As the year draws to a close it’s important to look back and reflect on all of the good things that happened this year. Well, since we deal in games, that’s where we’ll be reflecting. There’s been a few Free to Play hits this year and more than a fair share of duds, so the staff at MMOBomb.Com decided to come together and hash out what they collectively thought were the top contenders for 2012.

The rules are simple: To qualify for a category you had launch or go to open beta in 2012. You had to win over the majority of the MMOBomb Staff to make the list and to win. And no… no one paid to be on the list.

While any list like this is SURE to cause a bit of debate, and believe me there were PLENTY of debates just within our team, it is our hope that you will find something you like in the list and who knows, maybe you’ll find something you haven’t tried yet to play before 2012 ends. Enjoy!

Best Graphics in a Free to Play Game of 2012

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Planetside 2


Blacklight: Retribution

MechWarrior Online

Winner: PlanetSide 2

A quick scan of any forum where Planetside 2 is discussed will give you a TON of posts where gamers are upset at their rig being unable to play Planetside 2. Granted a good deal of them are processor and optimization issues, but graphics cards have also entered into the equation. Vista like sunsets while standing on the top of futuristic buildings and incredible nighttime battles, do well to highlight Planetside 2’s fantastic lighting engine, which helped propel Planetside 2 into the top spot. While we have seen better visuals from some buy to play games, the sheer scale of detail within Planetside 2 is at times overwhelming enough to make you stop in your tracks and simply take in the visuals… if your PC was able to play the game on high settings that is.

Best PvP in a Free to Play Game of 2012

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Tribes: Ascend


Planetside 2

MechWarrior Online

Super MNC

Winner: PlanetSide 2

From the moment you are dropped into Planetside 2 you have the feeling of intense combat. Planetside 2 offers players just as much high octane, intense firefighting action as it does, small scale warfare which surprosingly offers an element of surprise and strategy that can be just as useful when executed correctly. The entire feeling of 3 faction PvP with literally thousands of other players is just so damn compelling that many haven’t played another game since Planetside 2′s release. The game doesn’t give you much, if any, training to start out with but once everything clicks for you not only do you play a lot better but you feel downright satisfied that YOU figured it out yourself. Planetside 2′s PvP is so addictive that even many non-PvPers have picked the game up and are unable to put it down. In most respects it’s easy to see why this was our PvP Game of the Year.

Publisher or Developer of the Year 2012

Sony Online Entertainment
Perfect World Entertainment
Riot Games

Winner: Riot Games

While Riot Games didn’t release any new titles in 2012 that took the world by storm the way League of Legends has, they did manage to bring millions of eyeballs to the E-sports scene with their annual World Championships which boasted over 2 million dollars in prize money and over 1 million fans tuned in via livestream to watch the world finals. Riot has also taken some dramatic steps to improve the negative perceptions of MOBA communities by implementing an honor system where players can “honor” teammates and worthy opponents who demonstrated superb sportsmanship. On top of that, Riot Games added the fleshed out Spectator Mode, added fuel to many fires regarding “Supremacy Mode”, dropped an in depth video about upcoming balance changes, and did all of this while continuing their steady stream of skins and character additions and updates. While Sony Online was briefly considered for this award, one decent cash shop just wasn’t enough to take on the impressive year Riot Games had in 2012.

Best Free to Play Strategy of 2012

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Super MNC

Battle for Graxia

World of Battles

Winner: AirMech

2012 was not exactly the year of the strategy games and this category may have been one of the more heavily debated by the MMOBomb staff simply because of that fact. While not requiring the level of strategy that some other games demand, AirMech is readily accessible to almost anyone. Being available on Steam or as a Chrome browser game means the potential audience is vast. Borrowing mechanics from a number of other games, AirMech creates a fun and challenging “tug of war” type battle when two equally skilled teams take the battlefield. Take to the ground or air, build and command units to assist your team, and have a blast with this well mixed strategy/arcade action type title.

Best Browser Game of 2012

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Offensive Combat

The Lost Titans

Winner: Gameglobe

This partnership between Square Enix and Bigpoint was generally laughed at when initially announced. However, come beta time no one was laughing. Everyone was too busy running through HUNDREDS of user created levels or saving up points to buy items for their own crazy creations. With a play style similar to the smash hit Little Big Planet, GameGlobe is great for those 20 minutes you have before you leave for work while being addictive enough to suck a full gaming night right out of you. Add in leader boards and a comments section for each game you play AND the WIDE assortment of clever play styles and you have what is easily the best browser game to launch in 2012.

