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Title: Lost Saga | Status: Open Beta
Genre: Fighting | Theme: Anime

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 800 MB
Publisher: OGPlanet
Developer: IO Entertainment

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Great Variety of Characters
Fast-Paced Gameplay
Different Game Modes

Lost Saga is a free fight-action MMO game that involves over 18 very different mercenaries with diverse skills, where they fight and defend in a map to determine the champion. Controls are really easy to pick up, but the way gamers act decides the subject of win and loss, so in order to be triumphant, skilled planning is necessary. Lostsaga is a tactical game in a sense, because whether players can fully utilize the combo capacities of different mercenaries or not is a crucial winning/losing issue, and timing must also be measured in order to make the most of the effect of strikes.

The four battle modes include Escapee, Hidden Crown, Power-Stone and Death match. In Escapee mode, players earn points by capturing all of the enemies or preventing them from resurrecting by dropping them out. In Hidden Crown mode, players can either grab the crown that is in the center of the map in the beginning, or they can make the king of the rival team to drop the crown by attacking. Points are earned when the crown is captured for a certain period of time. Power-Stone mode allows players to get points by keeping over three power-stones (four power-stones exist in a map), for a certain period of time or longer. Death match mode is just like an individual survival mode, where the players fight against others to determine the result. Explore different maps such as Space Station, Army training field, Cube-Blocks, and even Heaven Castle.

Lost Saga system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / 2000 / Vista
RAM: 512 MB of RAM | HDD: 900MB Free
CPU: P4 2.4 GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce4 Ti 4200 or ATI Radeon 9000
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53 Lost Saga Reviews

  1. a AWESOME game and i give it a 8/5 it is so much fun, it has updates every other week on thur. which is nice and keeps it intersting, and unlike other games all classes are balanced so it just depends on your style for which class is good for you

  2. This game deserves to be 5 star. It is the best MMO ive ever played. It requires the player to actually be good at controlling their hero. With 100+ heroes by the end of the game, its sure to be the most diverse MMO out there

  3. greatist game ive ever played you meet new people and sometimes enemys that turn to your rivals (if you want to add me on lost saga my names drexlander also lol :D ) i recommened this to guys who like fighting , fantasy, heroes , and for fun hope to see you there guys

  4. stupid game if u got slow connection all players gona call you lagger and the updates so lame

    1. lmao what a retard if you have a slow connection you shouldnt be playing any games nub lagger

      1. Swift: I don’t advocate a PVP syetsm where people can be all geared up and ready to go in a few minutes / hours, heh heh. I’ve just heard people mention it before, citing WAR as a good premise for doing it. If you just joined WAR and were able to load out your toon with everything awesome from the war room, jump into battle and help your realm, then having free trials / window shoppers do the same wouldn’t be so bad. That’s the only reason I mentioned it.I am very much for investing in your character because you WANT to. Right now in any MMO if you WANT to see the whole game you HAVE to raid. Doesn’t mean you WANT to raid, you HAVE to. That requires a time investment that many people don’t want to subscribe to. I think devs sometimes forget that a lot of people play these games for the story and the lore, not just the pew pew. Giving people access to do things on a smaller scale, yielding the same results is important, but that’s a different topic ;) Can you really feel invested in your character in WoW if you haven’t raided everything? I say yes just because I know people who are so very happy to have killed the first boss in Naxx and nothing else. They’re happy just to have been in Naxx and seen it. People require different things from each game and trying to pinpoint that is tough. That’s why offering a combination of subscription and MT is the smart thing to do simply because some people will see benefit in clearing a low end dungeon in their 30s as an accomplishment a year into the game. Others will see their time wasted if they’re not max level a week into the game. The free trials are meant for someone to learn if the game is for them or not, not to grief or cause havoc during the time.

