hit the servers and quite a few changes were added. First,…

Satoru Iwata thumb

Nintendo CEO Nails The Nature Of Free-To-Play, But Misses The Point

Time magazine (Or is it the Time website now? Do they still make magazines?) recently sat with Nintendo CEO and President Satoru Iwata for a…


Skyforge Reveals Lightbinder Support Class

Skyforge continues its journey to launch today by revealing details about the Lightbinder class. Make no mistake, this class may have great support abilities to…

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