Most Anticipated Free to Play Game

*This category focuses on games that did NOT go into launch or open beta before the end of 2012 in Europe or United States.

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Age of Wushu



Phantasy Star
Dota 2

Winner: Firefall

Some may argue that Red 5’s upcoming game Firefall has lost some of the steam it started this year with because of a slow beta ramp up. This may be true, but a quick glance at any gaming forum is likely to show that Firefall is still one of the most anticipated free to play titles. More and more players are finally gaining access to the closed beta and more and more content is revamped, added, or flat out changed based on those player’s feedback. Solid and addictive gameplay and a true focus on teamwork in PvP make this a game many are playing, following, or anticipating.

Best Free to Play Shooter of 2012

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Planetside 2

MechWarrior Online

Tribes: Ascend

Blacklight: Retribution

Winner: PlanetSide 2

2012 seemed to be the year of the free to play shooters as a plethora of titles stormed onto the scene. While writing articles for the site it seemed like a new shooter was launching, going to beta, or being announced almost daily. Planetside 2 was on everyone’s radar all year as we eagerly awaited details and a release date. While the game still is not perfect, it quickly established itself as a time sink and top notch shooter. The fact that Sony was able to pull off a shooter with such as massive scale without making a player feel unimportant is a testement to how well Planetside 2 operates. A wide array of weapons, vehicles, and certifications just add to what makes Planetside 2 the “must play” shooter this year hands down. While some were hoping for a bit more strategy, when it comes to the basics of shooting, customizing, and combat, Planetside 2 is head and shoulders above the competition right now. And even then, Sony has already promised to continue bringing even more features and content as the time goes on in order to continually flesh out the experience. With additional vehicle types, new continents and perhaps even a 4th PvE faction, the Planetside 2 experience can only get better for fans as time goes on.

Best Free to Play MMORPG of 2012

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Star Wars:
The Old Republic
(F2P Model)

Continent of
the Ninth Seal

Winner: Aion (F2P Model)

If you saw our update to the “Top 10 MMORPGs of 2012” a few months ago then this choice comes as no surprise for you. Originally starting as a sub based game, Aion had a bit of a rocky start with Western audiences. Viewed as too “mob grind heavy” for the Western crowd, the team at NCSoft opted to shift to a more traditional questing grind, added new features, and even expanded into the popular world of player housing. While being more “traditional” in terms of controls and game mechanics, the game’s free to play relaunch was looked on favorably by the North American audiences for its “Truly Free to Play” model and talked about in confused tones when European servers fell under the service of a different model and company. All in all, if you’re looking for an MMORPG that fits the more comfortable model while adding a few new twists along the way it was hard to do better than Aion this year.

Free to Play Game of the Year 2012

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Planetside 2


Star Wars:
The Old Republic
(F2P Model)

Winner: PlanetSide 2

Coming out just before the close of a year is SURE to get you a ton of recognition and keep you in the minds of voters who create lists like this. However, the downside is that if you do not deliver it WILL be remembered as well. Sony Online Entertainment’s PvP extravaganza does not disappoint though. Engaging combat, fantastic graphics, and a surprisingly well balanced cash shop all combined to create the “Perfect Storm” of awesome for free to play gamers. If you’ve played it, you already saw this award coming and if you have not played it don’t be surprised if it picks up a few more of these awards along the way.

So there’s the list! How did we do? Did your favorites make the list? Put your comments below! While 2012 may be almost over, it looks like 2013 will be one exciting year for free to play. With more high quality games being released and more and more publishers adding free to play options to their portfolio, next year’s list might be damn near impossible to make! See ya then!


  1. PS2 is epic for its genre… and like some people pointed out… if you dont get into an outfit or a squad… and using strategy… then you’re not doing it right…


  2. PS2 being Best PVP?
    I could agree on many different pros of PS2 like good/best graphics but…
    You’re really terribly infatuated by PS2.

  3. hello why are Planetside 2 the winner of all?
    I think you guys like it becuse of not the gameplay just becuse off that it shuold be so big and we waiting for it in years. but the truth IT SUCKS!
    every shooter is the same gamplay. just becuse of planetside was big and great dosent mean that 2 is better than every thing.

  4. The problem with these type of awards is that the games that release in Q3 or Q4 usually win. Hype gives them a little edge.

