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Title: LaTale | Status: Final
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 2D | Filesize: 552 MB
Publisher: OGPlanet
Developer: Actoz

User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (80 votes, average: 4.09 / 5)
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What’s explosive about it:
Great soundtrack and graphics
Plenty of content
Detailed skill system

LaTale is a free to play 2D side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG with anime inspired graphics, lots of quests and a massive player base.  Simple gameplay and intuitive quests make LaTale accessible for players of all ages, while a large, immersive world promises hours of entertainment.

LaTale also offers various types of gameplay and customization, giving unique play styles to all types of gamers. Various character classes, equipment items, and upgrade skills allow players to develop unique characters. Players can also personalize their characters with pets and accessories, as well as cute costumes and unique, expressive emoticons.

LaTale system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
RAM: 256 MB Free | HDD: 700MB Free Space
CPU: 800 MHz Intel Pentium 3 or equivalent
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 2/ATI Radeon 7200 or equivalant
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64 LaTale Reviews

  1. LT as a game is great for me- graphics, play styles, BGM (it gets a lot better later on), etc etc. Grinding is the fastest way to get to a high level, so it’s the way most people go; but I personally recommend taking it slow the first time around and getting to know the game completely. It’s really simple to learn and getting yourself settled in and maybe even a bit known might be better than jumping straight into the 16x-19x group- plus leveling is actually really easy.

    Most of the better content is only accessible to high levels though, including subclasses, harder dungeons (TAID, Degos), better gear, and other jazz. It doesn’t take long to get there, though it might seem like it the first time around. Classes and skills get much faster paced higher up too.

    Graphics and OST- gorgeous. The upbeat bouncy tones get exchanged for darker ones later but you’ll still hear the twang in it. The storyline…welp. It’s actually decent if you take the time to overlook the huge horrible translations, which most people don’t even bother with. Seriously, It’s terrible, LOL.

    This game is very, very social. It’s a small game, getting known is easy. It’s just…appealing to the other players that might come across as hard for some, but really, just keep your pants on and stay out of the crosshairs of drama and you’ll be good. Community is double-edged, it can make people stay and make people quit…but I’d rather not go too far into it. :>

    The content shown on this page is a bit outdated too, telling from the UI and font. As for the really bad things about this game, it’s the lag and disconnections, the bad localization, and how some classes really get the short end of the stick. Oh, and the economy. I can’t complain about it, since getting rich is easy once you hit a certain level, but it scares of newbies a lot.

    Fashion shop- all I really think you need from there is the Warp Crystal, and maybe Dryad/Naiad pet if you want to farm like crazy. Though, the fashion is permanent, and is nice to have. Very nice. Most of the other items that are important are accessible through player-to-player purchases via ingame currency; through that, you can get auto-looting pets, good stat rings, and even functional fashion- perma fashion with stats. Some of them are cute too.

    Bit of a lengthy review for this place, but I do wish for more players to join LaTale. It’s a good game overall- not the greatest game that ever was- but it’s worth playing.

  2. wow, from the comment. this game …ok, so the comunity sucks huh? ok thumbs down. come’on, how can i trust you MMOBOMB? “featured” huh? *facepalm*

    1. There are still nice people out there but the people who actually do end game content are very little. Finding a party to level or do dungeons to get high end gear is very difficult, and some players and down right greed to the maximum. Also the market is completely inflated because there is a group of high levels who are extremely rich and control most of the items on the market. The trick is they don’t need these items anymore so they over price them.

      Really though its an amazing game just very sad how bad/greedy/lazy the community is, a huge update will be coming soon the players suspect which will nerf farming however the top players and people who control the market are already stocked up on items and have billions of Ely (in-game currency) so it wont change anything. That’s my side of the story I got sick of farming 10hours a day just to make pocket change, and got sick of looking for parties that are never there or just leave half way.

      1. i agree, i was like half hour looking for a party and i never found anyone who needed(or wanted) to do the “lair of the evil dragon” quest… at the end a player just told me to wait until lvl 27 to do this quest. I like this game but if the community sucks… how can i do a quest that you have to be on a party to do it if you cant find someone to make party? It was very disappointing.

