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Title: Need For Speed World
Status: Final
Genre: Racing | Theme: Real Life
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 4 GB
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts

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What’s explosive about it:
Licensed Cars
Customization Options
Great Visuals

Need for Speed World is a free MMO game based on the worldwide famous franchise from Electronic Arts. It’s a completely free-to-play game, with the initial restrictions lifted, so that any player is able to enjoy the game and level up with the fastest racing cars all the way up to level 50. You don’t have to pay anything to download and play the game, it’s up to you to decide what to pay, when to pay, and most importantly, if you really want to pay. You can spend real money on new cars and customize your rides but there’s nothing forcing you to do it.

Connect with your friends and race against them and other players. Watch as you climb the rankings and race the most fantastic cars, selected from a large list. Customize your cars with a diverse combination of paints and other upgrades.

Need For Speed World system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
RAM: 2GB RAM | HDD: 4 GB Free
CPU: 2.0 GHz Core2Duo or AMD X2 4000+ at 2.1Ghz+
Graphics Card: 512 MB DirectX 9.0 Compatible Card
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82 Need For Speed World Reviews

  1. Oh! My! God! This game is adrenaline rushing awesome! The pursuits on the game are the best the ammount of cops they send after you is hilarious more you tag/disable more road blocks/spike strips u dodge and more damage to the city gives you more and more experience and money IF you evade them.

    This is definitely a must, EA Games did an awesome job on this game!

    1. lol i agree i got chased by olmost 30 cops and avoided all road spikes and when i escaped (wich was 3 hours XD) i lvled up 2 timesso yea i agree with you alot

      1. 3 hours tahts a long time for a pursuit what heat lvl did u get to

      2. 3hr lol record is 71 min held by me fool.

        1. is that game on xbox coz if it is im getting that straight

    2. yaaaaaaaaaaa…………niceeeeeeeeee :) )

  2. ok THIS GAME IS GREAT. the graphics are amazing the world u drive in is big and the Speedboost thing u dont even need it all u neeed to do is get into Pursuits and do Team escape and ur set

    1. Hi, can it be played with game console controllers ? (joystick)

      1. it says a xbox controller can be used but like the game itself thats broken too

      2. Yes it can, just get XPadder and map your keys on it. It might be a little tricky at the beginning but you will love it :)

      3. Yea i am pretty sure u could even use a ps3 controller if u got 1. But if u do use one ur gonna need MotioninJoy Gamepad…

      4. Just plug in and play. It works with my Logitech F310 without x360ce and xpaddler.

  3. Yea well it says Error Report every time its loading i cant play it!!

  4. this game IS great…

    …but does the speed of the game and the graphics of the game depend on which one you download (normal / maximum)?

  5. my name is Twaha

  6. this game is a joke, its F2P is more like pay 2 win. all top cars can only be had using “speedboost”
    the game is full of hackers (not only race hackers also chat hackers). the cars have useless stats e.g
    when a Nissan Siliva silvia can out race 98% of all cars in game including RX-7,Evo, Porsche ect…
    something is out of wack. the only thing thats fun about the game is pursuits
    long story short its EA’s new way of taking your money
    Heat online is more realistic, more fun and doesnt try to persuade you out of you $$

    1. Heat is sht compared to this more cars can be bought with in game cars now u sht

    2. Nissan Siliva is a very easy to use car and really good handling while the other cars are really fast but hard to handle the turns and not all top cars are bought using boost also the statistics are not useless it actually judges how fast you car goes true that most cars are in demand of boost but the actual game play is fluent and very fun and gives you adrenaline rush.

  7. unless your willing to shell out cash and lots of it, dont play this game

  8. its a decent game coz there arent alot online racing games

  9. This game is stunning. It has wonderful graphics and smooth gameplay. EA have done yet another great game for all of us to enjoy and I hope some of you guys out there would learn to appreciate the game. EA have gone to work with this and I don’t think it is a wild attempt to gain money quick as according to some of you freaks out there. Enjoy! Don’t forget to check for updates!

