Perfect World prepares to buy Warframe developer Digital Extremes

Perfect World Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Digital Extremes to purchase the majority of the developer’s outstanding shares with help from Sumpo Food Holdings. The current non-binding agreement was officially announced on June 30th and is expected to continue while the two purchasing companies conduct due diligence investigations over the affairs of Digital […]

Added 3 weeks ago - 2014-07-02 - 82 comments

The End of an Age: Microsoft shuts down Age of Empires Online

Age of Empires Online has shutdown its servers for good. Originally developed by Robot Entertainment (later Gas Powered Games), the RTS launched in 2011 and underwent several content additions before Microsoft announced in January of 2013 it was halting all further developed on the title. Later that year Microsoft formally announced the game would shutdown […]

Added 3 weeks ago - 2014-07-02 - 12 comments

ArcheAge begins preparations for Closed Beta in July

Good things are on the horizon for fans of the upcoming sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge. A new announcement from Trion Worlds places ArcheAge’s Closed Beta events starting sometime around mid-to-late July. Yes this is later than the originally planned Closed Beta schedule set for June, but there’s a good reason! The delay is intended to give […]

Added 3 weeks ago - 2014-07-01 - 15 comments

Hearthstone’s First Expansion Curse Of Naxxramas Set for July Release

Players hoping Blizzard would release Hearthstone’s first expansion, Curse of Naxxramas on July 1st are in for a bit of bitter sweet news. A new comment on the official Hearthstone forums made by Community Manager Aratil reveals the team is projecting a release sometime during the month of July. However, according to Aratil, there’s still […]

Added 4 weeks ago - 2014-06-27 - 4 comments
Sleeping Dog

Wake Up! Sleeping Dogs Dev Working On F2P Title

Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games is working on a free-to-play game, to be published by Nexon America and released in 2015. That’s about the sum total of what’s known of the new game. United Front also worked on ModNation Racers and LittleBigPlanet Karting, and there’s plenty of vehicle play in Sleeping Dogs, so could […]

Added 4 weeks ago - 2014-06-27 - 18 comments

Not the Bees!: TERA Announces new Wounded World Dungeons

One of TERA’s strengths has always been its big boss fights. The action MMO has made good use of its control scheme and combat style to bring relatively satisfying PvE fights to fruition. The latest announcement from En Masse Entertainment seems to echo these sentiments as the publisher has just unveiled the Wounded World update, […]

Added 4 weeks ago - 2014-06-26 - 23 comments

Harrassin’ on Hossin: PlanetSide 2 Gets New Continent

After lots of teases and loads of “behind the scenes” talk and video — the above trailer came out last August — PlanetSide 2 finally has a new continent. The swamp continent of Hossin went live this morning, along with a bunch of new updates and changes to the game. Highlights include: * Continent locking: […]

Added 4 weeks ago - 2014-06-26 - 12 comments

Down in the Depths: Rift’s next major expansion Nightmare Tide revealed

Splish, Splash Rift’s about to take a bath, the MMO is headed to the Plane of Water in Rift’s newly revealed expansion, Nightmare Tide. In a producer’s letter to the community, Executive Producer Bill Fisher explains Nightmare Tide as being the expansionary response to the age old question of “what’s on the other side” or […]

Added 4 weeks ago - 2014-06-25 - 19 comments
Curse of Naxxramas

Leaked Images Surface for Hearthstone’s Upcoming Expansion Curse of Naxxramas

Hearthstone’s first upcoming expansion is set to breathe a great deal of life into the CCG’s meta game and single player experience. Currently, there’s little incentive to play against the practice AI after unlocking your basic cards and Hearthstone’s competitive scene has boiled down to a few deck types with slight variations to each. The […]

Added 4 weeks ago - 2014-06-25 - 13 comments

Good Behaviour: WH40K Eternal Crusade’s 19 Classes Revealed

Behaviour Interactive — with a “u,” because they’re Canadian — today announced 19 classes for the four races of their upcoming open-world Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade action MMORPG. While the game as a whole won’t be free-to-play, there will be a F2P option, limiting players to the Ork faction. That sounds a little restrictive, and […]

Added 1 month ago - 2014-06-24 - 23 comments

Un-Covered: ‘Hardcore’ TPS Dizzel rolls into Open Beta

If you aren’t in the mood to kill zombies, monsters or robots, but still want to enjoy a good old fashion Third-Person shooter, then you may want to check out Dizzel from OGPlanet. The TPS launched into beta, not closed or open mind you, just beta and is said to have a “Gears-of-War” vibe too […]

Added 1 month ago - 2014-06-21 - 27 comments

Blowout: Ridge Racer Driftopia Shutting Down in August

It seems as though Ridge Racer Driftopia has run out of repair kits and can no longer afford to keep its servers running. The arcade-y drifter was released onto Steam Early Access in August of last year where it has remained since. Ultimately its failure to gain any traction has resulted in Driftopia being forced […]

Added 1 month ago - 2014-06-21 - 18 comments

Cram Session: University now offering Scholarships to League of Legends players

If you’re on the lookout for a university to attend and happen to play League of Legends you may want to consider applying for Robert Morris University in Illinois. The University just announced it would begin a new athletic program dedicated to competing in League of Legends Collegiate Starleague. Starting in the fall, RMU will […]

Added 1 month ago - 2014-06-21 - 14 comments

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Announces Closed Beta Date, Win an Alpha key on us

If you’re looking to show little to no mercy to bands of Orcs then you probably share the same sentiments and life goals as Robot Entertainment, creators of Orcs Must Die! Unchained. The devs based out of Plano, Texas have been hard at work finding new ways to dispatch waves upon waves of the nameless […]

Added 1 month ago - 2014-06-18 - 115 comments

SOE and ProSiebenSat1 Part Ways, EU Accounts scheduled to be transferred back

Sony Online Entertainment will soon be running the show alone for many of its games in Europe. As revealed today on the official SOE forums, SOE will migrate its EU game accounts for PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, and EverQuest II from ProSiebenSat1. Games back to SOE around July 1. Players who want to keep […]

Added 1 month ago - 2014-06-18 - 6 comments

It’s Not a Tumor: Valve Scouts Out Trouble In New TF2 Short, Update

There isn’t much to say about this new, 15-minute(!) Team Fortress 2 movie from Valve. Except that it’s hilarious, and even the title has a sneaky-clever-funny double meaning. OK, there is more to say. The video was released as part one of the new Love & War update scheduled to be released in three parts. […]

Added 1 month ago - 2014-06-18 - 5 comments

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