    2. necroing yes. But all I have to say to bryan is. If balance for PvP is your only ocrcenn, then tehre will NEVER be balanced. When I say there is 2-3 uber builds Per class, that is not a positive. That means You either build this way from the start, or lose It is infact WORSE then having 2-4 uber builds because it is easier to screw up by the billions of pieces of bad advice, instead of just looking at the consistent top builds.And sorry, What happened in WoW at the time of the Shamans Release? The Shaman and Paladin each had one build that owned EVERYTHING except eachother (The Paladin owned the shaman) the game is a constant fight for nerf and buff trying to balance them.You need to face fact. If you have a game that uses the same sttas for PvP and PvE, the game will NEVER be balanced. Why is it people cry balance? But then want class systems, etc. ? Even if you gave EVERYONE in call of duty for example a Dinky Pistol as their ONLY gun in ANY mode There would then be a dominating tactic.Stat balancing is not a sign of weak design, but of overly clever (See: Sad/Lonely) players learning to twist, abuse, stack, and outright turn a system into their puppet.You can NEVER truly balance a game. The only way you can try is get rid of class games ALL TOGETHER and make the game 100% skill based. StarWars Galaxies had the right idea before they screwed up with the wookie expansion. You can stack stats all you want, but if I am a better player then you, then my badly stated level 20 will still own your level 40 Min/Max character since I am much better at the fighting part of a fight.Making a game pure stats means there will ALWAYS be a stat that dominates, or a tsta that can be stacked to ungodly levels. But unlike WoW, at least champions lets me look awesome while failing, whereas in WoW, that game you worship, I have to look like an IDIOT and fail if I dont minmax from the start.

      1. that, and relying on the auto camnomd isn’t always good. sometimes the game will heal one character over another character, which isn’t always good when your tank is almost dead and you’re stuck healing your camnomdo because of the auto camnomd..

    3. awwwww someones sad this connection suck balls, well get a better connection u poor lunatic

  5. ???????????????????????????????????, what you said was such CRAP. Lost Saga is a very fun game, and just because you were ridiculed by a few people and called a “lagger” doesn’t make the game stupid. I don’t have a problem with the updates. Guys, If you haven’t tried the game I suggest you do.

  6. taianto i like this game too but the updates are very slow and i played this 4 months its getting boring playing same heros its fun for a newb and there`s some players that lag bad that u cant hit them and i dont lag that bad i got slow connection cause i dont live in N.A. players call me LAGGER cause i beat them they think they dont lag its annoying and some god mode players think their pro and gona laugh and insult you if you play this game a month your gona get bored

  7. ???????????????????????????????????, could you use dots, etc.? It is very hard to read your texts. And we all have our own opinions, you don’t have to start a fight about it, everyone. You have a slow computer? So be it. People with slow computers can’t play every game without “lagging”, as you may call it about slow comps. You can always get a new comp, or not play games, wich need faster computers.

    Sorreh, I may sound [not exactly "sound", when it comes to writing, but..] like “Ms. Polite” here, but this is was I think.

  8. is this game playable outside north america?

    1. it is if you sigh up for ogplanet u can choose youre region:North America-Europe-Deutschland

  9. this game in my opinion is revolutionary for the fighting mmo
    great cast of characters phenomenal gameplay it gets everything right in its own unique and polished way

  10. does this have gamepad support?

    1. yes, but I personally dont sugest it. THIS RESPONSE IS NOT LATE!

  11. This is the best game what i ever played… really!!

    1. How can i ask how do u get the (enter the characters as they appear) i keep doing it and it is spelled properly but some letters are in bold and there is no button that turns it to bold? Please help me!!?

    2. saya mau heroes permanent

      1. and done though, I think you’re still right. The game still has to be deigensd from the outset for these varying types of specific target audiences. Yet I’m still interested if you think this is a good approach or potentially bad one, in mixing different target audiences within one game.

  12. by faisal akbar andrie bandng

  13. gua mau heroes per manen nick nama gua shopbanker
    gua mau heroes Grim Reaper
    gua cuma mnta satu ajja gx lebih kok
    saya setiap hari maen LostSaga jadi saya hanya mnta Grim Reaper aja yg Permanen

  14. I loved this game before they IP Blocked asians.Can anybody explain why do they use IP Block?Isn’t it good to have many players in the game?

  15. What’s your name? Add me ID —-> DuckonQuack

  16. Very fun game, is strategy and you don´t need to spend money to be a good player, just practice and have fun. =D
    The game isn´t a MMORPG, is a FIGHTMMO, very good game. Just don´t download when you are playing, because… rebember, this is a FIGHTMMO, you will got lagged with the “downloading”.
    This game isn´t a lag game, i´m from México and i have full ping in the Lost Saga server. (My internet is 2mb speed and i have the bar ping full =D)


    1. I absolutely love this game, it’s so beutiaful and poetic! Much different from all the other games. The music, graphics and story all wonderful! I have just reached chapter And she was running away’ and trying to keep my nerves on balance and timing correct to save my girlfriend! I am determined to see this touching ending Anyway I would love to see more from you, amazing

    2. Course but its because u are near the sever so u get good connection im GUESSING…

  17. This is an awesome game, the weekly updates and new heroes every month just gives you something to look fordward to as you battle along side your friends (and even enemies at some points) to work together and fight. It could be like MapleStory where unless you are a certain level going somewhere is just depressing and irritateing since you die withing 5 minutes.Excellent game and the Graphics are as equal excellence,almost exactly like the art.