    1. I’m Lovin’ it! guess you like spending $25 for a car yea 1 car! i do agree the gfx are great but its buggy,laggy,full of hackers, the community is trash,over priced,devs care about nothing but money.even the forum is bugged.
      patch after patch they drop in a new boost (RL cash) that smokes the last one instead of fixing bugs. so yea if you like paying to win at a broken game go for it.
      read the forum b4 playing the game people. heres a good place to start

      1. game isnt broken never was

  10. Just hit max lvl 50 been playing since closed beta. I have not spent a dime on speedboost. I mostly play the team escapes. I hardly ever lose a race in my RX-7 mostly pro parts and like i said ive never bought speedboost so it is possible. The most important thing is your level and knowin the tracks you race on, if you can get those 2 things then blowing the newbs that spend cash on speedboost outta the water is no problem. Im not a big EA fan cause they ruin every game they touch but it seems they have worked hard to keep the hackers in check. Look me up in game toon named Muggz id be happy to show ya round.

  11. does it really just work with the xbox 360 controller ? i have Logitech RumblePad 2 , if thats not working i wont download it , if someone could answer would be gr8 cause i hate keyboard controls.

  12. my computa iz slow and i hope i get 1 of my own 2 download any game i want insted of calling my dad for his password that wood b gr8!!!!

  13. my computa iz slow and i hope i get 1 of my own!!!

  14. my coputa iz slow tha mater of fact it will b gr8 2 get 1 of my own

  15. game looks great and i downloaded it butit aint been workin all day W.T.F?

  16. great game especialyl with the new Team Escape mode. so much fun!

  17. its kind of pay to win but the main idea (without paying ) is awesome

  18. i downloaded it and it take so long………….W.T.F!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this game has no loading after all…….

  19. Spent £15 on an early access beta a few years back, came back about a month ago. Here’s a rundown:

    1: EA
    2: Black Box (the makers of Undercover and The Run, coincidentally the two worst NFS games ever made)
    3: Koeniggsegg CCXR
    4: Crap Matchmaking (Audi R8 VS Toyota AE86, lol)
    5: More pay2win than Drift City
    6: Having to spend £70+ to even have a chance of not finishing in last, when you could buy two superior games (Forza 4 and GT5) for that price

    1. u suck then , ive been playing for quite sometime without paying anything and im winning majority of my races

      1. i g2 agree with redman i haven’t spent a dime on this game and the game is easy yea the cash cars are a pain but other than that the game is easy

  20. game is amazing. updates come out with cars that can be bought with in game cash that u couldnt before. they sometimes give out speedboost for free. non speedboost cars sht on speedboost cars. best nfs ever and this is how nfs needs to be instead of the shift games and the run. this game is underground 2 mixed with the king of nfs most wanted(2005),

  21. This game has no offline/manual patch,… you have to wait 800mb to download patch first !

  22. How do i get an account. he says invalid login when I’m making one

  23. Pros: Looks great, plays fast and smooth on even entry-level graphics cards at max detail and 1080p. Decent sense of speed, sound effects, and customization.

    Cons: Global server from what I can tell, since there are foreign languages all over chat. This would explain what looks like wall-riding (when opponents visibly ride the walls and not lose speed) or ghost-collisions (when an opponent rams you and doesn’t lose speed but you stop dead) due to latency issues. It is possible some of this is actual hacking, but hard to tell them apart. There are outright better-per-tier cars you can only get by paying real money, which qualifies as pay2win. Performance parts are earned at pure random, most of which likely won’t even be for one of your cars, and you wind up selling them for the pittance they are worth. Needs an auction-house for parts, powerups, and possibly cars if they haven’t added one yet. The powerups are absurd skill-breakers in most ways, defying any amount of player skill by throwing nearly unavoidable hazards at leaders. Makes skilled drivers feel cheated out of wins if they don’t buy the counter powerup. PvE races are a joke, you get the same rewards and half the XP as if placing 4th in PvP races, all while fighting NPC drivers spamming the best powerups.

