Sherwood Dungeon

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Title: Sherwood Dungeon
Status: Final
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Maid Marian
Developer: Maid Marian
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Competent Graphics
Real-Time Combat
Plenty of Quests

Imagine a free massive multiplayer 3D world, where you explore and interact with players around the world – all in your web browser.

Welcome to the Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG, a massive multiplayer online role playing game where you defend your honour in combat with players from around the world. No retail box to purchase, no cumbersome software to install and no registration required.

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Sherwood Dungeon - Free Browser MMORPG
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72 Sherwood Dungeon Reviews

  1. This game has very nice graphics for being a browser based game, but it is extremely repetitive, and the controls are awkward to use, to say the least. The quests are nothing interesting, it’s all just go kill a bunch of those to collect a bunch of these, then come back to me so I can give you something. The dungeons may be endless, but its endless repetitiveness.

    1. im with you on this one the game is to repetitive !!!

    2. its good u are jealous icedrake

  2. how do you sign up to play this game?

    1. You dont sign up you just choose your character name and when you use the same character name on the same computer it loads your previous data

      1. WRONG! you can sign up by pressing sign up and then you can play it from any computer

        1. did you notice that guy asked that in 2011

          1. Simply fantastic pure fantastic, acidly amazingly!

  3. do you get to make your name and account?

  4. this game sucks cock and it doesnt even save your char

    1. you stupid sticking vagina… need to create a acc. first…….this game suck either way…… go buy an xbox360 and Skyrim now thats an awesome game!Dragon’s/Dragonborn story/The way of the Voice. thats shouting in the dragon tongue like this: FUS RO DAH!(effects targets to blow them of the ground and maybe fall to death…..)Fus means Force/Ro means Balance/Dah means Push so actual you just yell Force….BALENCE PUSH! there are over 20 differend shout’s.You need to understand the meaning of the word and the way to use it with you’re voice,you need to meditate for a be able to get the word’s from dungeon’s,Caves OR friendly dragon’s (only 2 of em in the game they are named:Paarthuranax and Odahviing,with Paarthuranax you can meditate on the Troat of the world,Odahviing you get as sort pet you learn a shout from you’re helpers to call him)Another word i now is the shout:FireBreath first word is Yul(Fire) second is Toor(Inferno) and the last is Shul(Sun) (Fus,Ro and Dah shout is called Unrelenting Force by the way) The World-eather dragon called Alduin has a big history in the land of Skyrim (Tamriel is the whole continent)REMEMBER IF YOU BUY IT!!!::::You’re not aware of being the Dovahkiin(Dragonborn) in the beginning you need to find you’re way to the story line.Skyrim is an open world game with Dragon’s,Giant’s,Bandit’s,Dungeon’s,Troll’s and a lot more (also the ghost’s of skyrim are….differend they are good to see and absolutely not scarry at al)And the’re are Deadric lord’s.Sovngarde is the heaven there,the god’s are called the Devines.The hell is called Oblivion and the demon’s are called Daedric Lord’s (civil souls of Oblivion are the Daedra’s, of sovngarde are just called Hero of sovngarde)SPOILER ALLERTYou get to be able to go to sovngarde for the super epic shouting battle with alduin,in the end of the story.SECRET:::You can make an armor of dragon bones and dragonscales light and heavy armor,you just need to get Smithing skill up to hundred (i have that heavy dragonbone armor,Armor Rating is 1693 hehehehe XD 200 is already much by the way)more im not going to tell,i gues i just did some publising for Bethesda……(Builder’s of The elder scrolls I/V skyrim is The elder scrolls V,Fallout and Dishonered)GO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!! if not one of you buys it i wasted an hour for this………so better buy one of all the bethesda games (They are all open-world games)i advise Fallout 3,Fallout New Vegas or Skyrim.Laterz.Have fun if you buy a game i noticed

      1. well i dont know about some others but i personally am here because i dont want to buy skyrim and a gaming systim that gets the red ring of death ALL the time.

      2. Why buy a Xbox and Skyrim? Just buy Skyrim for your computer, 1000x better. Better graphics, easy fixes if it bugs out, and…. MODS! Even when you’re bored of Skyrim, you can just install some mods easly and have fun for another 500+ hrs

        1. done even buy it. thats just a waste of money when you can get it for free if ur just gonna play it on the computer anyways just download it.

      3. Theres no point in making a giant paragraph, you don’t need to prove your point everyone gets that this game isn’t that good. You just wasted your time.

      4. i’ll agree skyrim is epic, tho we all dont have money. we have to play other games than 5million games you gotta p2p

  5. this game doesnt sucks u need to make account sucker then it saves

  6. how to save my character

    1. make a acount R-TARD

      1. Make an account* Lrn2SpelPlox

  7. awesome

  8. this game is boring unless u join a clan the its fun cuz the PvP raids and clan wars based on the leaders choice can b fun

  9. i cant understand a thing i can play mario and donnt play this my to is:-

    transformice! and runescape.
    …………………………………….. .

    1. I love transformice :D

  10. runescape is better…

  11. terrible its the worst game everr

    runescape is 2000000000 trillion times betterr

    1. well runescape has 2000000000 trillion more people doesnt it

      1. btw runescape sucks as of the 20th of nov eoc and fagex can kiss my ass

  12. and so what in th

  13. i have played this game! this game is cool. how do i get a pet for free insted of paying?

