Sanctioned Renegades

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Title: Sanctioned Renegades
Status: Final
Genre: FPS | Theme: Shooter
Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Four31 Interactive
Developer: Four31 Interactive

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What’s explosive about it:
RPG-like unlock system with multiple guns, weapons and achievements
Team-based real-time multiplayer
3D graphics with destructible tropical worlds

Sanctioned Renegades is a free to play browser-based multiplayer online FPS (first-person shooter) game in development by Four31 Interactive.

Pushing the boundaries of browser-based shooter genre. Featuring destructible 3D levels, realistic weapons, RPG unlocks, and advanced 3D technology.

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73 Sanctioned Renegades Reviews

  1. This is nice for an online shooter, the graphics are very good, destructible environment, etc. But, playing on the same map multiple times can get a bit tedious. It is definitely not newbie friendly either. When you play the game, you have to slowly unlock better weapons. When you join a server, and there’s someone with a better weapon than what you have, you will have no chance.

    1. Is this the upgraded version because sanctioned renegades is never like this

      1. Than you are never like a bomb face

    2. A.V.A is better

        1. A.V.A. isn’t browser game

      1. That was a stupid comment dear sir, as A.V.A isn’t browser based. -facepalm-

      2. You and guy below me-The most idiot peoples?

  2. boring lots of better browser fps :p

    1. its okay but it is in a way kinda fun if u know all the big kill points. i just started myself and u do have to work so hard to make any progress in this game. is there a better fps. that i dont have to download and its free??

      1. Try uberstrike or quakelive.

        1. u should make a game like tf2

        2. i cant play uberstrike or quakelive.

          for some reson…

        3. What is your uberstrike name?

        4. Uberstrike is not so much fun ;…… i checked it

        5. Uberstrike…….it’s suck. I mean, it’s ok, for some reasons. but pay to keep your weapon? WTF man? And graphics, it’s fine, but models of character and guns are stupid. And aiming? I think they just upgrade aiming in game just because they have nothing to do. I sign up, i click play, and guess what? my first weapon, i aim the assault rifle, and the i think it’s the worst gun of all the games history can aim.
          Quake Live…’s cool, fun, very “Quake” , but just have few players. You can’t find a server have more than 5 players.

          1. Uberstrike sucks…… you have to pay to get permanent weapons and higher levels and stronger weapons gives you no chance to kill them, everything expires…..

      2. yess there is try red crucible sooo fun

      3. Try Rush Team, it is way better and this game sucks.

    2. tell me them cuz im looking for good ones

    1. this game is suck

  3. when was this made in what year?!

  4. quaklive is better this is lag, much like stellar marines/.

    1. @Brother Mike What are they gonna do with that shotgun? since their pdanrgarents bought one ? Bought one what? He can’t be talking about buying a brown skinned man. That’s not nice. Whose pdanrgarents would do that?[]

  5. wow this game like uberstrike but the gun is different…..:(

  6. wow se bon ;) ;);););););)

  7. wow se bon ;)

  8. dude i play this all the time and i love it but my computer can only play it on lowest qwultiy

  9. played it and it was AWESOME

    1. is it lagg?

      1. Its Lagging if your PC /Laptop doesnt have the graphic card

  10. dude this game rocks

  11. you cant get better than that for free

  12. I make my own shoot game 1000x beter than this!But this realy funny game!My game have beter game graphics than MW3!Hes name is: THE PIRATE MOB!

    1. Considering that you can’t even type properly, I doubt you made a game better than this.

  13. hEY I AM level 41 in uberstrike who want to battle 1on1

  14. just play uberstrike even tho its laggy

  15. i lagg so i like never die

  16. i am level 61 who likes to one on one on me :)

  17. can u make team fortress 2

  18. and y ta loading is slow

    1. cause of ur ugly face…… :|

  19. to have team fortress 2 download it on internet or in steam if you have steam it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool in steam very cool

  20. the game is really cool but it keeps on stop and glitching on my computer

  21. IT takes to slow to load

  22. BeGone is the best shooter browser game

  23. how to cheat?

  24. its take forever to load!!

  25. your conexion is bed

  26. It ok but not update long time
    requires alot of skill

  27. OffensiveCombat a good game

  28. its but kinda hard

    1. Just try very hard for an rpg to blow down walls to get flag, and to get sweet revenge. and when shot at juat run ziz-zag like a zebra does

  29. It takes 2+ clips to kill a guy with starter weapon, i am gunna get other weapons after a million years.

  30. i only wan’t to say: ddddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  31. Uberstrike never sucks Uberstrike is so cool :)

    1. it suck! at some time many weapons change from coins to credits :P : also the price for weapons get higher and higher it also bugs cuz i can’t move my gun and it goes haywire…really weird

    2. i mean :S; not :P :

    3. i mean the :( part lol

  32. uberstrike sucks, pay to win game, but this game here free but laggy

  33. i love this game..nice and humble people that gives all the info u need (loading is bad though)

  34. changed my mind the damn load is si LONG!!!!!!!!!! :( -_- >.< x_X o_O T_T

  35. type to the GOOGLE = RUSH TEAM <<<<best browser fps multiplayer gamer ever!!!!!

  36. play ubersrtike or red crucible

  37. Uberstrike never sucks now you can buy Permanent weapon for Coins

    and Besides, Sanctioned Renegades is a good game but it loads Slow..

  38. sanctioned renegades is a good game….dosent keep that long for me loading cus i always got companay….too bad i dnt have the best graphics yet….bh i hate it when i aim at a target nd waist my bullets at that same point nd suddenly my target appears at another point then finally kills me….that pisses me alot lol bh it neva took me that long to have all the weapons unlocked so….i guess im a good shooter even with weapons that suck ;D

  39. finally got the graphics bh the trees keep distracting me lol…shiit im better off without the graphics

  40. Je ne sais pas vous mais moi je n’aime pas trop me faire tuer trop souvent sa me saoul grave

  41. si sa te saoul arete de boire

  42. Lol ^^ ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blague de merde

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