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Title: EpicDuel | Status: Final
Genre: RPG | Theme: Sci-Fi

Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Artix Entertainment
Developer: Artix Entertainment

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Simple gameplay
PvP oriented
Great character customization

EpicDuel is a free to play 2D PvP MMO game that plays in your web browser. Explore, chat, battle, earn credits, and gear up with weapons, armor and battle items.

Create a custom character and engage your friends in strategic turn-based combat! With updates released weekly

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44 EpicDuel Reviews

  1. I love this game for it being so PvP and even teamwork oriented.
    But after playing a while, you realise that you won’t do much without paying… So much for a free game.

  2. If you’re going to play this game, just keep in mind that you NEED to pay money to compete. And don’t play a tech mage…they’re totally underpowered.

    1. Actually, Tech Mages are powerful.

  3. looks very epic!

  4. this game looks bad look at the grafics that will tell you the sory of the game i dont like 2d games. ps this game does not look epic

  5. give me a cheat Codename Bl4ck M4mb4

  6. lol all of yall are saying that this games suks, well its a 2d game what do you expect from it, you need to play AdventureQuest,DragonFable,MechQuest,AQWorlds, and there new game that jsut came out like 1month ago Herosmash and Warpforce so you see there popular for there games, oh and Crowel you dont need to pay for awsome stuff cuz i also am part of EpicDuel and they have already made updates so now both paying players and non paying players are both powerful so just try the game instead of reading comments and saying i dont wanna play anymore.

  7. nahhhhh
    idont need taht i can win with no advisories

  8. its like adventure quest just a little bit better

  9. I hate turn based games but imma fan of pvp so imma bit confused .

  10. it is boring very BORING

    1. shutup

  11. This game is just PAY TO WIN

  12. its takin ages to level up my guy on epic duel

  13. no pay no much fun

  14. how about if you acttually stop arguing about epic duel and just play how you want to play and dont you take the mik yous try and create your own game

  15. I have an account on Artix Entertaiment.
    I play AQ Worlds,Hero Smash,Epic Duel.

    1. I played all their games except pony vs pony o.o

  16. This game is awesome. It’s not about it’s graphics or look that u want in a game. It’s decent and epic as it said in it’s name. And whoever read this dont trust those lvl 3 noobz who die 9/10 ( 9 out of ten times). Or may be a lvl 25 who is nothing but a loser ( 10 out of ten times) :D

    This game is pvp based tactical game. I’m a lvl 21 mage (1 on 1) with 2.1 K/D ( 265 wins and 120 lost games)

    mercenary lvl 22 account (1 0n 1 – 415 wins and 110 lose) AND (2 on 2 – 150 wins and 33 lose)

    a 2 on 2 bounty with 400 wins and 100 loss

    all non-varium. My merchenary beat varium mostly. You dont need varium to win epicduel, u need tactics and smart brain.
    ways to improve ur win rate
    1. Have fun
    2. dont buy items in low levels, wait till lvl 16 to buy something, and then buy after in lvl 25
    3. Dont buy weeapons, or guns because they look good, get them if they have good stats for ur
    4. Have a good build…
    Mercenary- Tank ( Have high defence and resistance) max out ur dexterity and technology.
    Good for both 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 .
    Bounty – Smoker ( build ur smoke) max out ur strength and support- because its good for
    critical. Note: major bounty mistakes are smoking and having an energy blade.
    Mage – ( build ur malfunction and then plasma bolt). Bounty smoke, and
    mage malf.

    Read over everything by dragging ur mouse over each stats. Cuz u gotta know it to show it. I suck at rhyming, not my point. What I mean is understand every skills and stats of ur class and max it out to win, not blame ur poor skills on varium. I wont tell u to add Glorythrow, cuz I dont really give a chit to losers. Figure it out in your own after reading this. Gl

    1. THANK YOU! somebody with some sense

    2. what stats should you increase the most

  17. I beat lvl 31 when i was lvl 27 and 31 had lots of varium

  18. Iam lvl 26 nd i suck alot give cheat please!………..epicduel name is Yowassuppeple.

  19. Its not true. You can Compete with Paid players if your really good. I have been a free player untill i reached lvl 34 and im always at 1 on 1 leaderboards.

  20. this game is created by Artix entertainment, just so u know! And so is aqw.

  21. can you gimme guide ? where to buy good stuff on lvl 16 ?

    1. junker

  22. what is the ceacts

  23. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. im new tested this game, no i dont understand thi game, i mean your begin lvl 1 and transporting lvl 12 world lol

    1. Jus start as a tech nage and get ur overload that stuns and plasma rain that hits all enimies.

  25. This Game Is Awesome,But Some Old Players Struggles With The New Omega Stage Version,Well Anyways This Omega Update Is Just Mixed Up With The New Cores,Bots And Other Stuff Overall I Love This Game 10 Whole Stars!

  26. what is new prize codes foe epic duel

  27. its my first turn

    1. What they nearly shut this game along with mech quest. Low player base. This game is pay to win only game. Which is why they shut down allot of servers due to low player base. The gap is huge between free to play and pay to win. Battle levels are stuffed up. Not a battle if you vs someone 10 levels lower then you.

  28. Dude I was playing this game and it’s the free equivalent of WoW so glad I found this.

  29. Can somebody give me some Reedom Codes ?

  30. Tech mages are the strongest u dont need plasma bolt thats s*** what tech mages really need is overload that lighting strike that stuns you and the plasma rain that hits all enimies and get your dextirity and technolgy higher. Bounty hunters are the weakest the only good move for them is the hand machine that hits all enimies and mercenary is second all u need is bunker buster and that energy thing from the sky. ( soz bout spelling ).

  31. It’s always like Dragon Fable. The difference is his game is focused on the Future World, and I hate the same graphics and gameplay!

    1. I love AE and all of their games. The gameplay is fun if you like turn based, PvP. I’m personally not a fan. Have you tried AQWorlds yet?

    2. If you hate AE then you suck.

      1. no, you sucks

        1. Nah hgbvcx suxs for spreading false rumours that money hungry AE is unsucky-lolz

  32. well AE created Dragonfable,Mechquest,AQW,Adventurequest,and that game so its the same graphics and gameplay


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