star trek online feat

Star Trek Online Details “Gravity Kills” and “The Tzenkethi Front” Queues

Season 12 of Star Trek Online has begun bringing the Tzenkethi fight along with it. Two new Queues are now available for players to enjoy:…

Winning Putt anniversary

Winning Putt Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Free Goodies Jan. 14

The weather’s going to be cold, wet, or both for much of the country this weekend … but that doesn’t mean you can’t go golfing!…

Neverwinter River District thumb

Neverwinter’s Next Expansion Takes Adventurers To The River District

The only things better than a new expansion announcement are details regarding that new expansion. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios obliged today, revealing several…

ArcheAge swords

Trion Compensates ArcheAge Players For Recent Server Issues

Due to some recent issues with its servers, Trion Worlds is compensating ArcheAge players with a bundle of goodies. This is not a repeat from…

hearthstone feat

Hearthstone Devs Fielding Questions Via Livestream This Friday

The Hearthstone community has been a little rancorous of late, and Blizzard hasn’t always been the best at communicating its intentions. While Game Director Ben…


HeroWarz Is Going Offline Until Early 2018

MMOs go offline all the time. What’s less common is for them to come back. You can’t have missed all the advertising for KOG Games’…

TERA Molek

TERA’s Broken Prison Update Sends Players To Evil God Jail

When you break the law, you get sent to prison. In the Exiled Realm of Arborea, that applies to everyone, from normal citizens all the…


World of Warships Lays Out Plans For 2017

It might still technically be in beta, but Wargaming is going full steam ahead with improvements and additions to World of Warships in 2017. There’s…


Star Trek Online Celebrates 7th Anniversary By Kicking Off Season 12 Story

Blame it on time-travel or extra-dimensional anomalies, but Star Trek Online is celebrating its seventh anniversary later this month, in open defiance of the Enterprise’s…


DCUO Kicks Off Sixth Anniversary With An Antimatter Invasion

A Qwardian invasion from the Antimatter Universe? That’s just another day at the office for the heroes and villains of DC Universe Online, who will…


Valve Still Makes Team Fortress 2 Comics, New One Out Today

Look, I don’t mean to sound like an Overwatch fanboy, but … since Valve released the last installment in its primary Team Fortress 2 comics…


Paragon Update Introduces New Melee Carry Hero

The latest update for Epic Game’s free-to-play team shooter Paragon adds a new Hero to the ranks. Serath is a melee carry that can swap…


Magic Duels Adding Aether Revolt Expansion Jan. 18

Another expansion set is on the way for Magic Duels, Wizards of the Coast’s free-to-play adaptation of Magic: The Gathering. Aether Revolt will hit live…


RuneScape Offers A Glimpse Of What’s To Come In 2017

Since this is the beginning of the year, Jagex has decided to expand on their monthly “Month Ahead” episodes for RuneScape and make a video…

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