        1. Oh the players in this game skip all content until level 193. They power grind to lv 112 and then buy leech. Its why there is never a grind party after lv 112, naturally dungeons are skipped too and then later solod if they need it for a job change quest.

          You could probably do it with new players and make a team, but this game never gets new players and if it does they tend to quit between lv50 – 112 or get desperate and sell cash shop items so they can leech, then get scammed and leave.

          1. You mean play alone or “solo” maybe but there are quest you are obligated by the game/story to do it in party so if the community isnt nice then the game fails… if the game cant guarantee a good, nice and friendly community then it shouldnt have this quest. Again, excellent game but disappointing community, now the saddest thing is that just a few time ago this wasnt happening… what happened LaTale?

  3. LOL. looks like a crappy rip off, of maplestory

    1. “Looks like a crappy rip off, of maplestory”

      1. Have you even played it?
      2. Grammar… Learn it.
      3. This isn’t a review its an statement

      1. “an statement”

      2. 1. so much for number 2 eh?
        2. dumbass
        3. dickbutt

  4. Personally love this game. The economy is really newbie friendly, and a good handful of cash shop items are tradable.

    Downside is all the grinding. If you don’t have XP potions, you WILL hate grinding. If your level is 190+, you’ll hate grinding.

    Since I’m not a heavy gamer, I like this game. My level is low, but it’s pretty fun.

    1. exactly as i thought ;D

  5. Latale is a very fun game with plenty of classes and cool fast action! The soundtrack is beautiful and graphic style is very nice, however the community is rotten down to the core, everyone is lazy and greedy! The in-game market is so heavily over-priced and everyone just leeches and is un-friendly to new players, this is why the game is seeing a lot of people leave, they have no one to level with, items+gear cost way to much and scammers ripping un-knowledgeable players left and right.

    The game also has issues if you live far from the server, basically if you are a EU player you will never be anywhere as good as a NA player simply because they will attack faster, move faster and with more precision then you because of latency. I was a level 195 before I got fed up with the community and market to the point where I could not stand it anymore.

    Although the game has wonderful graphics and beautiful aesthetics it sadly lacks resolution options, you are locked at 800×600. In future updates its said to be increased however from what I heard it will not go above 1280×800. Also the game story is kinda funny at times but as always its pretty unnoticeable.

    Gameplay: 7/10
    Soundtrack: 8/10
    Aesthetics: 7/10
    Story: 5/10
    Community: 2/10

    If/when you get to high level if you don’t mind spending money on Astro to sell, selling leech(this started the problem of inflation etc.) and can cope with the people who play this you will enjoy the game, however if you are someone who can’t play a game because of a bad community and inflated market then I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

  6. hi!
    i am a LT player and i do agree that the game is REALLY nice and addictive. But I also agree that the economy really sucks because the prices are so damn high! >:l because the community is greedy and lazy!
    I actually have great friends in LT, just ask for help,im sure there is someone could lend a hand and try to be friendly.^^
    Overall,i love the game, only problem is the economy(greed& laziness).

  7. This game is just a MapleStory rip off geared toward the same premise. You have to buy cubes to get good stats on your gear just to level late game, the gear you have to cube is earned in the PvP arena. Everyone already has that kind of gear. See the problem? The game lags horribly, almost forces you to buy cash shop items to get better gear and the in game economy is fked up. Unless your willing to spend some money or just want to try it out till level 80ish the hard way, go for it.

  8. Is this game available in Asia?

  9. This is a great game, I still enjoy playing it (I’ve been playing for about 4 months.) There is a decent selection of classes, good graphics, and of course my favorite feature, the awesome soundtrack! I even have a few tracks on my iPod! :)

    Overall, you should definitely give LaTale a try if you like 2D Side Scrolling MMORPGs. Thanks for reading!

    1. Thank you for an actual review, I appreciate it.

  10. This game was really fun to play for a while. The way how they fight and their combos. With cute costumes and characters.

    Though it’s too much grinding, and the main town has been turned into a marketplace with many annoying shops getting in the way. So there’s barely any interaction or any fun places to hang out.

