Soldier Front 2


Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2

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Title: Soldier Front 2
Status: Open Beta
Genre: MMOFPS | Theme: Shooter
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 3.7 GB
Publisher: Aeria Games
Developer: Dragonfly GF
User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (320 votes, average: 4.81 / 5)
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What’s explosive about it:
Unique MOBA Mode
Utilizes Unreal 3 Engine
Customizable Weapons

Soldier Front 2 is an FPS published by Aeria Games. The successor to the original Soldier Front (also ran by Aeria Games), Soldier Front 2 aims to provide the same fast action gameplay of its predecessor with updated graphics and new modes.

Speaking of modes, Soldier Front 2 comes with the standard FPS modes such as Team Deathmatch, Seizure, Bombing, and Free for All. However, the game also has two brand new modes which stray away from the typical FPS modes in most modern military shooters. These include a party mode where players are pit against each other in a glass room where they attempt to shoot the floor out from underneath the enemy causing them to fall to their death.

A new Hero mode also combines the MOBA genre with FPS gameplay. Two teams of 5 work together to destroy enemy gun installations with the assistance of Xanthids (SF2′s version of creeps). Players can purchase upgrades and new weapons which boost their power while engaging the waves of extraterrestrial creeps and enemy players in an effort to kill the other teams base first.

The FPS offers a large variety of customizable weapons to choose from. These range from the typical shotguns, rifles, and machine guns to more finesse weapons such as throwing knives and a crossbow. All of which can be customized with unique (and often hilarious looking) skins and attachments.

Soldier Front 2 system requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (latest service packs)
RAM: 4GB | HDD: 3.7
CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz or Above
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT or above
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  2. will mmobomb do a giveaway for beta keys of SF2?

    1. They have already done.

  3. this game is worth time , is something new , cool , and i love this game

  4. u guys um there close beta and by 2 weeks its open betea and free to play

  5. I got to play this game and i played without having ti use a beta key and after playing for a couple of days i really love it best f2p fps of the summer.

  6. Warning: This game is IP blocked.
    Players outside American continent will not be eligible to play.

    1. False. I can play this game.

  7. im wait europe release

  8. This game is perfect for me but that sucks you can play only in NA and I am in europe and i hope europe server will come really soon

    1. Aeria Games will not publish a European version.
      The European version will be held by a totally different company.
      So fingers crossed.

  9. To bad its not playable in EU =(

    1. Not juat EU. I’m not from EU and I cant paly it either.

  10. Never? :( I know it’s already open beta and it still is in North America only :(

    1. Yes, Aeria Games doesn’t have the publishing rights of SF2 in Europe, another company will publish SF2 in europe, when?
      Who knows.

  11. Too bad it is only available in america :(.

  12. I played the early access, but in closed beta it started the only available in na

  13. I like the game but there are alot of hackers using or something like that. The good thing is, is that they have not affected the hyped hero mode (moba mode) because that mode is really fun.

  14. I cant believe aerial would be so retarded to keep soldier front 2 in north America. WTF GUYS?

  15. everyday im waiting europe release

  16. I prefer to download illegal games Then bullshit games like thise One and whoever dissagree with me must dont know how is the real games And by the way i do not giving a shit about your oppinion Now if you dont mind Shut UP!

    1. Just look at the f**ks I give.

  17. Dude what do you mean illegal games ?Like pirate games? That you need μ,torrent I cant say those games are good but there taking weaks to finish…..But the only difference that those games have try to be diffrent then the previous ….Sorry for my bad english.Im still working on them

  18. its available in STEAM guys, free to play

    1. pero ha vosotros os va?digo yo porqueeeeeeeeeee yo no he probado pero muchas veces
      no me van

  19. Game is so unbalance waste of time…

    1. it is because you are noob HAHA

  20. giveaway for beta keys

  21. Sht game with sht publisher

  22. This game is mediocre as best and the publisher is one of the worst.

  23. Don’t let the visuals fool you, the gameplay is soo boring it’s sickening. 3/10

  24. good game

  25. Can it play in countries on asia?&is it true this game doesn’t have a bomb mission mode?

    1. zezoelking

  26. This game is a lag fest, cranks CPU usage and allows minimal control over video settings. I enjoyed it prior to some updates ago, but now it lags hardcore.

  27. I really like Soldier Front 2 it is almost come into perfection. It’s graphics was amazing. The only thing I don’t like SF2 is the similarity of uniforms between friendly and enemy soldiers. I have experience once in the game I didn’t shoot an enemy because of the initial thought that he was my teammate. His shoulder red ban was on the opposite side and was covered by his body. Unfortunately he killed one of my teammate before I realized that he was an enemy. I would like to suggest a game that maybe called a perfection. ( I apologized for those who will disagree ). This is an all-in-one game where all in the FPS genre ( all battle conquest mode, infantry battle, jet battle, choppers battle, infantry battle, destruction mode, team death match, free-for-all, infection mode, survival mode, human vs. mecha robots and etc.) are integrated into only one server. And I would like to suggest that the server shall be in the Philippines because of the big market here for MMOFPS games.


    Game server location: Philippines

    Service availability: Free-to-play worldwide

    Warring factions: East vs. West ( I won’t suggest any country to avoid instigation presumption )

    Character’s Uniform: Pls. e-mail me to [email protected] so that I can send you back my prepared so nice game uniforms. There should be faces to choose in creating character. Character”s faces similar to that of Soldier Front 2

    Graphics: Graphics comparable to that of Call of Duty MW3

    Game modes: All battle conquest mode ( which includes jets, choppers, tanks, LAV’s, jeeps speedboats, artillery and troops ) jet battle only, choppers battle only, infantry battle only, destruction mode, team death match, free-for-all, infection mode and survival mode.