    Overall: It’s a cheap thrill that’s worth trying for a few days. Once you are about to hit Tier 2, you’ll either be investing real money in the long-term experience, or dropping it like a bad habit, or just raging at all the pay2win players spamming you with powerups. In the end, it’s more an expanded demo of an MMO-NFS game that has no single-player content – which was why I played the NFS games – that you will have to buy/subscribe for eventually for the full experience, or suffer the limitations. I would sooner get Blur or Ridge Racer Unbounded if I was going to pay for a game like this.

  24. aw i cant play the game cuz my browser is soooo stupid i didnt get a 1 message anytime
    i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it!

    1. why you cant play ??????????

  25. same here mike T_T

  26. Anyway. The trailer is awsome i wish i was in teh game :****(

  27. This game is getting boring about in a few months. I recommend Heat Online

    1. NO. >:( recommed Heat Online with windows 7!! >_<

  28. AWSOME! i love multiplayer games

  29. why I can not play this game? :E

  30. BEST MULTIPLAYER RACING GAME! good graphics,gameplay,all

  31. mike same thing happend to me but when i moved in another town i created one again and they accepted it i used the same e mail and same password wonder why

  32. this game its pay to win

    1. The game isn’t pay to win, not unless S class is the only one you care about. There are plenty of great IGC cars that work good in D, C, B and A class. As long as you don’t hit every wall you see at every corner and avoid hitting every tree/pole/etc you come across than you should do fine.

      I’m an IGC player and win 9 out of 10 of my races. Learn to drive better noob.

      1. yes there are a lot of awesome cars in the lower classes. but that doesn’t mean they’re not expensive. last i checked, which was months ago so give me slack, a chevelle camino was a million igc. and that was the base model, not the super special edition nitro ++ juggernaut bull. plus if you want to get a pre-custom model like that, you can only get it with speed boost. its a game by EA, what makes you think it won’t be pay to win? i don’t care how good you are, you will run out of cars that you can get with igc and have to pay for the rest out of paypal pocket.

      2. You win 9 out of 10 races my ASS! Probably more like 2 out of 10. This game IS SO Pay too win its not funny. OR it hack to win. No its pay or hack to win yes that’s it. Its not the cars you need to buy its the power-ups and insurance. Without a mass amount of power-ups you will lose. And to get a mass amount of power ups you need to pay real money. You also NEED the insurance or you will NOT make in-game money because all you do is pay for your cars repairs. That’s allot of money. Now most get around this simply by hacking to win. For as far as I know 70% of the players hack.

        See it IS pay to win or hack to win. No fair game-play included.

  33. This pay to win game is full of hackers and exploiters, it’s not even funny. You’re meant to find a hacker in 7/10 races. There’s no point in playing for both hackers and non hackers….apparently there’s no dev support whatsoever.

  34. Great game but grinding..

  35. Ohhh that grinding sucks

  36. I cant download this game ==”… After a I click the Download The Game firefox the tab says Connecting foreva, i also tried clicking click here if in 15 secs it doesnt download but no

  37. NFS: Most Wanted > This crap.

    1. And by Most Wanted, I mean the original game that was released in 2005.

      1. bloody hell, i honestly prefer undercover over this. no obligation to buy anything my ass, it takes forever to get enough cash to do anything. plus most of the cool stuff requires you to use speed boost. its a pay to win, and i hate games like that.

  38. is the car from the cash shop permanent or temp??

  39. si buena jugabilidad y sensacion de velocidad, pero es practicamente un nfs most wanted pero con mejores graficos, apesta a hackers, tiene limitadas las pistas en las que jugar, los modos y lleva asi desde que salio o peor, lo unico que meten son coches y para que luego te gane un hacker con una mierda cohe, odio este juego por lo descuidado que lo tienen y a los que les guste jugar a 4 pistas contadas y con hackers es que son idiotas, ojala se vaya a la mierda el juego.Ademas tardaron 3 años en meter un modo mas, aceleracion, trabajan menos que los politicos españoles.