    1. Again, I just want to thank the few people that have the cognitive ability and decency to realize that this is a place to consult about the game above, not a facebook page to plaster insults and thoughtless conclusions. I appreciate it guys.

  11. I installed the game.. Played for 20 minutes then… got bored and uninstalled it >_< wasted 20 minutes of my life on this…

  12. You Americans are our comments about anything to do another q tell us a delay of 1 second fais differance idiot Trocha very glad that Brazilians are the best

    1. lol, BR’s. they just spam up the game with, “relp plz!11?1″ and “gibe meh moneee1!1?”

      1. Your comment is ofensive toward me and lots of players out there, I am a Brazilian player and your comment is prejudiced.

        1. Comments directed at BRs might be prejudiced but see..if you guys don’t want to be viewed as ignorant, nationalistic, savage people..don’t act ignorant. Show respect for people in online games. Don’t abuse hacks in shooters. Quit using “Brazillians are the best” as a means of propping up paper thin arguments. Oh and..don’t MURDER REFEREES AT SOCCER GAMES. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m speaking of.

          Lead by example and teach others. Or just whine because people are pre-disposed to think of BRs as scum..because of their actions. You demand respect but your people’s actions do not secure it.

          1. And all i was looking for was a good anime-based 2d mmorpg to play… Why are everyone fighting nowadays?

        2. And the first one was predjudiced towards Americans.

      2. You gotta love morons like that who sh** talk and are the worst of the online games community. I mean look at the tard trying to defend BR’s. He probably google translated the perfect response after thinking about it for 2 weeks.

        1. i’m also brazilian and i assure you 100% that the guy used google translate

    2. i’m from brazil but the english of this guy is horrible

    3. i’m also brazilian, and you make me sick, you ashame me. learn some english before you talk shit.

      1. mano acho melhor agente parar de reclamacoes e jogar com vontade esses jogos que tanto queremos, bom ele insultou os brasileiros gamers … bom ele ta errado mas e melhor ignora-lo e tambem quem piora o brasil e a geracao antiga (adultos d hj) q votam em pessoas erradas, mas nos podemos consertar isso quando sermos adultos ou deixar q os outros paises pensarem q o brasil nw presta. (sao meus argumentos de gamer e sobre o q eu penso, quero q cada um q seja gamer respeite os argumentos dos outros, se nw gostou do argumento dos caras e so ignorar q ele nw enche o saco. obrigado pela compreencao) (obs o teclado aqui ta uma coisa q nw entendo, entao vai ter partes q nw vai ter acentos.

  13. i thought about playing this then i saw it was side scrolling and then without ever playing i knew this was a piece o crap hahah

    1. you retard you can’t judge a game because of its genre just like you can’t judge a book by its cover -_-’ you must be really dumb to not know that… :P

  14. Thoose BR’s be like jajajajjajajajaj real annoying and always begging. Server needs ip block brazil

    1. BR’s dont say JAJAJAJAJAJ , who said jajajajja is mexicans e,e’

      1. Oh yes they do, trust me. And there are much more lolbrs playing MMOs than mexicans. If anything, there are more argentinians, venezuelans, chileans. I’ve rarely seen mexicans.

  15. You foreign players are hilarious. If your living in Sweden of course your not feeling lag on a North Amercian server because your creating the lag and it’s giving you the advantage. Same with Brazilians which are the worse and ruin games for several North American players. You guys should never play on a North American server for all the lag your causing the people who the game was made for. NORTH AMERICANS!!!! What a joke… you fail.

    1. lol they dont cause the lag the lag is cause by how far you are from the server the closer you are the better the gameplay play and ping you will get so its not over causeing the lag it either mean you have a bad internet connection or you dont live close to the server…

  16. This game is great if you like 2d side scrolling game but there is issues that do get annoying is this game does come with the lag/ping but that due to where the server is but it`s does not affect the gameplay well maybe 1 or 2 classes lol.The gameplay is 10/10 music 10/10 its so relaxing. The community is great there no scammer so far since i have been playing. The only thing i have bad about this game is the leveling at 190+ there nothing but the same thing to train at they could add more place`s to train but overall hopefully they will put some more training place`s soon.
    9/10 game for me. 19x mae/rw/judge

  17. I personally love this game. I’ve always wanted to play a MapleStory-like game, but I hate the way MS looks. This is like the prettier, more fun version. So many friendly players too! :3

    1. they even call it “most friendly MMO game” or something like that :D

  18. go to alot more fun

  19. LaTale game is a free to play 2D side-scrolling fantasy graphics. It has presented unique play styles to all types of gamers. I personally like that game and still enjoy playing it.

