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Title: Firefall | Status: Open Beta
Theme: Sci-Fi
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ? GB
Publisher: Red 5 Studios
Developer: Red 5 Studios

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What’s explosive about it:
Great graphic style
Cooperative and competitive gameplay
Dynamic open world

Firefall is a free to play 3D Sci-Fi MMO team-based shooter (MMOFPS and MMOTPS) set in a beautiful but devastating vision of earth’s future, where the last surviving humans cling together to fight back the lethal threat of a powerful force called the Melding, while resisting a mysterious bloodthirsty army, known as the Chosen, who is hell-bent on wiping out humanity.

Players will protect the Earth through the use of high-tech battleframes, which can be customized extensively to unlock the power of Firefall’s class-based combat. Battleframes allow players to specialize in their favorite style of play, while giving them the flexibility to swap and trade their way to new configurations on-the-fly. Whether you enjoy supporting your team, aggressively assaulting an enemy position, or sneaking behind enemy lines, there is a battleframe for you.

Firefall system requirements:

OS: Windows XP (32/64-bit)
RAM: 1 GB | HDD: ?
CPU: Dual Core @ 2.6 Ghz (AMD) Dual Core @ 2.2 Ghz (Intel)
Graphics Card: video card with 1GB RAM AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4550 or Nvidia Geforce 8600
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75 Firefall Reviews

  1. this game is going to be soooooo good.

    1. how you do you download firefall

      1. It’s not out yet.

      2. you cant yet

        1. actually yes you can now there is a beta weekend on the 22nd

      3. Firefall is now in an open beta

    2. Yeah till you play it…then it goes right to the dumpster.Uninstall…i can go on and on with this one..but hay its free to play pOOp.

  2. HOHOHO!!!!
    We have a Mister MMO!

  3. Finally! something like Borderlands appears XD

  4. Been waiting for this game for awile, can’t wait!

  5. omg this game will be great.

  6. looks like a Gobal Agenda Rip Off But Better

  7. This game is gunna be awesome saucetastic.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this game since 08′ or 09′ i cant remember. But man this is gonna be sick!

  9. Can anyone give me a beta key

  10. I really do wish Orson Scott Card wasn’t involved, but I might end up logging some hours on this when it finally rolls along.

    1. Scott Card is only doing the firefall manga, he has no connection with the game development.

  11. this is not like global agenda and it isnt a rip off because its sci-fi fps not sci-fi tps.and it is way better

    1. actually it’s fps AND tps, check the site!

  12. well as we all know beta will be soon , so everyone should register his interest
    this game gives a feeling of TF2 not like that is a bad thing , tf2 was and still is a great game despite the fact he is pretty old from now

  13. look’s awesome


    1. Not even close….

    2. …. Have you even played borderlands?

  15. OMG this game is going to be awesome, its better than global agenda and that cartoon graphics HOHOHOHO.Hope this going to be my cristmans gift =D

  16. does the game have any virus

    1. wow, really?

  17. does anyone have a spare key… im like desperate haha (:

  18. i got in beta =D
    Time to play on Wednesday!(they on a schedule)

  19. Yh i need a key TOO.This game looks awesome i want it and i want it NOW! :D

  20. Man i really need a key, Ive been waiting for one for almost a year!

  21. damn not out yet i was planning to play it :( i saw the yogscast playing it though how do thet play it?
    i think i got a beta key by requesting one

  22. gentlemen i got beta access and i am updating/installing as i type this ill let you know how it turns out

  23. I want to get into the beta now!!!!

  24. I have been waiting for a beta key for so long. When will it go open beta?

  25. 1 key for me if you please : ) i want to play this game rocks !!!

  26. share a key with me and i give the other 2 coming with it.

  27. guys can anyone tell me if it will works on windows 7 or no and are upcomeing games for usa just or for all the world?

    1. Yes it works on win 7 and it firefall will be global.

  28. This Game Is Amazing. There Isn’t A Single FPS Or MMO Player Who Shouldn’t Be Pumped About This Game.

  29. The system requirements on this page seriously need to be updated lol. The official system requirements are posted here:
    It is possible to play the game with a slightly worse system, but not recommended.

  30. I was just talking about the RAM that needs to be updated to though. There is no way that the game would be able to be played with 1GB of RAM. There have been a few people who ran the game with 3GBs of RAM but the recommended minimum amount of RAM is 4 GBs.

    1. i manage playing ‘grandchase’ and firefall at the same time while my anime is paused on VLC… and i got approx 4 gb ram

  31. when is the realease date fr the game.

  32. ITS IN 10/22/2012 =D omfg
    i’m waiting
    i want this soooooo bad

  33. want key badly…

  34. I have a beta key, but i would like to trade for planetside two key… if anyone has one.

    1. I have a key if you’e still willing

      1. i need a key because i playing firefall

  35. yeah i play the game (beta) its a very good awsome game but a bug with missions

  36. anyone know when this is set to launch.

  37. This game is a whole lot of fun and yay for getting to beta test it. You may go to the firefall website and request a beta key! I hope you all enjoy the game and the release date is going to be totally awesome!

  38. please someone can give me a key to this game thanks

  39. Played the beta, if your looking forward to this game don’t play the beta right now.
    Its REALLY lacking. Game play wise its fun,

    But stuff to do? there is practically nothing to do unless you wanna do boring wave defense escort missions for pointless resources or fight a tornado for 20 minutes while you blow off its balls over and over.

    if your looking forward to this game, don’t kill your enthusiasm by playing the beta. wait for more content update.

  40. When it’s coming out so we all can download it ? 9 July ?

  41. GUYS IT’S OPEN BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Hoyyyyyyyyyy se puede jugar Hoyyyyyyyy
    ya lo estoy descagando

  43. why does the game not work? it just flashes and menu options are missing. It does not allow me to proceed

  44. best free to play game

  45. Just downloaded the game and love the graphics and stuff

  46. Wish i could play it, but i don’t have a good enough graphics card for it =(

  47. I have been playing beta and it starts off good but their is like nothing to play, within 20mins I was bored.

  48. This game was ok first couple days because everything is new, but then you realize your doing the same missions over and over and you start to hate the game, the content is extremely boring so is pvp, crafting new gear is pretty pointless considering you can do anything in the game in stock gear may not be able to solo certain mission’s but its easier then waiting days for gear to finish crafting, this game is just lame IMO, but its still in “beta” maybe they will add more content and a better gear system.

  49. I’m sorry for interrupting you guys but, what do you find good on this game?At my oppinion looks pretty much like playmobile….Playmobile remember good days lol.

    2) PAY 2 WIN GAME
    3) KID´S GAME (im 15)

    1. “Haters gona hate” where is the p2w? in pve? i don`t mind that,in pvp all players hae the same weappons skill upgrades … so is not p2w

    2. lol’d at your comment. You are a kid in my book.

      1. Huehuehue

  51. looks decent, but battleframes, where did you come up with that, sounds like warframe exept with “war” changed to “battle”

    1. Firefall was already in development in 2008/2009 :) .

  52. game sucks , hard , it gave me progeria playing it

  53. i don’t see anything new or engaging in the game.
    nice gfx but it just looks and feels like a milkshake clone of any other fps mmo :/

  54. The PvE offers no challenge whatsoever and resource mining is boring as hell. Haven’t tried PvP yet and I hope it makes up for the lackluster open world “experience” that this game offers.

    1. pvp is gone now so this game is shit

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