A "Spa" Video? Seriously, The Day Before?! Open A Beta, Livestream, Or Please Just GTFO At This Point

Cool... a pre-rendered video of your character sitting in zombie entrail filled human soup...

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief

The Day Before Gameplay

I'm honestly at a loss for words and that never happens.

Look, the issues with The Day Before have been numerous and long-running at this point. Whether it was the 9 hour IGN reveal fiasco where apparently someone couldn't figure out how to roll an MP4 file on a stream, the not-so-clever way the game's team at Fntastic tricked you into watching a reveal of Propnight, to a not-subtle-at-all advertisement for an app they made, the road to today has been long, annoying, confusing, and when (if) pre-orders for the zombie survival game ever go up... those that buy it get what they deserve at this point.

The Day Before Interview

The 10-minute gameplay reveal was less than impressive as we detailed at the time. The team then followed up with some screenshots and a quick clip showing how the game has "progressed" over the years. That clip, interestingly, featured exactly zero devs in the "dev log."

Seriously, we know more (and have seen more) of the team behind Pax Dei from 2 videos and that MMORPG was literally just announced a few weeks ago.

This doesn't even TOUCH on the subjuct of the game's trademark dispute, either. A topic about which Fntastic was not honest about in multiple ways. How they keep putting up "videos" about the game with that name at this exact moment in time is a mystery. We'll see if their latest "Spa" video gets the takedown treatment some of their previous videos have received.

the day before key art

Don't know about the spa video? I'm not surprised. It released quietly this weekend from the once "most wishlist-ed game on Steam."

At a stunning 59 seconds long, the video shows off a spa feature where players can get a little relaxing in while they try to survive a zombie apocalypse. We'll skip the natural questions that come with this feature (like how can a spa possibly be maintained with the world in this condition or why the hell would you want to sit in a human soup with other zombie-entrail-caked survivors) and go straight to what the video shows.

The Day Before Steam Block

It's a pre-rendered clip that shows you walking in, relaxing, receiving a very unspecific stamina buff, and then clicking one keyboard key to leave. Judging by the video, no you can't walk around, you can't pick your seat, no, none of that pesky "exploring through navigation" stuff. This is a loaded sequence from touching the sauna door until you elect to leave the baths at which point the loaded cinema sequence continues until you are back outside.

And honestly, it looks like it is still Unreal Engine 4 even through one of the myriad of delays was to move the game Unreal Engine 5.

Is the company totally tone-deaf? Are they incompetent? Is it a scam? All could certainly be on the table as this video is the last thing anyone ever asked for and gamers have been asking for a lot from the game since its announcement.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the video.

Look, Fntastic can't POSSIBLY not know exactly what The Day Before hopefuls want right now. They've asked on every forum possible. Launch a beta, stream the game from your closed environment, or STFU at this point.

Gameplay. Real gameplay. That's it. You're only slightly less than 7 months away from your latest planned release date. Testing should be happening now... and it CERTAINLY should for a game that actually at one point was planned to be released around NOW.

Stop it. Don't show videos of secondary side systems that MAY be nice... if there were actually a full game built around them. What good is this spa system if you're still designing or working on core gameplay functions right now?

Honestly, enough is enough. In my opinion, it's time to stay as FAR away from this game as you can until it's actually something you can buy and play... and even then, make sure you wait for reviews.

Now, anyone want to bet on that November release date?

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