  40. This game is a total garbage. This game is Pay 2 Win and there were too many hackers in this game. Already spent more than 500 USD in this game past 2 years, but I don’t think it’s worth spending anymore, since there too many hackers. Also I feel this game lacks competitiveness when racing against clean players since I bought a McLaren F1 Elite which is way too overpowered. If possible, I would give 0/5 stars.

    1. I totally agree with you; I found a lot of hackers on this game and the DLCs cost a fortune.

      I will never go back to NFS:W.

      1. Hacking this game is as easy as walking…

  41. hoe to earn money

  42. ive played this game for awile with frinds and it has awful out of sync problems and game play gliches like theres no tomorow its fun for awile but it dosent take long for the gliches 2 piss u off

  43. Nfs world has nearly every track off
    Every need for speed game and
    forza ‘s

  44. The game isn’t bad there are only a few faults with it. Some of the problems are the Matchmaking and Car Selection. With Matchmaking you can get paired up with just about any level player with any level car. I have played a lot of higher level players in better cars and was able to beat or at least keep up with them in my Silvia but some races were just impossible. They could change Matchmaking to pair you with other cars of you class. The second issue I have is the Car Selection, if you don’t spend real money you are really limited on what cars you can buy. This really isn’t that bad I guess if you stick with one car like I did (Silvia) but I really wanted a Supra I couldn’t buy with in game currency. Other than these two issues the game plays like any NFS game. I would recommend this racing game over the others I played like DriftCity and Heat Online because even though DriftCity was funner and Heat was more real feeling the graphics and game play is more familiar to any NFS game.

  45. loading nya lola

  46. Oh! My! God! This game is adrenaline rushing awesome! The pursuits on the game are the best the
    ammount of cops they send after you is hilarious more you tag/disable more road blocks/spike strips u dodge and more damage to the city gives you more and more experience and money IF you evade them.

    This is definitely a must, EA Games did an awesome job on this game!

  47. BIGGEST hacker game ever. They don’t do anything to get arid of the hackers. Played for a about a year and all the same hackers are still hacking the game. Free boost hacks, instant finish hacks, speed hacks, free in-game money hacks, ram hacks there are so many its not worth even 1mb of downloading. You want achievements well too bad because that’s the main hangout of the hackers. There are everywhere else too but mainly those class races for the class achievements are main hangout. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!!!

  48. suck game. and pay to win

  49. good game, but pay to win.

    ea cashow

  50. Stunning! Amazing! AWESOME! But you can’t get far without paying real money. Or spending 1 year trying to get 1 car w/o using real cash. Everything else is by far the best MMOR game I have ever played. And I think of my self as a High-expert game reviewer.

  51. this game have potencial but, when im see ea games, all free games from ea pay to win

  52. please help mee to the download need for speed world

  53. Complete P2W. Don’t even bother.

  54. It is a fun game at first, however the world is very small, there is next to no end game content, much of the game is you replaying the same missions hundreds of time to get to level 50, and there are a lot of cars that can only be bought with boost, the driving was great and it worked well on low end computers, but the game really doesn’t have much to it except the same rinse and repeat racing, loaded down with many a hacker as others have said, i’d recommend playing very casually, if at all really.

  55. Why is everyone saying pay to win? and it doesnt take very long to buy a new car without real money… i been on the game 1 and a half weeks and i have bought a golf GTI, Lexus LFA, Chevy stingray AND a chevy corvette….. 2 of them costing 1.8/2 mil… only real problem is hackers.

  56. I play this game for 5 year’s, now all kit are only shop (pagah!!) if you shop you can buy the most fast car in game, the game is full of cheater and admin dont ban him, this game close in 1 year.

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