Arctic Combat

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Title: Arctic Combat
Status: Shut down
Genre: FPS | Theme: Shooter
Graphics: 3D |Filesize: 1.2 GB
Publisher: Webzen
Developer: Webzen
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Various Active and Passive Skills
Fast Paced Gameplay
PvE/PvP missions that grant xp and currency

Arctic Combat is a new free to play 3D FPS published by Webzen. In artctic combat two countries are at war over valuable resources and you, a soldier, must fight for victory.

During matches players can find unique abilities you can use to call in UAV, air strikes, rocket launchers, flame throwers, and more. These will either be scattered around the map, available after a point streak, or drop from enemy players.

Artic Combat features multiple game types including classic TDM, Free for All, Demolition, Conquest, Search and Destroy, and PvE missions. Players can also customize their lobby for even more unique action.

Arctic Combat system requirements:

OS: Window XP, Vista, Windows 7
RAM: 1 GB | HDD: 1.2 GB free space
CPU: P4 3.0GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce 5700 or above
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61 Arctic Combat Reviews

  1. looks kinda like black ops for some reason, overall great first look, the game has a nostalgic CoD feel to it, unique to most mmofps games, great game :)

    1. i agree i played CoD 4 and black ops….AND ITS LIKE THE SAME GAME

    2. It pretty much is an upgraded copy and paste. It’s better than Black Ops

      1. Are you serious? Have you ever play Black Ops? Trolololol “upgraded copy and paste”

    3. How can you download this game on the site cant download them..

      1. You cant Download This game anymore.
        the game is getting shut down tomorrow. and nobody knows the reason why.
        so Fck webzen!

  2. Hopefully the weapons aren’t timed like all the other shitty “f2p” fps.
    If so, I’m just going to play LoL until the end of time.

    1. This Game Is F2P So No Worrys :D

    2. The weapons do expire, with the rental time depending on how much you’re willing to pay for it, but the starting weapons are upgradeable, don’t expire, and are pretty badass by themselves.

  3. Anyone notice when he loaded up the game it said “Search n Destory”?

  4. Ok i tried this game and i really dont like it. Its another “modern tactical mmofps”. Its exactly, really exactly same as another mmofps shooters out here,which is not bad thing, but this game have no innovations, no originality, plus its visuals, even sound effects and gameplay are exactly same as CoD. So if you are fan of CoD serries this game may be for you, otherwise its another MMOFPS like AvA, Combat arms or Black Retribution, with nothing special…

  5. Very good alternative to cod with broader system support than some of the other new mmofps out there now. If you like tactical shooters and can’t quite run blacklight at a solid fps this is a good alternative. It’s pretty, it’s accurate and it has plenty of action. You can’t expect much more than that for free.

  6. worst game EVER!

    1. Hmm, you have a BF3 profile picture. I think we can can to the conclusion that you are a butthurt fanboy.

  7. Been playing in CBT, and i think it’s one of the best FPS around. Hope OBT will be as awesome! :D

  8. i been playing the Beta for a while, this is pretty good, it’s somewhat similar to other FPS but it stands out, it doesn’t look or play like crap, i’m sure it’ll get better in the next Beta

  9. this game will adopt and market system in wich you do not have to spend money in order to play competitively, i have played the open beta, and this game is so much fun =D

  10. Started playing this game when it came out on Steam and I’ve been loving it! I’ve had no issues so far and enjoying the game.

  11. You know why it looks like combat arms? Because it was made by the same company. Doobic Studios the company behind Combat Arms made Artic Combat and yet again it will fail because Nexon bought it. Nexon has to many issues with not being able to fix the simple issues in their games to begin with. They are not developers, they buy the games from the developer “doobic” and put them online for the mass online gamers to pump money into them. Will they fix the issues at hand already in beta, probably not since again they don’t code the game to start with, they get the game and are on a learning curve of the engine. Good luck since Doobic has stated Nexon put a bid on this game already its going to be another Combat Arms, Hack infested money hungry bs game.

    1. osx gamer you are a complete retard. AC is owned by Webzen, the game is not a cash cow, They just released it, they have banned over 5000 hackers already, etc. so please dont talk cause you havent even played the game, cause if you did you wouldnt say crap like that.

  12. server lag and hit detection going in and out or bullet lag is what some people call it, but those are the only two things about this game i hate other than that its a good game

  13. its like cod but without the laguage

  14. language i mean

  15. its a good game!

  16. wowwowowowowow jajajajajaj!

  17. This games the most retarded shittiest game on Earth…It has good graphics though but the gun range sucks and so does the accuracy. The maps are well-done but the only problem are the guns! I repeat, The ONLY problem are the guns!

    1. Are you retarded? This is the best game on Earth other than CoD and GTA probably you probably didn’t play this game ever so you shouldn’t be talking low-life!

      1. What do you mean this is the best game? BTW I am not a low-life, you probably are….Look the maps are GREAT but the weapons make the game also…The guns don’t have a good accuracy!