    Maximum players: 40 maximum players for all battle conquest mode and infantry battle mode, the rest are 16 maximum allowable players.

    Gunfire sounds: gunfire sounds comparable to that of Crossfire Philippines. with each guns must have each gunfire sound distinction

    Gun appearance: gun appearance comparable to that of Soldier Front 2

    Kill mark: there should be a kill mark that will automatically display below the crosshair right after a player kills an enemy Suggested kill mark blue star in a white circle with 8 golden rays.

    Kinds of Maps: Large maps ( for all battle conquest mode, jet battle and choppers battle ) medium maps ( for infantry battle mode ) small maps ( for destruction mode, team death match, free-for-all, mutation mode, survival mode and infection mode )
    Types of maps: City maps, town maps, jungle maps, mountainous maps, seashore maps, desert maps, industrial maps, and etc.

    Fighter Jets: ( For west ) F22 Raptor, YF23 Blackwidow, F35, Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, F18 Hornet, F16 Falcon, F15 Eagle. ( For east ) T50 PAKFA, SU47 Berkut, J20, SU37, SU35, JAS GRIPEN 39, MiG29, SU27. (Each jets should be acquired by a player thru cash on-line to generate funds for the game). Aircraft should respawn on the ground and players should enter the aircraft before flying to show realistic simulation.
    Choppers: ( For west ) AH64D Apache Attack Helicopter, ( for east ) MI-28H Havoc ( Also choppers should be acquired by a player thru cash on-line to generate funds for the game).

    Tanks: ( For west ) M1A1 Abram tank, (for east ) T90 Battle tank.

    Light Armored Vehicles:( For west ) LAV-25A2, (for east ) BTR-90

    Jeeps: ( For west ) HMMWV Humvee, (for east ) GAZ-2330 Tigr

    Rifles: M4A1, M16A2, AR-15, Bushmaster ACR, Barret REC7, AK-47, AK-103, Ak5C, AN-94, SIG551, XM8, FN SCAR, FN F2000. FN-FAL, King Arms BW15 Blackwater M4, BOLT417, GALIL ARM AQ, M14 EBR, FARA 83, IMI GALIL, IMI Tavor TAR21, Heckler and Koch HK 416C, L85A1, LS 90,BSA 28P, G36K, KTR-08, SteyrAug A3, Thompson, FAMAS, LR300 ML, QBZ-95, QBZ03,
    ( Please add other nice rifle did not mentioned here )

    Snipe weapons: Barret M82A1, Walther WA 2000, AWM, DSR-1, CT-M200, TPG-1, TRG-21, R93 T2, Dragunov ( Please add )

    SMGs: PP19 Bizon, M12S, MP7-PDW, SR2M Veresk, UMP5, P90, 9A-91, Sterling, Kriss Vector, Kriss Super V( Please add )

    Please add other types of weapons such as grenade rifles, RPG’s, Anti aircraft

    Please add weapon customization and free to create room, (Weapon customization should be available thru cash to generate funds for the game).

    Pls. add new motion such as follows, Roll forward ( control keys = W+shift+spacebar ) Roll backward ( control keys = S+shift+spacebar ) Roll sideward left ( control keys = A+shift+spacebar ) Roll sideward right ( control keys = D+shift+spacebar )



  28. man i play 1month+ they block my 2 id don’t know why i never use hack anyting

  29. is the game available in SEA?

    1. Yeah It’s available

  30. You can play this game in Europe, it’s name is S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2, from Gameforge.

  31. Does SF2 works on the Philippines ??

  32. I saw the gameplay, it looked AWESOME.But i want it to put shotguns in the secondary weapon slot again and make recoil higher for each individual Recoil) M16 (medium recoil)

  33. Does this game works Outside America Maybe in Middle East?.. United Arab Emirates? c:

    Thank you c:

    1. I hope so because I suggest that this would be a worldwide sercice

  34. the game stis awsome, but so many hackers in and they are vips and GM-s dont wanna clean the game from hackers (most russian and turks still chaet)…
    so if u wanna play with free fps this is the best, but as i sad so many members hack, dont buy VIP…

    1. From the 20 or so hours I’ve recently put in this game I have to say you’re completely wrong. I’ve run into about 3~ legitimate hackers so far and were all kicked pretty fast. My overall experience has been pretty good and it’s honestly pretty hacker free. I’m just gonna assume you’re one of those people who say anyone who goes with a 2.0 K/D in a match is a hacker.

  35. Soldier Front 2 otherwise known as Brazil Front 2 otherwise known as Lag Front 2.

    I kid you not, 80% of the playerbase is from Brazil and the Philippines. Which means lag and laggers. The way SF2 works, it gives laggers the advantage. Explanation below.

    Lag = high latency.

    Let’s say you have a good ping (in SF2 it’s colored green) and your opponent has a horrible one (red). Red is <100ms, green is 0<x<80ms.

    However, the lagger is connecting from Brazil/Philippines and has a ping of ~500. That's half a second in latency. So you shoot the guy and it takes an additional 0.5 seconds for the server to relay to his computer that he got hit. Which means he can shoot you for an additional 0.5 seconds. However when he shoots you, you download the hit registration immediately and die. Thus, assuming the same weapon and the same hits, the lagger lasts so much more longer than you.

    Also, hitboxes. I run around a corner to take cover. Three seconds later I get headshot because my head hitbox was out of cover, though my character was completely behind cover. Hitboxes are huge here, larger than the character model itself. That said, hit registration is terrible as well. I've unloaded entire clips into an opponent and none of my hits register. And yes, my crosshairs were on point, my weapon was fully repaired.

    Basically don't play this game unless you're reading this in Brazil or the Philippines.

  36. dupa


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