archeage feat

ArcheAge: Update 3.0 Officially Revealed In Korea

The Goddess of Hatred is returning to ArcheAge. The free-to-play game’s Western publisher, Trion Games, shared the official Korean teaser video for the next major…

devilian feat

Devilian “Terror From The Depths” PvP Event Launches

A new, massive PvP event has landed in Devilian, taking place every Thursday and Sunday. “Terror from the Depths” is a 40 to 120 player…

tera feat

TERA Teases Content Coming In “Aces Wild” Update

A new update, titled “Aces Wild” is coming to TERA in July and En Masse has decided to slowly roll out information on the content….

GW2 Privateer Weapons

Guild Wars 2 Rankles Players With Cash Shop Skins, WvW Purchase Options

The new Guild Wars 2 patch went live today, but some players aren’t happy with a notable policy change. There’s a new set of cosmetics,…

ubi30 feat

Ubisoft Celebrates Its 30 Year Anniversary By Giving Away Games-E3 2016

If you have, by any chance, been eyeballing some of Ubisoft’s older titles, you might want to hold off a bit before throwing money at…

blade and soul feat

Blade & Soul Class Overview Highlights The Soul Fighter

It’s time for another Class Week; NCSoft’s way of highlighting the various classes. This week, the class of choice is the Soul Fighter, a hybrid…

Warframe Lunaro

Warfame Gets Sporty With New Lunaro Game Mode — E3 2016

Even a space ninja needs something to do in its leisure time. That’s the reasoning behind Lunaro, the new game mode coming to Digital Extremes’…

hawken feat

Hawken Coming To PS4 And XBox One — E3 2016

Reloaded Games is bringing the mech-based FPS Hawken to consoles. It was announced at E3 that the free-to-play online game, which allows players to battle…

humble bundle e3 feat

Humble Bundle’s E3 Bundle Is Full Of Delicious Goodies For Some Favorite F2P Games – E3 2016

In celebration of E3 2016, Humble Bundle — purveyors of all things gaming, savings, and charity related — are offering a pretty beefy bundle filled…

fallout shelter

Fallout Shelter Comes To PC – E3 2016

On the list of things where it’s about time, Bethesda announced at its E3 conference last night that its popular free-to-play mobile game, Fallout Shelter,…


Witcher 3’s Gwent Card Game Gets Standalone F2P Version – E3 2016

If you were the type of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt player who spent more time playing cards in a tavern than exploring the world and…

TES Legends Trailer

Elder Scrolls: Legends Trailer From E3 Hints At Lore And Setting, Sets Up Campaign Mode – E3 2016

The Elder Scrolls: Legends offers more than just a way to beat down other players in card game battles. It’ll feature a rich story mode…

spellweaver feat

First Spellweaver Expansion Announced

The first major expansion for Dream Reactor’s free-to-play CCG Spellweaver is on its way. The expansion is slated for sometime in July — no concrete…

Armored Warfare t-15

Armored Warfare Previews Update 0.16, Focusing On Improved Game Performance And Rewards

Armored Warfare continues to motor along, and with the next patch Obsidian Entertainment hopes to fix “the most important issues of Armored Warfare.” Those were…

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