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Title: Elsword Online | Status: Open Beta
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ? GB
Publisher: Kill3rCombo
Developer: Kill3rCombo

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What’s explosive about it:
Spiritual sequel of Grand Chase
Anime style graphics
Fast and easy arcade action

Elsword is a free to play 3D non-stop side-scrolling MMORPG set in a colorful comic book style world with anime-style graphics and RPG elements. Experienced gamers as well as casual players can immediately jump into the game and pick-up the intuitive controls to defeat enemies or string together combos to deal devastating damage. Players can watch and hear their chosen character mature as their look evolves, fighting style progresses and voice changes.

Elsword Online features player versus player (PvP) battles with a strong focus on offensive combos. This pvp is not limited to one on one, and group pvp is available. With powerups and mayhem abound, this is one action packed fighter not to be missed. Either fighting solo or banding together in a party of up to four players, gamers are tasked with weathering fierce dungeon battles to defeat bosses and level up.

Elsword Online system requirements:

OS: Windows XP /  2000
RAM: 256 MB | HDD: 1.3 GB
CPU: P3 800HZ
Graphics Card: GeForce MX400(32M)
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105 Elsword Online Reviews

  1. This game is really fun there are only 3 classes so far but it is still in beta. They just updated the game too so now you can get your first job advancement :D

    1. There are much mor classes now 6 characters and 3 first jobs for each some havent come out in plces yet tho also now u can get a second job adv and theres much more towns/cities it would be great if u updated it i think it would be in the top 10 2d/2.5d list

      1. Well now all of the third first jobs are out and we’re heading for the second one o3o Infinity Sword for elboy is out and Ara Han (the seventh character) should be out after the Tactical Trooper (Chung) update.

        1. We still have a long way to go until Ara Haan.

          After Tactical Trooper we get a ton of character revamps, re balances, the item mall overhauls, a few other changes (I believe the Wedding and Mount systems), the Sander fields / dungeons and then Ara Haan. Then we’ll probably have to wait 2 months for her 1st job path to be released since it took the JP server about a month and they’re much faster at content updates than the NA server.

          At the best we’ll get Ara Haan around December or Early January if KC doesn’t keep pushing back important content. :c

          1. is still worth to play?

          2. well know Elesis is out in america and they have her first job changes out so yeah also Add is coming soo

  2. WHY?!?!?
    The ultimate epic games are never allowed for Brazil!
    Dude this make me want to break so much things as i can.

    1. man thats all the hackers fault

      1. Yeah,but there´s hackers spread around all the world,including United States,Canada and Oceania.Plus,this can mean that they can´t have a good anti-cheater system.

  3. My only complaint is that for some reason the graphics in the town area are really messed up. There’s no loading period going between town zones, so you get plopped into a grey featureless area until the graphics load, if they do at all, and other players never seem to pop up no matter how much I fiddle with the graphics. Other than that, the gameplay is insanely fun, if it’s hard to get into a party, and it’s a great little time waster.

    1. rly? your elsword is glitched or something, i don’t have any issues with the textures

  4. And…. The Brazilians can’t play ¬¬’


    1. Actually they added the brazilian server with ONLY 3 CLASSES

  5. It looks like a rip off combination of Dragon Saga/Dragonica and Fist of Fu. Might still try it though.

  6. This game is more based off the older game, Grand Chase. The first three characters are the same anyways, but this has a better character develpoment system/talent tree that beats out Grand Chase.

    Definately worth a try for you arcade/sidescrolling go-getters

    1. Grand Chase and Elsword are made by the same developer: KoG.


    Vindictus closed
    Dragon nest closed
    PWE closed all games
    am tired of this…

    1. Same here in Brazil…

  8. do you need cash to keep your character alive like grandchase?

    1. the game is complety free. no monthly charge’s or pay for hero’s. and no commercial’s.

      1. Why I love this game is because of it being mostly free for example no pay for heros. You do need to purchase some cash though for inventory, costume or locked skills. But all those are pretty cheap. This game doesn’t require you to do quests to get other characters like some game I know. The characters are all there for you to choose. All you have to do is level them and to put skills. And then when you get to lvl15 you can already get your 1st class change, then when you get to lvl35 or so you can get 2nd class change. There is stamina and when you your stamina reaches 0 you can’t do dungeons, but I like the fact that there’s stamina because then you can go to the marketplace and sell things, or do pvp. Or do your homework when your stamina reaches 0 xD. Oh and then you can do henir time and space when you have no stamina because henir doesn’t require stamina yay. Oh the PVP is great!

