gazillion feat

Sega Genesis-Era CEO Joins Gazillion After 20 Years Away From Industry

Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion has a new (old) face joining their ranks. After leaving the gaming industry 20 years ago, former Sega CEO Tom Kalinske…

c9 feat

C9 Releases “Raebin: The 2nd” Content Update

A new update to Webzen’s free-to-play action MMO Continent of the Ninth Seal released today, according to a press release from the company. Titled “RAEBIN:…

Firefall-9 thumb

Former Firefall Producer: “Everyone From Red 5 Has Been Let Go”

Is this the end for Firefall and Red 5 Studios? That seems like a possible outcome following the recent news that the studio suffered mass…

GW2 Out of the Shadows Thumb

Guild Wars 2’s Out of the Shadows Now Live, Kicks Off Living World Season 3

ArenaNet has launched a big update for Guild Wars 2, delivering its first chunk of non-raid-focused content since Heart of Thorns’ launch last October. Out…

RuneScape RuneFest

RuneScape Adding New Continent, Gearing Up For RuneFest 2016

Get ready to party, tropical-islands style, both in RuneScape and out of game. Today players can get a preview of the new landmass coming to…

defiance feat

Trion Closing Defiance’s Exchange Shortly After Launching It

Just a few short days after introducing a game-wide auction house to Defiance, Trion is removing it. The service — known as the Exchange —…

tree of savior feat

Tree Of Savior Introduces ‘Team Battle League’

IMCGame is introducing new PvP-oriented content to its free-to-play MMO Tree of Savior. The ‘Team Battle League’ offers players on the same regional servers the…

magerealm feat

Magerealm Update Introduces New Equipment Sets

A new update is coming to GTArcade’s free-to-play game Magerealm, which will introduce new sets of equipment for high level characters. The new sets are…

league of angels ii feat

League Of Angels II Introduces Cross-Server “Team Domination” Mode

League of Angels II has introduced a new cross-server PvP event titled “Team Domination.” In this new mode, players level 45 and above can take…

revelation online

Revelation Online Drops New Trailer Highlighting Classes

Those who have been waiting for a peek at Revelation Online’s six classes are in luck. and NetEase have dropped a video highlighting all…

Heroes Generals Zhukov

Heroes & Generals Counts 8 Million Players, Celebrates 2 Years On Steam

Reto-Moto’s Heroes & Generals crossed a couple of important milestones this month. Only July 11, the World War II simulator celebrated two years on Steam,…

heroes of the storm feat

Heroes of the Storm Player Arrested Over Death Threats Directed Against Blizzard

A player of Blizzard’s popular MOBA Heroes of the Storm is currently facing federal charges after making death threats to other players and the company’s…

first assault feat

First Assault Open Beta Launching July 28

Nexon and Neople’s free-to-play Ghost in the Shell MMO is making the jump from Early Access to Open Beta next Thursday. Beginning July 28 First…


Gwent Will Be Cross-Platform On XBox One And PC, And Devs Optimistic About PS4

The team at CD Projekt Red already has plans to implement cross-platform play for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game between Xbox One and the PC…

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