  18. gang uma sari jalan batu bulan / Bendul

  19. gmana cranya biar bsa cheat LS sih kalo tau ksih tau y sya

  20. Generally, LS is a good game. Well, generally at least. You may see many complaint here and there but just in case you didn’t notice, MOST OF THE PROBLEM IS NOT ABOUT THE GAME ITSELF BUT THE PLAYERS!

    1. Some people are complaining that the game is unbalanced (Yeah, I’m talking about you Natasha). What so-called unbalanced? you have weak-looking heroes (character)? Its not your heroes that was weak but its you. Its the matter of skills man. This game is more than 90% skill based, if you don’t have skill, train. Don’t want to train? just get off and eat some ice cream you nuts. There is no such thing “Hero A” owned “Hero B”, it just the matter how skillful you played, don’t blame a damn crap at them!

    2. If your connection is low and you’re lagging, DON’T BLAME THE GAME! Use some brain you nut head!

    3. This is what irritate me the most. YOU GODDAMN INSULTER! *cough* excuse me. When you play this game you may meet some bad-mannered players who keep on insulting no matter what you do. If you win normally without anything special, for some reason, people are calling you noob (Yeah, those guys are just jealous because they loose and you win) and if you loose (intently or not) people will still calling you noob (Yub, those kind of people are cocky and arrogant and always overreacted when they achieve something and love to brag).

    There is no end of insult in this game. Not only by your enemy, but your allies too. Here an example, you killed a lot of enemies and your allies killed none. They will get mad are you and start insulting in many ways.

    Not just insult, some lazy people doing underhanded method to win a battle. One of the way is using VK (or vote kick) and forcefully kick a skillful or high leveled enemy out of the game so they can win. Here another example on what lazy people are doing, USING CHEAT. Yeah, they are very lazy and cocky and no one like to be their enemy. Those kind of people who using cheat are mostly desperate people who for some reason can’t win with normal way and searching for a short cut. (People who do this the most are Indonesian, and there is an example above by M.ZeinAkbar, “gmana cranya biar bsa cheat LS sih kalo tau ksih tau y sya” = “How can I learn how to cheat LS, please tell me”)


    reza, “gua mau heroes per manen nick nama gua shopbanker
    gua mau heroes Grim Reaper
    gua cuma mnta satu ajja gx lebih kok
    saya setiap hari maen LostSaga jadi saya hanya mnta Grim Reaper aja yg Permanen

    Meaning, “I want heroes permanent, my nickname is shopbanker. I want heroes Grim Reaper. I just want one, not more. Everyday I play LostSaga so I only want Grim Reaper that Permanent. Thanks”

    and isalkasep12, “saya mau heroes permanent” = “I want permanent Heroes”

    Gahhh! you irritate me! You irritate me!!! If you want permanent heroes that much, just buy one! Huh? don’t have money? Then forget about it and play normally!

    1. If you don’t have an account, your ctecarhar cannot be saved because the game has no way of linking you to your ctecarhar. While I agree that when I see a sign-up form I am more likely to leave without trying the game, this doesn’t apply to MMORPGs for me. My excitement to finally play LotRO easily overcame any reservations I had. If I am on a free-to-play MMORPG’s website, it’s likely because I want to play the game. Signing up is not a problem at all.This is different for flash games however. If I am playing a flash game, it’s because I want a quick and simple game to fill some boredom time. A signup form is likely to make me leave the game in search of something else, as is a flash game jam-packed full of features.