        1. You forgot the stamina potions :v Once consumed, you can regain 30% of your stam. The purchase with cash is called KChing, you can get your locked skills through quests, if you’re lazy then you can just buy them o3o The equipment you buy from the Cash Shop are called “Costume” and give you additional stats. They are worn over your actual equipment c: After the field update, there are now places between “Towns” and “Resting Areas” and they are the “Fields”. Fields have level limits too so don’t even think about farming in the low level areas, you will not get any exp >.>; Fields are filled with monsters that are just slightly different from the monsters in the dungeons, and Fields are NOT channel based so you don’t have to worry about changing channels to find a friend there.

  9. the ONLY thing thet so anoing me in this game is thet only in na u can play it
    and i so much loveing this game ;(

    1. It’s in Korea, Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brazil currently.
      Also NA has no region block

  10. wow, reading messages from may of last year.this game has gone a long way.. theres about to be 5 hero’s today. all together . raven, eve,aisha,rena,elsword, and chung comes out today. there’s now 2 job classes. on new patch will be 3 job classes. other then that its a great game. been a gamer for 20 years. its worth checking out. elsword.com

  11. 12 WORDS ”GAME IS EPIC YOU MUST PLAY NOT WASTE OFF TIME VERY ENTERTAINING” btw there is double jump but not all characters can do it

    1. Here are the character’s specialties:
      Elsword (Elboy): Way of the Sword. He has two auras, Destruction and Vitality. Destruction gives you a chance to reflect attacks back at the opponent and it also increases your attack power, while Vitality enhances your attack speed and lessens the amount of MP consumed for the Vitality type skills.

      Aisha: Levitation. She becomes lighter so she doesn’t land very quickly, basically, she just floats around leaving sparkles everywhere. *^*

      Rena: Double jump.

      Raven: After getting three awakening orbs, he gets access to his “core” which gives him something like an electric field zapping any mob within the field range. He also has this core that comes out and it grows the more you attack and it can protect you while you’re being attacked.

      Eve: Double jump and Glide. As you know, Eve is the nasod queen and uses two “Drones” to attack. To double jump, she jumps normally then jumps on her drones to jump again (*cough* drone abuse *cough*) And to “Glide” she jumps and has her drones push her in the air for a certain amount of time. FUN FACT: Eve doesn’t run, her drones push her.

      Chung: Berserk mode ….Double jump? After getting three awakening orbs, Chung can go into berserk mode which gives him a helmet or something and he gets infinite ammo (cannonballs). Chung’s “Double Jump” is a bit different from Rena’s and Eve’s, You do not press the jump button twice but you use >>^x (Dash, jump, X) After dashing then jumping, Chung will shoot a cannonball downwards, pushing himself up. It was meant to be an attack but it is similar to double jump since it makes you jump higher, therefore, we call it double jump o3o FUN FACT: Even if your promotion costume expires, you still get it back during the time period where you go Berserk.

      1. A few corrections to your post, Elswords Destruction aura causes you to “stoic” or not take knock back from monsters or other people in PvP. And Chung’s “double jump” is a basic attack that you can do from the start. And Raven’s core activates any time you awaken, though you only get the aura when you activate awakening with 3 awakening beads. And that aura does damage to the enemies around you. And Aisha and Rena both can also recharge their mana at a faster rate then any other char by standing still, however because Aisha is a mage class her mana recharges faster.

  12. This Game Is updated there are 5 classes now.

    1. actually 8 in korea and 6 in NA now

  13. Lol,youcan only change your classes 2 times per character and there is only one path you choose to play and you can’t turn back. :P
    This game has 6 towns now, :D
    And this game was made from KOG and Kill3rcombo,kog who also created Granchase.
    I quitted gc so I can play elsword more often c:

  14. actually chung isnt commin out till tuesday i think the last tuesday but its in june ~fus is out

    1. Chung’s already out and Ara is coming out next. She should be here after Chung’s transformation (evolution) to Tactical Trooper. In some time after the update, they should release Ara. Ara uses a spear to attack and is known for her high attack speed.

  15. Too bad Chung is WAY too overpowered in PvP right now. I can’t even play the game because I do PvP 90% of the time, but there’s no point when every game has 2 Chungs and you can be the same level but Chung will win damn near every time. Last fight I was in, I had a level 26 Eve vs a Level 22 Chung and I barely did 1/4 his health and I was beating his ass. Needless to say, I lost.

  16. chung is ok but rs is still boss lol

    1. Why, thank you :D My main is a RS :D

  17. We should be getting the 2nd jobs for Chung(Iron Paladin and Deadly Chaser) on the 27th and we got the locked skills on 11th.

