Dive-Roll into Loadout’s new Update 2.0

Since Loadout’s official release not so long ago, the feature count has really started to pile up as more and more new additions squeeze their way into the eccentric third-person shooter. Update 2.0 continues packing on the pounds by adding a new Domination mode, Steam achievements, a new map called Spires and equipment parts, all [...]

Added 28 days ago - 2014-03-27 - 3 comments

Crossing Over: Grand Chase’s Elesis moves over to Elsword

How fitting that Elswords first female melee fighter will also be the first playable MMO character ever to cross-over from another MMO. Elesis -whose sister is actually Elsword herself- has slashed along her battle path all the way from Grand Chase, and has found a new home in competition with the boys and girls of [...]

Added 29 days ago - 2014-03-27 - 11 comments

The Usual Suspects: Zombies Monsters Robots FPS on the Horizon

Bluehole Studio, the same studio that brought us the 3D fantasy MMORPG Tera Rising, is turning some wrenches on a new Unreal Engine 3 engine based FPS Zombies Monsters Robots. As their previous shooter Mercenary Ops was never adapted for the west, En Masse Entertainment is in charge of this particular projects localization, which almost [...]

Added 30 days ago - 2014-03-25 - 25 comments

Frontiersman: Albion Online Ventures forth into Alpha

If you’ve signed up for a chance to participate in the cross-platform, Ultima Online inspired sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, you’ll probably want to check your inbox. Starting today, developer Sandbox Interactive will be conducting a two week Alpha test for the MMO, allowing some players to explore, craft and ultimately claim their own territories within [...]

Added 30 days ago - 2014-03-25 - 12 comments

Pantheons: SMITE celebrates official release with cinematic trailer

The gods are truly returning to Earth this time, as Hi-Rez Studio’s third-person MOBA SMITE has finally been unshackled from its beta bindings and released to players in both North America and Europe who are eager to pick their favorite Pantheon. Boasting 3 million registered players and 51 gods across 7 pantheons, SMITE has enjoyed [...]

Added 30 days ago - 2014-03-25 - 6 comments

Checking-in: Planetside 2 to add Valkyrie aircraft

Planetside 2 players will soon find their skies filled with a new type of aircraft, one which could easily pass as a Harraser with wings, the Valkyrie. Matt Higby, Creative Director on Planetside 2, reveled the new vehicle during a new update video which previewed some of the changes in store for the MMOFPS over [...]

Added 31 days ago - 2014-03-24 - 4 comments

MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Tournament Round 3: Taking Out The Trash

In the last update, we thought that some small level of cheating was going on, but didn’t think it was a major deal. People voting from three computers in their home and their cell phones was to be expected. Then we started tracking the IPs of where votes were coming in for some of the [...]

Added 31 days ago - 2014-03-24 - 222 comments

From Guns to Gods: Developers Reflect on Smites Path to Official Release

Hi-Rez Studios has been teasing mythology fans with their upcoming MOBA for years, taking what was originally just a mode for Global Agenda, and driving it down a seemingly long road of changes toward what is soon to be released as Smite. The progression of the project throughout the years tells a story of sci-fi [...]

Added 33 days ago - 2014-03-22 - 12 comments

Party On!: EverQuest Landmark Closed Beta this March 26th

EverQuest Landmark will be saying goodbye to its Alpha stage, and saying hello to Closed Beta on March 26th. As there will be a server wipe during the transition, all material will be lost for current Alpha testers except for saved templates, purchased Founders Pack items, and the characters themselves. One of the last updates [...]

Added 35 days ago - 2014-03-20 - 9 comments

Tanks For Nothing!: Free-to-Compete MMO Armored Warfare Revealed

Armored Warfare, a new tactical military MMO, was revealed by Obsidian Entertainment today in collaboration with, a subsidiary of Russian publisher Mail.Ru. While Obsidian is better known for their rich fantasy RPG storytelling, the studio is showing its flexible by helping create a game where players control an armored vehicle and not an armored [...]

Added 35 days ago - 2014-03-20 - 19 comments

The Gods Be Good!: Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment Announce Skyforge

A new highly stylized MMORPG known as Skyforge was announced today by Allods Team, in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment. With an open class system that makes for limitless character development, destiny is yours to forge in this immersive and gigantic upcoming universe. Skyforge is sci-fi meets fantasy as ancient deities battle within a realm of [...]

Added 35 days ago - 2014-03-20 - 17 comments

Metal vs. Magic: Argo Online Closed Beta this April

Steampunk-influenced MMORPG Argo Online is gearing up this April 10th, announcing that they are soon to head into their Closed Beta stage. The games development continues under a a new publisher,, with some fresh content and a couple of new systems. In the 23rd century, a destructive 4th world war has left only two [...]

Added 36 days ago - 2014-03-19 - 24 comments

Eat or Be Eaten: Black Gold’s Beastmaster Class Revealed

All the way from the forests of Erlandir comes the “Tamer of the Wild” as the Beastmaster, Black Gold‘s new class, strolls into town with battle axe in hand. A hard hitting beast summoner, this druid-like tank comes with a set list of skills and traits he has obtained from the thickets of the the [...]

Added 37 days ago - 2014-03-18 - 10 comments

Flesh Ships: Star Trek Online Season 9 Warps in late April

Cryptic Studios continues to push Star Trek Online’s deep space exploration forward with the announcement of the MMO’s 9th season. Set to be released in late April, roughly 6 months after Season Eight: The Sphere, Season 9: The New Accord will continue the Undine storyline -a super-intelligent race whose ships are made of organic material- [...]

Added 37 days ago - 2014-03-18 - 7 comments

Watch all four of Rift’s new souls take on the trinity

Rift’s upcoming 2.7 patch is taking the “everyone can do everything” approach with the introduction of four new souls for each major class. Traditionally Rift has been one of the best MMORPGs for any indecisive gamer, as the multi-soul MMO allows players to freely swap between widely different specs which best suit their playstyle, although [...]

Added 37 days ago - 2014-03-18 - 6 comments

The Phantom of the Beta: Ghost Recon Online now Ghost Recon Phantoms

Ubiosft announced today that their third-person shooter Ghost Recon Online will be released this April 10th with a fresh identity. Giving consideration to how much the game has evolved since it first began it’s development process, the team has decided to replace the original title with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms. Corey Facteau, producer of [...]

Added 38 days ago - 2014-03-17 - 38 comments

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