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Title: Sacred Seasons
Status: Final
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Emerald City Games
Developer: Emerald City Games
User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (24 votes, average: 3.96 / 5)
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What’s explosive about it:
Dozens of Classes
Lots of Quests
Clever Minigames

Sacred Seasons 2 is a free-to-play 2D MMORPG that can be played in your browser with no download. It has over a million registered players since it launched early 2010. It features over 90 classes and countless ways of playing. A familiar combat system includes skills, statuses, bonuses and more. Easy to pick up and with lots of depth to master.

Manage your own house and farm, crafting weapons, raising pets, cooking and more. Show off your trusty sidekick in battle – there are hundreds of different types of pets you can collect and use in combat.

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12 Sacred Seasons 2 Reviews

  1. The game was good but the devs abandoned it, if you want to just grind mindlessly for many hours on end with no reward other than more grinding this game is perfect for you, otherwise, STAY AWAY!

    1. .. agreed.

  2. (This Applies to Sacred Seasons One)
    No good qualities of this game
    Poor Graphics
    Repetitive Game-play
    (almost) All equipment costs money-gear is expensive- CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION IS LIMITED
    No Updates
    Poor Quality

  3. I used to have a good character in Sacred Seasons 1. Played the second, now I sucked. I get stuck in random corners, get mauled by supposedly easy monsters, the weapons are expensive, can’t customize that much, got lost often, lagged a lot, can’t tell if an area is perfect for training, can’t delete quests, NPC chat problems, awards are not so rewarding, I have no idea how to get new skills, the map’s not helping me that much. That’s all :)

  4. @Mythfox Thank for the review, helped me alot

  5. I played sacred seasons 1 for a while, got to a high lvl, then got hacked, then got another high, then hacked again, so i quit, i dont recomend this game at all. biggest waste of time……

  6. All you hecklers shut up, say something progressive or dont say nothing at all. So much negativity gives me headaches.

    1. well if you want to waste time playing sucky games, fine by me.

    2. Game is progressively repetitive
      Game is progressively boring
      Game is progressively dead
      Game is progressively a waste of time

      Jeffrey is progressively failing to construct a informative opinion on gameplay.

      1. Bwahahaha Fondeh, funny sh!t. Describes the game perfectly. Jeff ya noob

  7. I’m a player I get bored running alone so come play ss2 with me lol

  8. this game is the badest game in the world and its just wastee of time stop playing it even the owner dont login in this game anymore


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