  18. new update for Korea and Japan elsword! (if you didn’t know) the new 2nd job change for sheath knight (elsword) infinity sword has been released! plus the other 2nd job changes for the other characters other job changes have been named: Rena trapping ranger>night watcher comes aug 9.Aisha battle magician>dimension witch comes jul 26. Raven weapon taker>veteran commander comes aug 23. Eve code electra>code battle seraph comes sept 6 and last but not least chung shelling guardian>tactical trooper comes sept 20!

    1. And~ Ara>Little Hsien> Sakra Devanam <3

  19. Is this playable in EU. Serbia more precisely.

  20. aww this sucks im from the UK and i really wanted to play this game but of course just like most mmorpg game you have to be from america this seriously suck :(

  21. Are there any alternate games for this?
    Apparently this doesn’t work in my region.
    thanks :D

    1. It has multiple servers :T

  22. I playng this game now are 6 classes i having a lv 41 blademaster :) ;)

  23. Elsword is so awesome that it’s my first game review video for YouTube :D

  24. ok i need help on my password cuz it wont work at all? v.v :’(

  25. did i made elsword larger

  26. There is now a EU version, but not english yet. Thankfully I speak French so I am DL right now…and sadly, it is offered by GAMEFORGE, BLEHHHHHHHHH they can burn in a firey death.

  27. i create a new account of elsword!!! oHH iTs good 2 see It…..hahahah☺

  28. its the ultimate game

  29. Pointless p2w game, the cosmetics from the itemshop have a truckload of stats on them and let’s not even get into gear enhancing and other wonderful features that make the games itemshop a must pay factor. Why the hell is it even in the steam greenlight is beyond me.

    1. totally not p2w

    2. Lol. The items from the cash shop, if you’re talking about costumes, have NO stats on then untill you go and enchant them, then they become OP. There are TONS of items that help more than cash shop items. This game is sort of a PTW, trust me, there are TONS more games that are worse in there Item mall/ Cash shop factor. If you look beyond the cash shop which i bet you didint,
      there are way better things about elsword that makes you forget about the cash shop. I bet you just
      logged on and whent to the cash shop before anything else.

  30. do you know whats the coupon code”s code

  31. Elsword Online has 7 character with different job
    Elsword >>Sword Knight/ Magic Knight/ Sheath Knight >>Lord Kniht/ Rune Slayer/ Infinity Sword
    Aisha >>Dark Magician/ High Magician/ Battle Magician >>Void Princess/ Elemental Master/ Dimension Witch
    Rena >>Combat Ranger/ Sniping Ranger/ Trapping Ranger >>Wind Sneaker/ Grand Archer/ Night Watcher
    Raven >>Sword Taker/ Over Taker/ Weapon Taker >>Blade Master/ Reckless Fist/ Veteran Commander
    Eve >> Code:Exotic/ Code:Architecture/ Code:Electra >>Code:Nemesis/ Code:Empress/ Code:Battle Seraph
    Chung >>Fury Guardian/ Shooting Guardian/ Shelling Guardian >> Iron Paladin/ Deadly Chaser/ Tactical Trooper
    and Ara >> ?

    so that’s Elsword Online job ^^

  32. Played with every character and yet i can still play without getting bored

  33. Really cool game :D D

    Elsword has a bunch of cool events and are currently make 3 paths for all the classes!

  34. Fun game overall, but it gets hard later on to a point where you need a party to run dungeons.

  35. Absolutly LOVE this game!!!….had my friend not convinced me to try it i probly wouldnt be playing it but now im addicted to it and same with the rest of my friends ive tried all the characters and job classes so far eve CN is my fav.

  36. im playing elsword atm and still waiting for infinity sword ^^; but you need to be fast at combos and quick to catch your opponent before they hit the ground to be the king of pvp >:3 (you need good skills too) basically all i know ’till now. have fun (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  37. is this game available in the Philippines?

  38. Outdated info now there are 6 classes and job advancements first and second ones too the classes are eve, rena, elsword, chung, raven, and aisha

  39. ^ that’s not what I meant. Darn comments

    1. Raven’s zz combo is still a must although

  40. This game is very fun it has hours of fun and enjoyment
    The art style is colorful and Epic so you wont feel depressed while going through the dungeons
    It does take a bit of time to get stuff but overall its a fun game

  41. if you want to play in usa then use an ip address changer google it, also when you sign up duh…I play dragon ball z online and i’m in the usa and guess what i used an ip address changer

  42. how do i get passed ch. 1-2? help!

  43. You need to levelup for every ch theres a different lvl

  44. im indonesian, i hate playing elsword from my country server, i wanted the global :(
    i cant play this game, and opened the web too

  45. I’m gonna try it i hope that it’s good :)

  46. Really love the game, im still enjoying, just wish i could play on the NA one, somehow i enjoy playing games, with english voices, rather then my country’s voices, but still pretty good.

