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CD Projekt Red Offering Behind The Scenes Look At Gwent During Panel At PAX West

Players interested in CD Projekt Red’s Witcher card game spinoff Gwent will be able to get a closer look at it during PAX West. The…

dragon nest feat

Nexon Terminating Dragon Nest Service In North America

Nexon will no longer be publishing Dragon Nest in North America, come September 27. The company announced plans a while back to transfer all services…

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Plans Outlined For First Adventure Quest 3D Event, Mogloween

Mogloween, a tradition in Artix Entertainment’s MMOs, is coming to Adventure Quest 3D. The event will be a small one this time — being the…

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Bungie Could Be Prepping Destiny For Free-To-Play

UPDATE: Bungie has confirmed that Destiny is not going free-to-play. PlayStation Insider has noticed some unusual shenanigans related to Bungie’s AAA shooter RPG Destiny that…

tree of savior feat

Tree Of Savior Introduces Item Transcendence System; Also Known As Item Upgrades

IMC Games is introducing a new item upgrade system — known as the “Item Transcendence System” — to its free-to-play MMO Tree of Savior. The…

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Duelyst Denizens of Shim’zar Arrives August 30

Earlier this week, Counterplay Games announced its first ever expansion, titled Denizens of Shim’zar, revealing that this update will introduce 105 new cards to the…

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SmileGate Planning Non-P2W Microtransaction Model For Lost Ark

Korean developer SmileGate has yet to completely outline the payment model for their upcoming game Lost Ark despite the game being in development for a…

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Waframe Introduces New Warframe, Titania

Digitial Extremes’ latest update for its free-to-play game Warframe has arrived. The update introduces a new warrior, Titania. This fairy-like warframe attacks her enemies with…

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ArcheAge Update Adds New Events; Prepares For Shadowguard Festival

ArcheAge Version 2.9, Build 9.2 is here. The new update brings with it a variety of events as well as an adjustment to how events…

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Skyforge Relentless Onslaught Update Introduces New Test Area, D-Series Distortions has dropped the most recent update for its free-to-play MMO Skyforge. The update introduces the new Inghar Test Area — a new location open…

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Lineage II Introduces New Player Appreciation Pack

To celebrate the many years players have spent with the game, the Lineage II team has decided to introduce a Player Appreciation Pack — available…

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Tree Of Savior Teases Rank 8 Update

The long awaited Rank 8 update is coming to Tree of Savior in late September. This update introduces the rank 8 classes — 28 new…

Paladins Pip Skins

Paladins Patch 32 Offers Piecemeal Skin System, Totally Revamped UI

It’s standard practice for “hero shooter” games to offer alternate skins, letting you completely change the way your character looks. What’s less common is for…

riders of icarus feat

Riders Of Icarus’ Second Major Update Introduces Exarahn Badlands

As promised, Riders of Icarus is throwing new content at players as quickly as they can take it in order to get them caught up…

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