Flesh Ships: Star Trek Online Season 9 Warps in late April

Cryptic Studios continues to push Star Trek Online’s deep space exploration forward with the announcement of the MMO’s 9th season. Set to be released in late April, roughly 6 months after Season Eight: The Sphere, Season 9: The New Accord will continue the Undine storyline -a super-intelligent race whose ships are made of organic material- [...]

Added 28 days ago - 2014-03-18 - 7 comments

Watch all four of Rift’s new souls take on the trinity

Rift’s upcoming 2.7 patch is taking the “everyone can do everything” approach with the introduction of four new souls for each major class. Traditionally Rift has been one of the best MMORPGs for any indecisive gamer, as the multi-soul MMO allows players to freely swap between widely different specs which best suit their playstyle, although [...]

Added 28 days ago - 2014-03-18 - 6 comments

The Phantom of the Beta: Ghost Recon Online now Ghost Recon Phantoms

Ubiosft announced today that their third-person shooter Ghost Recon Online will be released this April 10th with a fresh identity. Giving consideration to how much the game has evolved since it first began it’s development process, the team has decided to replace the original title with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms. Corey Facteau, producer of [...]

Added 29 days ago - 2014-03-17 - 38 comments
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ArcheAge Officially Going Free-to-Play in the West

All aboard the F2P train! Assuming it isn’t hijacked by bandits… Trion Worlds will be going with a free-to-play model when it debuts in North America, according to a forum post by Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman. In making the announcement, he also references several examples of how XLGames is working with Trion to make [...]

Added 29 days ago - 2014-03-17 - 50 comments

Holy DC Multiverse MOBA, Batman!: Infinite Crisis Goes Open Beta

The DC Multiverse is at it again with Turbine and Warner Bros. upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis. This action packed clash of DC titans has all of the favorite heroes and villains from the series battling it out across the arena. As of now the all star lineup is comprised of Batman, Superman, The Joker, Wonder [...]

Added 32 days ago - 2014-03-14 - 14 comments

Death to Ming!: Perfect World Announces Martial Arts MMORPG Swordsman

Perfect World Entertainment has announced their upcoming MMORPG Swordsman, a martial arts based fantasy based off the famed Wuxia novels Louis Cha. This Eastern inspired MMO features ten different unique fighting styles, all shown off by their new Angelica III engine. GM of Publishing, Andrew Brown, is excited to have the East meet West, stating [...]

Added 32 days ago - 2014-03-14 - 40 comments

Round 2 of the Ultimate F2P Tournament: A By-the-Numbers Recap

And then there were 16. Only one-quarter of the games that started on this journey still remain, so we thought we’d reflect on some of the stats we’ve seen in the first two rounds with a few “best of” lists: Most votes through two rounds: SMITE – 18,965 Mabinogi – 12,648 Warframe – 7571+ Team [...]

Added 32 days ago - 2014-03-14 - 170 comments

Colossal MOBA Chaos: Dragons and Titans Fantasy MOBA Soars Into Steam

Game publisher Versus Evil in collaboration with indie developer Wyrmbyte have launched their new fantasy based MOBA Dragons and Titans. D&T puts players in the role of a Dragon Lord who has been called to release their Titan in an effort to rule the next 100 years. Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil, seems [...]

Added 33 days ago - 2014-03-13 - 12 comments

Heroes of the Storm Gets Tech Alpha Walkthrough

Community Leader Kevin Johnson of Blizzard Entertainment gave us a sneak peak at the anticipated Heroes of the Storm, narrating a short and basic Tech Walkthrough for the games Alpha stage. Alpha testers will begin with a short player tutorial on the basic functions of the game, such as character movement and a slight intro [...]

Added 33 days ago - 2014-03-13 - 12 comments

So You Want To Work At MMOBomb? Writers and Youtubers!

Are you an experienced news writer or a video producer (Youtuber) who wants to contribute to MMOBomb? We want to work with you! We are always interested in hearing from talented and experienced people. We’re looking to beef up our team by finding passionate gamers to contribute to the site. We’re not afraid to give [...]

Added 33 days ago - 2014-03-13 - 35 comments

Storms a Brewin’: Age of Wushu Expansion Tempest of Strife Due This Spring

There’s a new installment on the horizon for Age of Wushu, making this the fourth expansion for the martial arts MMO. Changes in the weather system and six new sects are to be seen in Tempest of Strife, which is due out sometime this spring. There are three emerging sects that will be available to [...]

Added 33 days ago - 2014-03-13 - 4 comments

WARdrobe: New Albion Online trailer exacts revenge on rabbit killers

Bunny killers beware, for your untimely doom may be upon you from unexpected sources. At least, that’s the general message I gleamed from watching Albion Online’s latest trailer. Currently in Alpha, the multiplatform sandbox MMO’s test trailer weaves a short tale of two merciless warriors cleaving their way through clusters of unarmed animals while a [...]

Added 34 days ago - 2014-03-12 - 11 comments

Faction Faceoff: Neverwinter’s upcoming Icewind Expansion adds joinable PvP factions

Cryptic Studios Dungeons and Dragons inspired MMORPG, Neverwinter is scheduled to receive its third “module” soon adding the icy plains of Icewind Dale for players to explore and undoubtedly collect all kinds of warm fur-lined equipment. While Neverwinter -along with DnD in general- has been primarily focused on PvE, today we learned the new Curse [...]

Added 34 days ago - 2014-03-12 - 6 comments

Be a Hero!: EverQuest Offers Free Heroic Character Creation

In an attempt to “close the overwhelming player gap” for new players, this March 12th EverQuest will be giving players the opportunity to create themselves a free off of the shelf Heroic character. New adventures will be given the opportunity to select any class, which will come with everything necessary to enjoy a balanced experience. [...]

Added 35 days ago - 2014-03-11 - 4 comments

Beam Me Up, Steve!: Star Trek Online gets Apple Makeover

All those who have sworn themselves to Apple can now rejoice, as Star Trek Online has become available for their OS. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced in a press release that this retro-themed sci-fi MMO is now available for Macs. “We know there’s a large gaming community that thrives on Mac and [...]

Added 35 days ago - 2014-03-11 - 9 comments

Starting Deck: Hearthstone Officially Launches

It’s time to pull up a chair and break out those card cases, because Blizzard’s second World of Warcraft based card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has officially launched. The online only CCG has been available to everyone in Open Beta since late January, but with the introduction of today’s patch the studio now [...]

Added 35 days ago - 2014-03-11 - 3 comments

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