Echo of Soul Guardian Communes with Nature While Punching Monsters

We’re almost at the end of the Echo of Soul class reveals for Aeria Games’ upcoming free to play MMORPG. With the last Warrior reveal…

war thunder_rally_thumb

War Thunder to Sponsor “Roads of Glory” Rally

War Thunder will be the primary sponsor for the international rally “Roads Of Glory” which takes place from April 18th until May 2nd and runs…

Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals’ Utz Update Brings New Airfield Map, Improved Animations

When I see the name “Utz,” I think of the snack brand. But Heroes & Generals Utz update, going live today, is actually named for…


Grand Chase to Shut Down Effective Immediately

KOG Games has made the unfortunate announcement that Grand Chase, the free to play, side scrolling fantasy game, will be shutting down in North America…

Hearthstone mobile thumb

You Can Now Play Hearthstone On Your Phone

As Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft gets bigger and bigger, the devices you can play it on get smaller and smaller. Hearthstone is now available for…


EA Announces Closure Of 4 Games While Praising SWTOR

It’s not unusual for a company to shut down games, but it is a little weird for them to talk about how well another one…


Hounds: The Last Hope Open Beta Starts April 17th

Having just wrapped up the closed beta three days ago, Hounds: The Last Hope is set to kick off open beta this Friday, April 17th….


Get Ready for Skyforge’s Third Closed Beta

If you bought one of Skyforge’s Founder’s Packs or were lucky enough to win a key from the game’s official website (or from our own…

ZMR Drones thumb

Zombies Monsters Robots Gives Us Game Of Drones

Talk about your well-timed, and well-named updates — and admit it, you’re humming the Game of Thrones theme music right now, aren’t you? En Masse…


Rift Patch 3.2 Echoes of Madness Launches Tomorrow

It’s time for Trion Worlds to unleash the Echoes of Madness update complete with a new (well…revamped) raid, wardrobe system, new Instant Adventures, and a…


Forsaken World On the Go – Mobile Coming Soon

In what seems to be their largest and most ambitious project to date, Fedeen Games (Forge of Heroes mobile and Dawn of the Immortals mobile)…


Triad Wars April Update Coming Tomorrow…Maybe

The team at United Front Games is getting ready to release their first larger patch for Triad Wars, the free to play, triad…well…war simulator. While…


Aeria Games and ESL Announce 2 New A.V.A. Tournaments

Aeria Games and the eSports League have released details for two new upcoming tournaments for their free to play, first person shooter Alliance of Valiant…

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