  47. “non-stop” is a lie. Stamina makes it limit play. Played for less than an hour today and I couldn’t do anymore. So you guys may like that but I definitely do not.

    1. Err, I think they were referring to the side-scrolling as non-stop o.o; And if it’s stam you’re angry about then there is unlimited stam on weekends, and they also have something called “stamina potions” which restores 30% of your stam. I have 7 of them XD Too bad it isn’t tradable o3o

    2. As well as the unlimited stam on weekends and the stamina potions you lose less stamina when you party with more people. I’ve turned your hour a day into 5-6 hours just by partying with randoms and doing the dungeons. As well as this there is the arena which can also give you exp. So you can always gain exp.

  48. does anyone know when the tactile trooper is coming out in north america

  49. I freaken love this game! It’s very easy to lvl up and kinda addicting xD I just love how other people can join you in dougens and help you out. Really cool game, but sadly I already finish the game. The limit is lvl 60 >.< I cant stop at 60! =A= and i dont want to play as another avatar with a different story T^T

    1. Don’t worry, the limit will be 65 or 70 soon XD and Which char are you playing? I’m a RS o3o

      1. Is RS Rune Slayer? Cos Im one and it’s definitely awesome

  50. no UK server :(


  52. Graphics aren’t bad, good story, nice attacks, 5 outta 5! ;)

    1. I agree with vivaldi108! good game! :)

      1. Has anyone tried ghost x ultimate? I think it’s good!

  53. BORING! jk jk (just kidding) XD

  54. does anyone know when Rena’s Nightwatcher class comes out it North America?

  55. september 1st

  56. Great game. and it’s not pay to win! To look nice all you need is to pay. And even without these cash items you can still look nice because of character hairstyles and poses. Unlocked skills can be unlocked with effort. PVPalso requires skill and not necessarily high stats. Game is 3d the graphics are good. There are many classes you will probably love and the skills are flashy and cool. The community is not very social, which makes it boring unless you help oth players are chAt at Camilla’s sparring. You should play with some friends. overall there are rarely any hackers but the players only offend you if you if your doing something wrong. You only require effort and skill to be successful in this game. it’s not very addicting and there is a stamina system to limit your time to play dungeons.

  57. guys can anyone tell me how can i obtain night watcher infinity sword etc evolution through buying. my friend is asking me is that possible cuz he is totally different type unlike me i lowe to play games. so can some1 tell me is that possible to buy night watcher grand archer etc final ewolutions so u dont hawe to finish those quests and if u can buy them can u do that at start of the game lvl1?

    1. It is possible to buy them but you have to be at least level 35 to buy the second job change for any char. It is not possible to buy them before then and if your friend doesn’t like that then tell him how easy it is to get to level 35.

  58. Game is good other than the energy system, which prevents you from playing on weekdays for a certain amount of runs you do in game.

  59. Are there any quest guides available? I’ve looked but can’t find any.

  60. This game looks TOO MUCH like Grand Chase. The colours and even the classes look like the begin classes of Grand Chase! Its even a side-scrolling game.

    1. yup true it the same thing from grand chase but it has a stamina system. grand chase has more variety job class on the character and more character selection screen option.

  61. I really like this game over Grand Chase and its just a great and very fun sidescrolling MMO.I find this game very awesome and its awesome that they updated it and its just great :3

  62. it’s not available in my country. oh why?

  63. Why the faq is there only 3 classes here in the Phil.?? I’d really want to try out raven, chung, ara, and the others..! ytf?? I’d really want to know if they are even going to release the other classes here in the Philippines..! Reply pls.. it is because it would be such a waste if they don’t, i mean many of my friends (me too) love this game even if it’s 2D or whatever.. FAQ!!!

  64. Good thing i live in America then!

  65. I love this game. I’ve had a Void Princess and Dimension Witch (both Aisha), but deleted them and now have a Code Battle Seraph (Eve) and a Wind Sneaker (Rena), and in 9 hours I’ll get the new character Ara. I will say the girl characters seem to die faster though, but they have really good skills and great combos.

    1. i have a problem when i click the play for free now button it says this webpage isnt available ,
      does this game work in Asia (middle-east-gulf)

  66. i have a problem when i click the play for free now button it says this webpage isnt available ,
    does this game work in Asia (middle-east-gulf)
    can someone help me pl z

    1. same here -_-

    2. If you live in asia im gonna assume that you probably have to play in an asia server. like JP,KR,TW etc.

  67. is this game available in the philippines?..

  68. this game is in the garena ph can play this

  69. This game has come rally far it has 7 characters now and the most recent is elesis.

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