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Title: Ederon
Status: Final
Genre: MMOTCG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Ederon
Developer: Ederon
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Unique card trading system
Interesting lore
Impressive selection of cards

Ederon is a free to play 2D browser-based trading card game by Ederon.

With over 1,000 unique cards, players have endless ways to build up strategy to battle foes.

Battle against other players, become a top player, an achievement hunter, an exquisite card collector or just gather a bunch of friends and play for fun.

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18 Ederon Reviews

  1. Ok here’s the problems with this game.
    1: There’s is no balance in the ranked game , if you are new like me and want to play with people of the same “skill” as you well the queues just don’t pop because there’s only very high level players still playing this. So my first 5 ranked match were against levels 85 , 103 , 76 , 83 , 120. I was level 1 with a starter deck… Pretty fair isn’t it ?

    2: There’s no good way to make gold ( the currency of the game to buy cards/packs/decks ) after 4 hours of playing doing the campaign and doing ranked matches i made a total of… 10gold. The worst pack you can buy which contain 6 uncommon cards ( so not worth spending Gold on ) cost 170 Golds… The cheapest 10 cards pack containing a rare a think cost 1500 to maybe 2500 Golds. A Deck is worth between 5000 and 8000 Gold. The best way i got told to make money is 1: Win Golden match , this is a match that pop every 4-6 games and give you a chance at winning golds/gems if you win but like i said… there’s no balance you will fight a very high level player and you chance of winning are most likely non-existent. 2: There’s some kind of talent system in this game called Specialization and in that you can pick a talent that gives you Gold for winning a ranked match !!! ( because the game itself don;t give you anything for winning … you just…win…) So here it goes level 1 you will get *Drums roll*…. 1 Gold per win !!! If you win. Wow a whole complete gold. And at max level (5) you get 5gold per win. Now think how long it will take you to make let’s say 1500 Gold to buy your first 10 cards pack… Yeah it seems impossible.

    3: The game will credit you some Gold for doing “missions” and achievement , in 4 hours and maybe 10-15 achievements i got 5 golds from achievements and 5 gold from missions. Basically Missions are dailies that ask you to either win matches in ranked , have a win streak in ranked , win in the top 3 in a tournaments which you can’t even enter at low levels ( i’ll come back to this ) and stuff like that , which are pretty much impossible for new players. I looked at all the “missions” and to be completely honest if you play A LOT you can maybe gain 50-75G per day.. I know this game look awesome so far but it’s not over.

    4: Tournaments , i would love to talk about tournaments but unfortunately i couldn’t even get in one , not even close. You need 400 Gems ( another currency which is mostly used to get in tournaments so far from what i saw , there might be more but who knows since you can’t progress in this game ), Gems are like Gold , almost impossible to get , same game with gems you don;t earn them from winning a game or anything like a normal game would , nope. YOu have to put the same talent i spoke about in the Gold section but this talent is for gems , same amount 1 gems lvl 1 and 5 gems lvl 5. So lets do some quick math here to see how long it would take you to get in a tournaments.

    In order to enter a tournaments you need 2 thing, Gems and level 10. At level 10 you can have the 5 talents to get 5gems per game so let’s say we got these 5 talents.

    400 / 5 = 80. You would need 80 WINS to get in a tournaments ( There are some kind of missions to get bonus gems but again for a new players they are almost impossible to complete. ) There are 2 or 3 tournaments per day… how the hell are we , new players , supposed to get in those tournaments ?

    In conclusion this game had a very good potential when i played the tutorial before entering the real game i was happy i found a TCG that looked good and where i was free of my moves ( some TCG are all automated and it kills the fun since you don’t need to think at all ) but then i got in the game and found out about all this.. how hard it would be to get gold and buy a single card.

    Someone told me he has been playing for 3weeks and he made 500G and he was..happy.. about it.. i mean there’s no point of playing a game that doesn’t reward you at all , yes you will get a new booster pack or a deck one day but after what… 1 month ? 2 months ? 3 months for a deck !?