  20. take too much to level up,when you reach lv 80+ its almost two days grinding to level up,and the game is boring and laged

  21. OGP has just moved the server to the East coast. What this means is many players with lag issues should see better performance now, so log back in and see if its for your fancy. I dropped from 200ms to 107ms. = )

  22. The Games Actually Really Great! Although If Your Not Patient With Leveling This Game Might Annoy You A Bit. Classes Are Decent, Quests Are Pretty Fun. Its Not Good If You Use Your Neighbors Connection Or If Your Signal Isnt That Strong Though , There Will Be A Delay. The One Flaw In This Game Is The Economical System. Heres A Trick Do Offers And Buy Gold Dart Of Luck And Just Sell It For 1.5-1.8 mill People Will Buy!

    1. Thanks Man. Thanks For Thee Trick Too But, How Much Is That Item?

  23. Grind like crazy. What a piece of garbage.

  24. latale is a unique game with a lot of stuff added in the game now plus they have a new season called season 2 on latale come check it out a lot of stuff has been changed in the game for easy lvl job change.

  25. Guys Come Check : Latale ( Season 2 Strom ) + New Maps + Lots Of Fashions ( Easy Grinding + A lot of events ) Come and Play For Fun

  26. i’ve played this game for about 2 years now and i can honestly say it was fun, but once you dig deep and invest a lot in one character, you motivation lacks a bit when starting a new one. once you hit 180 or so the game becomes more of a grindfest everyday, if youre not friends with people in the game it may be harder for you. as well as money making in the game it does take a long time to make a fair amount of money if youre not a sufficient level to farm. i found myself spending actual money to be able to make purchases because 600mil for a set takes way too long to farm. this game was certainly fun in the beginning and i find myself going back to it here and there, but its only to shop around. for me this game earns a 5-6/10. could use way more work, more players, and better methods to level up

  27. dont play this game so many scammer and the gm is scamming also

  28. This game is a ginormous ripoff of maplestory!! Seriously just about everything in this game screams maplestory to me, and the release is after maplestory too.

  29. This is the best game ive played so far ive been playing for 1 month now ^_^

  30. The game just released on Steam, and with it the playerbase has grown, lots of newbies in the first town. Plus Summer events are coming up (expx5 items, costumes, perma pets) the best time to hop in would be now, through steam!

  31. Unresponsive controls, there’s like a 1 second delay on the jump.

    1. It must be your system that’s failing you or your internet connection that makes your ping go sky-high.

      It works perfectly with mine.
      I live in Sweden and got a 100 Megabit per second in and out via OpticalFiber.

      And my system ain’t that bad either.
      CPU: Intel I5-2500 @ 4.2GHz.
      GPU: Gigabyte Geforece GTX 560 Ti OC.
      MEM: 8GB, 1600Mhz, DDR3.

      So, i KNOW that it is nothing wrong with the game.

      1. this game looks nice

    2. New reviews need to be bumped to top, that said:

      Recently, Latale received a huge update and makeover. Right now things are a bit rough, but hey Ogp is a small company and things are getting fixed rather quickly. The skills have been reworked to make them combo and function more smoothly. The graphics have been improved, full screen is so nice now! No more pixelated animations, it is full hd (I think 1280 x whatever). Even the leveling has become more fluid. You can progress through the story with little to no grinding. If you wish to stay and max your char to level 200 it is possible with a fair amount of grinding, and if you want to become a god…you can play until oblivion and master any boss. Overall a great and unique game in the genera to check out.

      1. Actually,this game suxxxx.

    3. dont play this game,so many scammer and gm is also scammer, (GM)dogeful,teamou,iMechaLee,JnC, dracwing guild is the best scammer of this ganme, this game is all about scamming!!!

  32. this game sucked do not download it i got bored whith it in min


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