    Planetside 2 is an outstanding game nonetheless.

  5. I think Tribes should’ve won the best PvP category. PlanetSide 2 is good and I like it but basicly if you don’t pay you will have really bad times till you get money for a new weapon. This is horrible for casual players, the game itself it isn’t that great for casual players. Tribes if you don’t pay you also take some time to get enought exp but if you focus on one class at the beginning you can pretty much unlock everything for that class with out paying and it doesn’t take that long. Some classes you don’t even nee to unlock weapons, the started one are pretty good (Jug, Brute, Sentinel aren’t bad too but I prefer the second secondary…)

  6. in the “f2p goty” category

    raiderz – never heard of
    planetside 2 – OHHH YEAH (obvious winner)
    hawken – slow boring
    swtor – who cares (more boredom)
    aion – never heard of

  7. i cant believe the hate for planetside 2 here

    imo its fantastic and is awesome to play and theres nothing out there quite like it

    you guys do know there are TWO THOUSAND players per continent right?

    and maps bigger than all the maps in any one FPS game combined

    the other games in the catagory never had a chance as they are all horrible games to play and i was barely able to play them for an hour before boredom set in (especially blacklight and firefall – eww)

  8. I can’t believe PS2 won so much, the game is OK and has potential but there are SOO many issues currently that it should have won MAYBE 1 of those awards. I mean seriously it won BEST GRAPHICS! I have everything maxed on this game and it looks like it came out YEARS ago. They have to scale everything back in the game because of the sheer number of object you are seeing at once. Best PVP should have gone to Tribes: Ascend. If you want an honest review of PS2 go check out Angry Joe’s review of the game.

    • I think Raiderz could have been the best mmorpgs in 2012 if they didn’t do that forced pvp during lvl 22, I just left the game and so did many pve players.

      • Agreed, I also left Raiderz because of the forced pvp at lvl 22+ and not only that, a quest boss is in that very same warzone which makes it ridiculously hard to fight the boss and ward off pkers at the same time. Its frustrating and seriously i’ve lost all fun times that I’ve had with the game already, sigh it could’ve been better.

        • Agreed, I left RaiderZ because it became a lot like DCUO. A game where even though they left you the impression of an ‘open world,’ but it’s mainly instance-repeating for better gears. Just like DCUO, the cap is level 35 (though I bet it’ll be raised in the future), but once you reach the cap, it’s mainly farming the instances, then you farm the instance again… except it’s at an EPIC rank (meaning it’s harder). So much for ‘open world,’ as I heard. It bored me after I got to like level 30, telling myself ‘so… why am I wasting like 30 minutes each time killing a boss to get pieces of materials? I would rather just explore with friends and see the world.’

          But apparently, RaiderZ maps are so small! And when I mean small, I mean really small! There wasn’t much to explore at all… except just doing some quests then repeating the instances over and over again until you get better equipments or a higher level to move onto the next map…

  9. I looked at “Most Anticipated Free to Play Games” and saw the first one was Age of Wushu… When I went on the game’s website… it has all these deleuxe packets and a free try time… Like if you buy the deluexe packet, it looks like you’ll have a better time on the game… (free experience while offline, special events, etc.). Such a buy to win game xD.

  10. most these games were boring…. planetside 2 very repetitive.. the CP’s come slow and make it kinda grindy.

    AION still way to slow paced as far as leveling goes. reason i opted out of the subscription i had when i bought it.. which is a shame. game looks good. but you have to invest a couple weeks of play to get to anything good. and by that time it starts to get grindy and repetitive again.

    was excited for SWTOR to go F2P as i liked it a lot when it first came out. it just needed more endgame content. they added a bit more of that but restricted F2P to levels of ridiculousness.

    Airmech just looks stupid to me. no other good strategy games came out.

    of course this year about 10,000 other cute anime themed clones came out. another 10,000 ancient china themed games came out…. its just the same old things and the big league games never really hold up for very long.

    another boring year.

    too bad Wizardry didn’t release. looks promising. Heres hoping 2013 brings less restricted F2P games with more original ideas and less repetitive or grindy gameplay.

    • have you tried AION recently??
      its an mmorpg, so most people would actually prefer them to be grindy, but onto 2 types like quest grind or mob grind that kind of stuff, so it is not a bad game if you think its grindy or repetitive bcuz thats just how mmorpgs work.
      guys, AION is a great game if you actually LIKE mmorpgs, if not then don’t comment on mmorpgs cuz your points don’t matter and I honestly don’t like seeing these comments.