        1. I’m sorry to say this, but you have no idea what you are talking about.

        2. then why dont try aiming???? u must must be playing KOS or PB….

  18. Good game, plays smooth and feels balanced, the guy playing in the video is just terrible, no offense.

  19. what if you need a model shader 2.0 how do you download it please help

    1. It’s a part of your graphics card – you can’t download a graphics card don’t you ?
      Upgrade needed.

  20. This game suck and its publisher suck. Proved me wrong.

  21. Seems like a really nice game, maybe i will like it, and it has a requirement of 1 GB RAM? i can
    ‘t believe it! im downloaded the client now, but the client is REALLY BIG, and has a slow download time, i think it was a good idea to download it through torrent (there is an option to download throught torrent).

    1. THIS GAME IS VERY! VERY AWESOME!, theres almost no lag in the game! awesome! awesome! awesome! this game is awesomer than the meaning of awesome itself. it is NOT a pay-to-win game, its very awesome! YOU GUYS SHOULD TRY IT(im talking about the guys with 2-4 GB RAM)

  22. This game is GREAT.Ofc it’s not perfect but it’s one of the best MMOFPS games out there.
    There are problems but its pros are more than its cons.
    The best thing about it is that even though there are many stuff that you can buy via credit card which will make you stronger,you can still be the best without paying any amount of money.
    Recommended ;)

    1. nope, sorry

      1. Yep :D
        Why not?

        1. This game is bad with a shtty publisher. sorry

          1. It offers nothing new. AC desperately attempts to copy CoD with its known fast paced action, perks, kill streaks etc, but fails horribly at every aspect. Webzen is a money hungry company that constantly runs around the place asking for you to throw your money into the bag like a church priest. Its graphics are not up to par (Crossfire level is not acceptable in this decade). There are only two kill & perks after almost a year of developement. The guns lack any sort of customization and it’s basically a spray and pray sort of game. They don’t bother with any intriguin content patches that would ease the game of its repetitivity, but instead host daily $20 gun sales…$20 for a gun? I smell Combat Arms. When they feel nice, they throw you a linear & cliche map here and there.

            2/5, The two come from having fun for 30 mins decimating in the newbie server.

  23. what to say…this game isnt near close to what any good game should be, it reminds me of some of the earlier games that became a hit only because the hackers loved them. uninstall back to console play, F2P pc has failed me again

  24. its like playing blackops

  25. download takes forever its like 3 hours

  26. best cod clone

  27. Can I use a logitech controller? (similar to ps game controller) I tried a few games already and they’re just keyboard and mouse only. even looked in the controller settings to change inputs/keys…

    1. well…. that was a waste…. another game thats mouse only :(

      1. I’m moving from PS3 to PC, Don’t knock a game because it’s mouse only, it will take me ages to get used to using a mouse again, but trust me if you play a PC shooter with a joypad against a Newbie with a mouse, They will win. You can not match the speed an accuracy of a mouse. if you see someone near you, you must move the joysticks in the correct motion to get to the them (as a BF vet I know it’s not a difficult task ….when everyone is doing it) but when all they got to do is point and click and your dead, is it worth dismissing something because of your own handicap. I used to play COD on invert and my mate used to hate having to change the pad after me when it was his turn. He forced me to change, which took 3, difficult, days. Just learn it – think of all the games that will be an option for you.

        1. actually, i don’t own a ps1,2,or3… neither any other gaming device besides a laptop and sidewalk chalk :( i just want a new game to play, and they all are basically the same so if im gonna use mouse only then i’m gonna stick to what i have. I was just hoping to be able to use the controller so i can sit on the couch or the shitter and play instead of having to set up a mini command center everywhere i go.

  28. This game is the best game i ever played and it better then the other shooting games…. BUT I lagg alot in the game….BUT i still like the gameplay :)

    P.S……It the best :D :D :B

  29. hi artic combat ist eine nachmache von call of duty

  30. Arcitc Combat is a really fun game. It has sniper only, knife only, alien mode (defence) and there is everything about skill and cash shop is not OP!

  31. I think this is a really great game, especially considering its free. I think its even better than AVA. At the very least its graphics are better than AVA. The only thing I don’t like about it is you can’t change weapons using the mouse wheel, but other than that I’m enjoying it very much so.

  32. OMG the game lobby looks exactly like combat arms!

  33. this game is pure shit even the hit detection suck. plus webzen cant even take care of 3 hackers that repeatably get reported and webzen doesnt do shit. i know they hack because of the aimbot twitching and the reaction between shots of other people being shot across the map

  34. You should download it through steam cause it only takes 30 minutes to download, but the game itself is great, awesome graphics, and when you do the training, you get a chance to buy any gun you want, because of the points, it is not a paid to win game but one of the best mmo games out there.

  35. esse e pika

  36. shutdown

  37. Shutdown perople. Never made it out of beta.

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