Smed Dishes On H1Z1 Monetization

Reddit regular John Smedley laid out a six-pronged approach to monetization for SOE’s upcoming F2P zombie survival MMO. The list is not exhaustive and Smed said more would be coming “later this week.” For now, here’s what we’ve got: 1) Selling wearables, which will not degrade for the purchaser but can degrade if someone kills [...]

Added 12 hours ago - 2014-04-22 - 6 comments

IT’S ALIVE!: TimeGate’s Lost Project Minimum Recovered by Human Head and Atari

Ever since TimeGate filed for bankruptcy and dropped off of the map, little was to be known about the whereabouts of their aesthetically simple and corky TPS Minimum, which was in development at the time the business let go of their staff and shut their doors. However, it appears the independent studio known as Human [...]

Added 4 days ago - 2014-04-18 - 17 comments

25,000 Registered and Counting: Archlord II Pre-Registration Now Active

The mysterious, dangerous– and developing world of Chantra is bound to receive a whole new catalog of potential heroes very soon, as Closed Beta pre-registration has submerged for the PvP MMO Archlord 2. Potential testers can use their existing, or accounts to sign up for the Closed Beta testing scheduled to begin [...]

Added 5 days ago - 2014-04-18 - 11 comments

Never Say Never: Neverwinter’s Curse of Icewind Dale this May

A bone shuddering breeze is crawling its way this May, as MMORPG Neverwinter anticipates the release of its new module Curse of Icewind Dale. This iconic location within the Forgotten Realms should be a sweet piece of nostalgia for those familiar with the series, and a unique prerogative for those seeking a different adventure from [...]

Added 5 days ago - 2014-04-18 - 7 comments

Guns & Tanks: Heroes & Generals Beta Update Videolog

The development team churning out new schematics and material for Heroes and Generals recently unveiled their latest update, within an 11th installment of their Beta Videolog– a video series that captures each period of Beta development. The new build is known as Oster, and introduces some interesting features into the build. Newly added Mechanized Recon [...]

Added 6 days ago - 2014-04-17 - 9 comments

The Ol’ Swapperoo: Rumble Fighter to Switch Service Support

OGPlanet announced recently that they would be ending service for their action MMO Rumble Fighter, leaving fans curious as to where support would be headed. The development team sounded rather reluctant to have to deliver the cease of service on the games official site. “With great sadness, we regret to announce that OGPlanet will officially [...]

Added 6 days ago - 2014-04-16 - 6 comments

High Definition History: World of Tanks Update 9.0 adds Historical Battles, HD Tanks

Wargaming’s been slowly drumming up the hype for their latest 9.0 revamp to World of Tanks for some time now culminating in its official release today. The update touts legendary new features including upgrades to the game’s physics, improved model quality and the long awaited Historical Battle mode. Ok, so maybe the update isn’t quite [...]

Added 6 days ago - 2014-04-16 - 12 comments

Hearthstone To Go, Please!: Hearthstone Now Global for iPad

Trading and battling some collectible cards on a hot summer day, underneath the shade of a tree, doesn’t mean you have to drag your whole collection along with you any longer– especially now that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has been adapted for iPad worldwide. Players are encouraged to join 10 million other players in mobile [...]

Added 7 days ago - 2014-04-16 - 8 comments

Wu-Tang Schoolin’ All Y’all Ninjas : Swordsman Trailer Showcases Upcoming Classes

While potential masters of the sword in Europe and North America are still anticipating a release date for martial arts-inspired MMORPG Swordsman, Perfect World‘s development team has no shame teasing them with juicy sneak peaks at what is in store for release sometime this year. Swordsman is set during the Ming dynasty, and is based [...]

Added 7 days ago - 2014-04-16 - 22 comments

Project Cyber Video Interview – PAX East 2014

MMOBomb’s Spunkify interviews two representatives for Spearhead Games on their new upcoming “soccer MOBA” that takes place in the future. Spunkify gets the scoop on current game mechanics and future plans for Project Cyber. Those interested in a Steam Key for the game can find one here at the Spearhead Game’s official site.

Added 7 days ago - 2014-04-15 - 5 comments

Magicka: Wizard Wars Video Interview – PAX East 2014

MMOBomb’s Spunkify interviews Paradox North’s Studio Manager John Hargelid on the spell casting wizard madness to come with Magicka: Wizard Wars. John elaborates on small tweaks, new additions, and the developmental process. Anyone interested in Early Access can apply at the official website here.

Added 7 days ago - 2014-04-15 - 7 comments

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Video Interview – PAX East 2014

MMOBomb’s Spunkify interviews Robot Entertainment’s Design Director Ian Fischer on their latest tower defense en-devour, Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Check out how the studio’s combined the iconic traps of the original series in a brand new PvP environment. You can signup for a chance at beta access by heading on over to the official Orcs [...]

Added 9 days ago - 2014-04-14 - one comment

LOTRO Producer’s Letter Bears Tidings Of New Class

The Lord of the Rings Online Executive Producer Aaron “Rowan” Campbell went to the LOTRO forums today to talk about the direction of the game over the next two years, including a reveal of the previously discussed “new class” coming later this year. The skin-changing Beorning will storm into the game in 2014, described as [...]

Added 9 days ago - 2014-04-14 - 17 comments

Prophet Seekers: Nosgoth Reveals Bloody New Class

There’s a new class stalking the shadowy streets of Nosgoth. The prophet was revealed today via the Nosgoth blog, allies of the human race that exact a wicked price for their service. You can read the lengthy lore about the class, but the tl;dr is that the prophets did some seriously messed-up stuff involving blood [...]

Added 12 days ago - 2014-04-11 - 9 comments
Curse of Naxxramas thumb

Adventure Time: Blizzard Brings New Game Mode To Hearthstone

Hearthstone’s one-on-one PvP duels are fun but they can get a bit dull after the first hundred or so. Blizzard realizes this and plans to mix things up Soon(TM) with the first in a new single-player game mode called adventures: Curse of Naxxramas. Once within the floating necropolis, you’ll do battle against the horrors of [...]

Added 12 days ago - 2014-04-11 - 13 comments

Die, Orcs! DIE!: Orcs Must Die! Unchained Is F2P

The Orcs Must Die! series is making its way to the F2P realm, introducing a third installment that takes the concept into a new competitive format that kicks it up a notch. Robot Entertainment is at it again with Orcs Must Die! Unchained, this time combining the aesthetic novelty of a CCG with certain aspects [...]

Added 12 days ago - 2014-04-10 - 8 comments

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