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Trion Offering Devilian Patron Pack Promotion

For a limited (until May 19) Trion is offering players extra perks on their Devilian Patron subscriptions. Players who log into the free-to-play game during the event…

blade-and-soul-11 thumb

NCSoft’s Q1 2016 Financials: Blade & Soul Soars, Guild Wars 2 Glides, WildStar Plummets

The latest financial report from NCSoft is in the wild, and there’s a lot of movement, especially among its free-to-play titles with strong presences in…

twin saga feat

Twin Saga Devs Discuss The Game In Interview Video

X-Legend Entertainment dropped a video of the Twin Saga development team discussing some of the features and work that has gone into the game. The…

star trek online feat

Star Trek Online Heading To Consoles This Fall

Star Trek Online is boldly going to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall, according to an announcement made by Perfect World Entertainment. The console…


New Collectible Card Game Astral Heroes Announced

A new CCG is making its way to the PC. Astral Heroes — a sequel to Astral Masters and Spectromancer — is currently in the…

crush online feat

GAMESinFLAMES Announces PvP MOBA/MMO Crush Online

Publisher GAMESinFlames announced today that it will be publishing JoyImpact’s client-based game Crush Online. Crush is a PvP-heavy MMO featuring MOBA-Style combat. The world of…

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Survarium Update Adds Artifact Hunt Game Mode

Survarium Update 0.42 is live, and it’s brought plenty of new additions to the game, including a new competitive game mode. “Artifact Hunt” pits two…

Former SWTOR Devs Team With Nexon To Produce New Game 2

Nexon’s Q1 2016 Financials Show Big Growth In China And Korea, Not So Much In Americas And Europe

Nexon released its Q1 2016 financial statement earlier today, but there’s not a whole lot in there to make Western gamers happy. The statement covers…

Chronicle RuneScape Legends Steam thumb

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Launches On Steam May 26

Every game wants to be on Steam these days — or so it seems — and Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is no exception. Today, Jagex announced…

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Riders Of Icarus Announces “Ride Of Your Life” Sweepstakes

NEXON is holding a sweepstakes event, in honor of its upcoming MMO Riders of Icarus, to encourage players to throw some cash at their Founder’s…

rift feat

RIFT Introduces New Intrepid Adventure For Casual Players

A new intrepid adventure titled Mind of Madness launched in RIFT today. The adventure sends players on a quest that spans from the Plane of…

Swordsman Lone Wanderer Falconer

Swordsman Shows Off High-Flying Falconer Class Coming In Lone Wanderer Expansion

Regular MMO characters ride flying bird mounts like horses. Swordman’s new falconer class rides his bird mount like a surfboard. Bad. Ass. Today, Perfect World…

skyforge feat

Skyforge Holding Ancient Traditions Promotion

Beginning today, a special event is taking place in Allods Team’s Skyforge. The event — or promotion as they put it — tasks players with…

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Forge of Empires Releases Guild Expeditions

InnoGames announced the release of a new cooperative gameplay feature for its free-to-play game Forge of Empires. The new feature, titled The Guild Expeditions, allows…

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