  14. how do you make a sign in account?

    1. well it should say sign up somewhere at the bottom where it says members log in

  15. this games is simply good but their are some cons about it

  16. wow this game is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool man

  17. This game is good and all, but if I could contact the creator, I would tell him/her to team with EA, add blood and gore to the game, (those visual effects are kinda ruining everything), and put more buildings on the maps, last make it a little like skyrim.

    1. No. Not EA. Nothing but EA.

  18. NODIATIS sucks more than sherwood

  19. Yo this game epic even when I just saw the trailer XD

  20. if you like repetitive and hard games you will like this one
    its a good game but i dont like it its hard to get to lvl 1
    in this game the shops cost alot of gold that you can only get by
    selling stuff and by doing quests
    oh yeah quests are the repetitive to

    it a OK game i would give it a 4 or 5 out of 10

    1. okay one your start out at lvl 1 and you can go from lvl 1 – 12 in just a day if you follow the storyline and gold is easy to get i got 75k in just 4 hours of play and if your smart you would spend that on heaths and focus on getting weapons threw scrolls and runes which can be a pain to get if you dislike killing things over and over again but if your up for a challenge it can be easy just go to the highlest lvl dungeon you can every kill gets you a diamond

  21. How To Create A Account?

  22. This game is so bad! I’d rather watch I turtle crawl rather than play this game!


  24. mükemmell!!!

  25. oyuna giremiyom donuyr yardm edin…!

  26. wow this game is no coollll

  27. proubly one of my favorite free to play mmos especialy with joining a clan the clan wars can be very fun sence lvl doesnt effect pvp as long as your smart and your timeing is on you can dominate easily no matter your lvl i played for about 6 months my only complaint is lag can be pretty bad

  28. I don’t like it. You can play as a guest and all of that, but it’s pretty boring.

  29. this game is no shop

  30. 100% free to play. pets will cost a few usa dollars, but not required.
    pvp is fantastic, tho it doesnt give xp toward lvl up, it takes skill. there are tips off site for learning to fight and there are some exceptional fighters, make an account, dont go as a guest. there is no download, it opens in your browser, and having an account means your game play will be saved. if you log as a guest you cant get into room one of the castle, where members get together for chat and pvp. or go above lvl 25. the weapons get better as you go, you can win them gift them buy them trade them or summon them.
    the servers have been combined, so there are now 300 chat rooms per teleport, plus the huge dungeons, where you can find gold, diamonds, weapons and gain more xp fighting dungeon monsters.
    yes, level up takes time, but this just means you will never ‘clock’ it :)
    meet people from all over the world, private chat is available for your ‘friend list’
    and it makes for 24 hour active, player ages start at thirteen, but ive met 40-60 yr olds who play.
    this game is worth checking out if nothing else. give it time, you will meet players who have played for years, and they often get activities happening. -at the moment there is a top 25 a battle of clans and a tourney starting, (to name but a few)
    there are clans and groups to join to meet new people, but no obligation to join any of them, or if you join you dont necassarily have to participate in …well anything.
    you wont get emails or newslatters and there is no obligation to come back :)

  31. A nice, simple game made for those who just want to kill stuff. I’m serious, the quests go like this: Kill (number) (type of monster) and be awarded (weapon, shield, whatever). You use the awards to kill more things. Not as elaborate as Runescape or other MMORPGs, but sometimes you need something simple.

  32. its a cool game but they should work on more qwests

  33. i wish thay would add skills to the game make it a little better but as it is now its steal a good game

  34. i wish i would be better

  35. err…worst mmorpg ever..well not reallly to be technical its the second best in-broser mmorpg, only runscape is better..(not say runescape is not that crazy)…but it still its a bad game..would rather play forsaken world or something like that witch is downloadable

  36. How do you get the cool armors for free? not the original ones that you start off with but the other cool ones. I really want one of the girl ones. I will be checking every day if i have replies telling me how to get them so please REPLY! :)

    1. you cant you need 5$

  37. worst game ever


  39. Not bad considering it was made by one guy. But if you ignore the fact that it only has 1 dev, it’s a shit game. The animations are retarded. The way you run is retarded. Combat is boring, just click on a boss, go downstairs make a cup of tea, eat something, come back boss is dead.

  40. MAN!!!!!!!!!!! lokk at those sword i hate them -_-

  41. User: Farah-NBL passwoord: Nblfarah5

  42. pet:all pets gold : 9900 lvl : 8500

  43. Good game, I only wish that the quests would be more interesting and that the running style will be updated. Anyway good game

  44. ok this game is great …. :/ ok was great when i lost me account :( . but any cheats to the game????? one time u but /give crystals 9999999
    but it sayd unvalid cheat. so any cheats?

  45. wtf is wrong with everyone… this game was made in 2008, SO DONT FKING EXPECT THE BEST GAME EVER

  46. It’s not bad game, It was the first MMORPG I played. It’s not very complex game, but you can customize your character and there are plenty of weapons to choose from.

    I agree when people say is too repetitive, but you get big fun when you go alone into some caves and you end up surrounded by lots of monsters (spiders, dragons).

    You can save other players from dying too.


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