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Title: Requiem Memento Mori
Status: Final
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 4 GB
Publisher: Gravity Interactive
Developer: Gravity Interactive
User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (40 votes, average: 4.45 / 5)
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What’s explosive about it:
Original Mature Theme
Huge PvP Battles
Great Graphics

Requiem: Memento Mori is a free massively multiplayer online game for mature audiences that will immerse you into a gloomy world of slaughter devastated by generations of science and magic exploitation. The player fights against the gruesome monsters that roam the cursed land, and group with your allies to endure against the stronger, bloodthirsty creatures that only lurk at night-time. Use a vast selection of weapons and the mystifying powers of Beast Possession to beat your enemies and annihilate evil. Requiem Online offers a refreshingly new take to the MMORPG genre with its bleak, dark atmosphere and edgy, blood splattering action.

Even the most skilled players will flinch when darkness falls in the world of Requiem. The murderous Nightmare Monsters that appear at night will devastate the strongest parties if they are not effectively prepared for battle. Players can upgrade, customize, or craft new items to suit their combat styles and battle skills with quite a few different item improvement systems.

Set free the unbelievable power of the beast within by morphing into an enormous, fierce creature. Level-up your Possession Beasts to provide your monstrous transformations with a diversity of lethal skills and abilities to make the most of your destructive potential.

Requiem: Memento Mori system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / 2000 / Vista
RAM: 512 MB of RAM | HDD: 5 GB Free
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or equivalent
Graphics Card: Geforce FX 5600 or equivalent 128MB Card
Featured Video
Requiem Bloodymare gameplay trailer
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22 Reviews

  1. Best game ever made,but im kinda disappointed in gravity because they are lazy and have made potentiobaly best game ever.

  2. its ok….but lack of customization and skills gets kinda boreing if u plan to use 1 character

  3. This could have been a great game but the problems that have persisted in it have gone on far too long. The company for the game just shrugs at the people who complain about the genuine problems with this game (for however many years now, you STILL can be miles away from a mob and get smacked repeatedly, sometimes this can also cause lag and suddenly you’re dead) and therefor ruined the game themselves.

    The effects are very fun, the gore level is a big plus I’d imagine and it is still the only Horror MMO I know of. It’s fun to play for awhile but it’s not a game I would take seriously to be perfectly honest.

    1. this issue was resolved ages ago.. but we cannot remove this comment ayt? thus repelling other players to try out the game.
      TBH.. This is the case for most of the games reviews.. sigh

      1. yes this is true, but those players / gamers that immediately jumps to conclusion without playing the game is just stupid.
        Why would you let someone dictate anything to you.. but then again.. everyone is entitled to their opinion

  4. this games was kick-ass…but no more updates lately :( and thats sad…. that blood and monsters flying around in pices, mobs with (-)(-) xD…you know what i mean..

    1. this game is still getting great updates and is still good. So what are you talking about Negrutzu?

      1. I did visit the requiem boards and I have observed a swarm of new players from NOVA (the new server — Facebook)

  5. the game atm didnt get a real update in 2 years they just recoloring armors/weps ,recicle maps , and 90 % of pvp is MALL oriented to if u dont wana invest lots of money this game its not for u not to tell that the GM made petitioning about new content on forums banable so il let all of u guys think where this game is going

    whas and is a great game 2 bad it ended with Gravity a very greedy company that wana just profit whithout giving something in return

  6. its classic pay 2 win game

    1. what game isn’t nowadays? Games run because of money.. so please.. you buy console games ayt? it’s the same idea mate..unless you’re a leacher

  7. Rumors has it that this game have an FB version?

    1. yeah. the FB version is filled with new players.. I was able to get over my addiction on this game since 2010. Now it’s more accessible.. I hate this..

      I might play this again -_-

      1. I would be a bit concerned about playing this game through the browser considering it has Gamebryo engine issues. Basically, all Gamebryo games run like shit. Here is a quick list so you can understand what I mean. Oblivion, Fallout 3, Warhammer Online, and Dark Age of Camelot. These games run on gamebryo, some with havok physics like Requiem Online. Now the problem is these games tend to consume more resources then necessary.

        1. I don’t think we’re on the same page, mate. Requiem, is powered by Kalydo.. which is a totally different product..
          resources is not really an issue for me..unless I have a crappy PC ayt?

        2. I am not sure if they are using Gamebryo, but since the game is supported by Kalydo, the features and overall performance could be different. I am not that tech savvy but in my opinion since it is a different product, there could be difference in performance. Like apples and oranges. both are fruits but the — oh wait.. the other one is a color .__.

  8. tried the fb app. sorta runs like the client. not bad gravity

  9. I play requiem and they’re having LOTS of issues with DCs, and lags. At certain times they’ll kick you off the game for a few minutes to a half hour so they can do maintence work on it. I’ve been trying to get a download for my 32bit windows 7, but don’t think they’ve created specific programs for specific kinds of computers yet. There IS a Facebook version. It’s how I found the game that DOESN’T require having other people to help you get things or lvl up.

    My ScreenName is Tiana. I am a lvl 43 Xenoa Hunter.

  10. i love requiem but i have to say is full ca$h , real money to talk real money to reinroçe ur weapon/armor real money for everything …it sucks if you dont want spend real money u will be sad like me =(

  11. i think the maintenance of the game was still enable, and the server was sophisticated in technical, but much players common issues is the DC’s in the server, i notice that the game has no upgrade or there’s nothing new stuff about the game, but don’t rely on that , must focus on the technical issues which probably the cause of inconsistency

  12. This game, are so lite, I mean lightweight, but so fast and enjoy to play this game. Fast internet is require to play this, because this is the cloud base online game. I think low end type of computer can play this, but it’s not necessary.

  13. the game has gotten a lot better more updates an a lot better at stuff then it use to be im playing it now an its amazing fixed all problems but don’t take my word for it try it yourself an see


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