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Title: Soldier Front | Status: Final
Genre: MMOFPS | Theme: Real Life

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 321 MB
Publisher: IJII
Developer: DragonFly

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Lots of Maps
Nice Feeling to Weapons
Ranking System

Soldier Front is a free military FPS which bases itself on distinct real life task force strategies that are frequently used in modern combat. With the help from military personnel, Soldier Front’s development tried to recreate a soldier’s point of view to offer a realistic and unique experience.

Players get to choose their avatar from elite task force teams such as the SAS, Delta Force, Spetsnaz and other teams, each with their own characteristic arsenal. Each weapons features its own statistics, affecting aspects such as recoil and rate of fire. There are more than ten aspects that were taken into account when creating a gun for Soldier Front, and modeling its behavior. The end result is a realistic and dynamic experience that appeals to all types of gamers.

Soldier Front system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 256MB of RAM | HDD: 500 MB Free
CPU: P3 833 MHz
Graphics Card: GeForce3 64MB
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40 Soldier Front Reviews

  1. ineed ap

  2. game sucks and everything about it sucks

    1. Alot of hard work goes into games like thses and now your saying it sucks. Why dont you try making your own game and see how bad it is think: hard work pays of.

    2. this games better than you asshole

  3. dude come down its only a game theres lot more out there……..

  4. ya i know.. yhe game pisses me off though

  5. U mad?

  6. pretty good game there is a couple game modes to pick from (could be more) lots of guns to choose from, but it takes like 40 shots to kill someone. it should be less.

    1. r0fl.. if ya know how to aim then 1 shot its enough ^ ^,

      its a g0od game tho.. been playin for few yrs n0w.. well since it first started ;D

  7. this game is bull shit

  8. Dude, you think these weapons are overpowered…go shoot a .45 into your foot and we’ll see what you think then. I actually think they seem underpowered. Problem?

    1. pakyu

  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ya mama

  10. ijji can do better than this, i mean really this game is a complete joke

    best mmo FPS experience my ass!!!

  11. Don’t worry.I know how bad this game sucked but that’s why they’ve developed a sequel.Special Force 2.Better graphics powered by the Unreal Engine 3,unlimited sprint,iron sights,realistic character skins,weapons and maps,more accurate,precise and higher damage weapons,realistic character animation and great voice actors.No weapon customization,though.Not much character customization.But it’s still 2nd best next to Arctic Combat.

  12. xxmiku i assume you know the difference between publishing and developing games?

    1. ovcourse i do i know ijji didnt devlope this game they are the publishers after all

  13. this game is shit really though don’t waste your time every month people hack you need to spend real money in order to play long

  14. It is like special force in the philippines

    1. It’s not “like”, it’s the same game just differenet games.

  15. ok i regret what i said i had a second opinion i actually like this game now, i dont know what everyones problem is with this game (PS that last comment i did hating on it is months old) i love this game now

    but yeah this game is cool stop hating i love it for reasons :P

  16. People say this game sucks because they are not good! They are noob! Trust me i know coz ive seen many people like this before! And who say this game sucks u r a looser and a noob!

  17. its not soldier front…its is Special Force..Sucks

    1. and you never knew about the logic of when companies publish / import games from other countries they change the name ? :/

  18. It is Special Force in korea, made by Netmarble.

    1. A studio named dragonfly created the game. Netmarble is a publisher, and if know correctly, publishing it in korea.

  19. how to download soldier front

  20. all the this game bulling , make a gemae HAHAHAHAHHA

  21. pay to win game

  22. worst game ever i seee in my life

  23. Too many hackers,Used to be fun.

  24. this game used to be really fun back in the days when ijji owned it, now theres no clan system.. a lot of hackers.. but i think the reason that they don’t care about it anymore is cause they are creating soldier front 2 and i would love that game, but yeah, about sf the game looks SHIT but plays WONDERFULL, its truly fun to play and also difficult to play against top players.

  25. no pay to win, but problem its hackers, and im no love this old graphic

  26. This game looks like it could be worth the D/L, maybe you all will see me in game is a while.

    Frag me gently :)

  27. sucks as hell!!

  28. to much lags overpowed weapon and yes sucks and pay to win. im checked aeria games itemshop from site and from ingame

  29. i had played this game b4, and i tell u, the pro weapons are EXTREMELY expensive. The creators are just forcing you to play buy their AP(Aeria Point). The money u get when u recharge your SP (Soldier Front’s in-game money) seems too little for me. I really wanted a Tango Sniper Rifle, a G3A3, a Desperado, and a SPAS-12 but everything was so expensive..I don’t really care about the graphics but there are hackers everywhere in the game. I think the weapons are abit underpowered but other than that the mechanics are great.The Uzi in the game seems really overpowered (In Malaysia server, every1 uses uzi and jumps around shooting ppl). I liked to use sniper rifles (1 hit ko when hit in the chest and the head) and i can juz run around with the sniper rifle and shoot riflemen. You can quickscope kill ppl. Overall its a nice game but the money system sucks and there’s hackers .-.

    1. I played this game b4 here in cebu,phillipines and i am 1 of the sixthsense clan who qualified for the world tournament in korea,. this game is about mind and tactics, hide your footstep or else the enemy will kill u with just a knife, teamwork to defend the mission, teamwork to complete the mission, My favorite weapon in this game is AK74 and M4A1 for assault and PSG1 for sniper,,actually when our clan is in tournament i am a AK74 profesional user,,i can control his recoil and accuracy.,oppps i forgot to tell you my rank in this game, I am LEUTENANT GENERAL or 3 STAR RANK in this game. PLAY BEFORE COMMENT. THANKS.

  30. gusto ko ng despe

  31. gusto ko ng ap


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