  21. The freak!! Ragna the bloodedge, Jin kisaragi and Hazam!?!?!?!? there in this game!?!?!?! wow!! O.O

  22. I personally found this game not that great. Yes it was fun I can give you that, however once you get to the higher levels it becomes much more harder. I do say though that the game is mainly P2W. Yes you can beat someone who pays but most likely they can beat you. Lag is another issue, and don’t always blame the players because I’ve personally seen servers lag so much that everyone was lagging.
    More is that all the heros are good (hell I used to use robin who was considered bad and still did pretty well) but there are some unbalancing issues. Not a lot I can say but just some.
    Overall I think the game is good but downside is its P2W. If you want to play with friends go for it.
    I would rate this game a 3.5/5

  23. I agree with bluemew16, the is fun at times but it gets annoying as heck when you have people beating you all the time because they spend there money getting all the premium stuff. Some people are like me, can’t get a job or parents dont want to “waste” money on some pointless game. I hate that I always have to lose to people “astro addicts” and buy all the good heroes and i can’t. Yes there are free astros for doing offers/surveys, but I never get credited for them. Anyways, this game is really fun but I just wish they could take out the premium junk and astros crap, and let everyone be even and on the same playing field. (And yes, I am experienced at this game; 1LT and been palying for almost 2 years) :D

  24. Fun game. Yes, there will be lag if the room is filled with 16 people, however it won’t lag with 8 people. High leveled people can’t join lower leveled people’s room unless they are invited in, so that means no high lvl stomping low lvls. There are many types of game types, but some are rarely played. This game gets updated every 2 weeks, which is cool. There’s a plaza to hangout, fight random people, build stuff with blocks, and to go afk fishing for money or searching for relics if you ever get bored.

    This game is also split up into 2 factions, Order and Legion. Each season, the winning side gets money. You can go to faction battle or ladder mode (1 vs 1 mode, Order vs Legion) to earn points for your side. Guilds are also ranked at how many points they earn for their faction.

    The only problems i have with this game is that there’s too many “farming” rooms, which annoys the crap out of me and the amount of ragers in this game. Also there’s hardly any tdm room that’s not full so I just wait in the plaza until I find one.

  25. IP BLOCKED! racist…

  26. Why ip blocked??!! I want to play too T.T


  28. Okay, I’ll tell you why your blocked maybe you can’t see it on your end if you played the game before and if you haven’t this is why. Players from overseas will lag and will be able to hit people but when you hit them you will miss. It’s like overseas players become invincible. And you don’t belong in a north american game if your not from north america. It’s rude and inconsiderate to place an ounce of your lag on us. The game is for us… not you.

  29. saya ingin main lost saga

  30. This game is closing on Feb. 15th 2013. Don’t believe it? look into the website http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com/en/intro.og

  31. seharusnya semua games olnalen asu

  32. The game is coming back with a publisher in april. Hopefully they are better than ogplanet.

  33. im so glad, i saw that they had to stop and im like ” o god, not Lost saga!” cause i played over the summer and it was amazing, but i had to stop cause of school and stuff. Anyway i’m so glad its not stopping.

  34. Yes the game is back and better than ever! There is this new mode called champion mode which is basically like Street Fighter and you can only use one hero. there are a few new heroes like King Arthur and Zhao Yun but some of the heroes before haven’t been transferred yet. A lot of heroes have gotten new moves such as the Berserker’s accursed jump smash attack and each elemental mage has a jump attack. There many modes I the game like Deathmatch which is a free-for-all and TONS of combos u can pull off . You can even mix and match armor for pulling off combos that couldn’t be done with the normal hero’s armor. be careful because some heroes can spam you and take away half your health so you’re gonna have to notice different patterns that heroes have and counter them. Maps and other things are still being brought back. I love the game, I play it almost every day! Download this Game.

  35. is it pay to win?

  36. This is bast game ever made! Maybe on this movie it dont looks rly good but trust me, this is aweseom!. To play this you need 100% skill. You are able to link items with skills and create your own unique combos, including different heroes. Skillas are not, half-perm and permament, which means you can counter/block skill of your enemy. I love it! Beside this balance system is great, if there is 4v2 those 2 guys have (buff) more hp, dmg etc until some will join, so problems with leavers do not exist. I am a graphic designer so for me one of the best advantage in this game it that you are able to redesign all epic items. All you need to do is get Gear Designer, download template and edit it in graphic program. I’ve never seen advantage like this in any other game so this is a HUGE +. I have no f…ing idea why OGPlanet removed this game. So for a now there is no EU server what is rrrrrrryyyyllllllll sad :/

    OGPlanet is worst game publisher now, their games are so damn weak :/ Removing ls was a huge step back.

    Can you guys from mmobomb do something to raise LostSaga EU server? Maybe one of many publisher could carry this game? I rly want to play ls again.

  37. I know this game is so amazing but this crazy planet removed it I think this is because they want to release gundog fps wich is not as lost saga in greatness so I think they should put it again

  38. This gundog is worst game of a kind ever. I miss LS so much :( and gear designing…

  39. Aku Ingin Dapat Hero Permanen

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