    So if you love playing for nothing but rating where you will battle VERY high players that have 1000 different cards and more when you have 40 , be my guest and try this game. If you are like me and love to see some progress in a game , not only a level that means nothing or a ranking that also mean nothing then do not touch this game it’s seriously one if not the worst TCG i have tried so far. If they would give us Gold per win and loses then maybe it could become a good game but then again it won’t help the fact that there are only a handful of players that have been playing for years and have most of the cards in the game , but if at least we could buy a pack per day it would help but nope.

    1. I just found probably the best free to play TCG/CCG. Search for ” Might and Magic : Duels of Champions.

      I won’t even comment about it i’ll let you guys find out but it’s WAY better than all the other free TCG named here :) Have fun !

  2. Finally u added the best trading game in the web!! congrats

    1. yea, i used to play it but didnt have much of a crowd

  3. I kinda wished there are online TCGs like Weiss Schwarz,Vanguard,Precious Memories,Victory Spark or pretty much any TCGs from Bushiroad to online would be pretty awesome. But instead we only get these. :( so sad

  4. I agree with Crowser, i like bushiroad games, especially Vanguard ^-^ In my [or our] opinion of course :)

  5. @Crowser I agree as well but we should put more thoughts to the game and give the other Online TCGs makers a chance… maybe they can be better than Bushiroad :P

  6. i’ve been playing ederon for 9 months now, and surprise surprise, i reached level 106 and have nearly 9000 cards, and guess what, i’m a completely free player!
    most of the comments above are completely crap and misleading, this game is hard to play against high levels but this game has alot of population currently, the missions reward alot of gold per day, even if you lose ALL of your matches in a tournament they still award you with good rewards compared to your investment, gold can be used to buy stuff from the auction house and alot of times i bought cards for 11g each, and to top it all, this community is very friendly and helps anyone that would join, you have clans, clan games(which the leaders supervise) and not to mention this game getting constantly updated with new contents(right now we’re waiting for conquest mode! WILL BLOW YE’R MINDS AWAE!) bottom line, dont write crap if you dont know crap.

  7. Playing this game for 2 years and still am excited about it. And taking into account I rarely played smth longer than 3-4 month it really tells smth. Game is constantly developing (new cards, features added). And best is that unlike some of other CCG u can actually trade in this game with other players. MTG is very different to Ederon. Both great games. Special tnx to Mistermind for creating this magnificent game.

  8. I played the newer game (the one with the same name) and saw how that was by playing it. Then I saw this game thinking maybe it is better. I didn’t tried it but after reading the mix reviews I understand what kind of game this is.

    Yes you can play this for free but it will take you over 9 months (as a reviewer stated before) just to be over level 100. I am not sure about you guys, but I am not the type to waste 9 months of hardship and head aches on trying to be powerful. I want to see progress when I play and 9 months of slow progress isn’t fun. Hell Yugioh (the video games) are better than these two games because you can get cards and play the full game without wasting 9months to 2 years.

    If you like games like this and Dark Souls, than you are in heaven here.

  9. Might and Magic : Duels of Champions. RULEZ!

  10. One of the COMMONEST CARD GAMES EVER SEEN , :) , im rly sorry guys this game smuck as many other trading card games , they just copy clon magic or any other trading card game and put other images etc etc , but rgheres not rly points for this game , people now days just does not own a proper imagination or something called brain :)

    1. I have played Ederon a lot and it’s not a copy of any game I have seen. It’s refreshingly different and what’s best there’s no japanese art in it ;)

      I haven’t seen any “ultimate deck builds” like in other games. You can freely choose whatever style suits you best. For example I’m sticking wih solo hunter deck and have won matches against much more experienced players.

      Give it another try and you might be surprised.

      1. well i played it now for like 2 weeks , and i found it boring and repetitive , the onlt ” refreshingly different” are some animations and some card arts wich to my point of view ( im a not so pro drawer check my deviant art in case) are not that good :)

        and im sorry but i found it boring as hell , no strategy evolution , no excitament at all , i guess im too old already for this kind of online games ima go play chess =_=

        1. You couldn’t find any excrement at all? Perhaps you should check your braincase, that’s a cranium for all the experts out there. Here’s an idea, exile yourself from the internet and perhaps society, for the betterment of mankind.


        2. Old…? You couldn’t even spell properly or use proper grammar.

          1. Agreed Eeeed, had you not said anything I was about to

          2. F uck you fat ashole


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