UPDATED: Echo of Soul’s Chinese Server to Close in November

UPDATE: Aeria Games has come out on the forums and advised that Echo of Soul in the West isn’t going anywhere and development for new…


Hi-Rez Reveals Paladins Gameplay Footage

The team based shooter is on the rise and Hi-Rez Studios is looking to get in on that piece of the pie. We’ve known about…

TF2 Merasmus

Team Fortress 2 Has Lots Planned For The Rest Of The Year, Except Halloween

“What We’re Up To” isn’t the most scintillating headline, but when you’re Team Fortress 2, you don’t really need to assault people with catchy buzzwords…


Aion Turns 6 in North America

That’s right! NCSoft’s free to play MMORPG Aion has turned six years old in North America. To mark the occasion, NCSoft will be hosting a…


The Repopulation Introduces Sieges…Again

We’ve heard quite a bit about the siege mechanics coming to The Repopulation over the last few months. At one point the system was in…


Archlord 2 Shutting Down

Twenty days ago, Archlord 2 had its last update…literally. Today, Webzen announced that the free to play MMORPG will be shutting down on November 24th,…


Skyforge Mechanoid Invasion Begins Today

In late August, we told you about Skyforge’s Alien Invasions. The first Alien Invasion by the plantlike Phytonides was a success with players grouping together…

Armored Warfare Amphibious

Armored Warfare Gets Three Dev Q&A Videos

Like listening to developers talk about really granular details about their game? Then you’re in luck, because Armored Warfare has released not one, not two,…


Warframe’s Next Bonus Weekend is Here

Catching up to your friends in Warframe? This weekend is the time to jump into Digital Extremes’ free to play combat game then as the…


Remember Trigon? DCUO Ep 17 Brings on the Anticipated Fight

Episode 17 is inbound for Daybreak Games’ free to play superhero game, DC Universe Online. As with some previous episodes, episode 17 will be split…

deadislandepidemic-logo thumb

Dead Island: Epidemic Shutting Down Oct. 15

About a year and a half ago, Spunkify and I did what I swear was a BombLive for Deep Silver’s Dead Island: Epidemic, the self-proclaimed…

Runescape Darkscape

RuneScape Gets Dark With PvP/Survival Server

Who says you can’t teach an old MMO new tricks? Not Jagex, who’s just gone live with DarkScape, which the company describes as an experimental…

Warships Tirpitz

World of Warships Celebrates Launch With Streams, Giveaways, German Battleship

Normally, when a ship launches, there’s a grand ceremony and a bottle of champagne that gets shattered against the hull. While Wargaming doesn’t seem to…

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