      • i played when it came out. and have since tried the free to play version.
        Theres plenty of MMORPG’s that are not grindy (What the heck are you playing???)

        could care less what types of comments you like or don’t like seeing. welcome to the internet. opinions everywhere!

        • ALL MMORPGS are grindy. Even if it is covered with quests, it is just grind hidden. In the end, you spam spells and read text and spam spells…. get over yourself. AION is good

      • The best year for retail games IMO was 1998, that year when the most iconic games, MGS, Unreal, OMG Half-Life! StarCraft, Fallout 2, Rainbow Six, Resident Evil 2, OMG SO MANY!!!!

    • This was a great year for retail examples being Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (the highest rated CoD yet) and Far Cry 3 (an amazing game that you should try if you havent)

  11. I have played The Lost Titans and I must strongly disagree with you about it’s nomination for best browser game. Only thing that is good there is graphics. PvP system sucks. P2W players are unbeatable and ZQGame is not doing anything to prevent that. Many players gave great suggestions on how to stop p2w or atleast to make it less p2w, but all they’re saying is, we can’t do that. Game is 80% PvP area but no matter where you go, in pvp area, you’ll land on p2w guy. I’m one of those pvp guys but this game is so disbalanced and pvp system sucks real hard.

  12. I really think Tribes Ascend should have won best free to play or best pvp because Tribes really make it more fun than Planetside 2. Whats more fun to ski around giant maps (I know planetside 2 has an entire world to roam :P) with jetpacks in every class a roll down hills while killing people while invisible with grenades that stick to people and smoke grenades. Planetside 2 is an amazing game but I think you have more fun in Tribes while doing nothing but skiing in a map and looking at players shooting spinfusor shots at each other. I love Tribes Ascend.

  13. well this list is kinda akward. as someone already stated – graphic comparison is strange, planetside looks just common, raiderz – plastic and in the end – in all shows, discussions here no1 is talking about graphics that much. category itself seems strange.

    aion – yep f2p, this year… but rly? it’s quite old game, are you going to consider any other revamp, remake, repatch as nominee for this websites tops? it just seems strange.

    f2p market is dynamic, but not like tv cinema music or gaming overall. dunno, from show to show you are talking about same publishers, devs and payment schemes and etc. wouldn’t it make more sense to make nominations positions based on content you are doing? i mean like best publisher, worst publisher, best f2p option, worst f2p restriction and etc?

    imo, this kind of sections for yearly acknowledgment in f2p market don’t make any sense.

  14. Planetside 2? Really?

    The only category I could agree it winning as is best free to play shooter.

    The graphic category by far is completely wrong. Even with “Forced Ultra” settings, it comes no where near the visuals that Hawken gives off. I think some of the people at Mmobomb are a little biased. Planetside 2 definitely does not deserve the Graphics category. Not even sure if it deserves a title as “Best Free To Play title of the year”.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion I suppose. It really doesn’t take someone with 20/20 vision though to see that Hawken clearly beats down Planetside 2 in visuals.

    • Go ahead and list some! You may point the editors to a game we didn’t know about and get it covered on the site for ya! 🙂

      • Just wondering why…

        Kobod Online & PKR, Not mentioned on this site..If they are , Well i just can’t find them.

        I know PKR is Online Poker , But it really is a worthy mention for a ” Free to play game ”
        Yeah , I say free … 3D,Emotes,Event’s for holiday’s and Costumes.
        Players chioce if they want to spend real money, But they have the Best system for winning real money without ever spending a cent if you know how to truely play.

        The character creation is Just Fantastic.Better than Alot of mmorpg’s, Reminds me of creating a character for Tiger Wood’s.

  15. Aion for best F2P 2012, hands down and no contest. Never before have I so thoroughly played through and enjoyed a game without paying a single cent for content.

  16. I would have said Tribes: Ascend for PvP, Valve for company(Come on, do you really think the championships were a success? They screen cheated! And opposing monitors were RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! And Valve added a buttload of conten to TF2 this year, and how can you argue with DoTA 2?), Smite for strategy(though it hasn’t been released yet), Hawken for most anticipated(Hawken’s gotten so, so, so much hype over the past year, a lot more than Firefall; I’m excited about Firefall, too, but Hawken takes the keys to the hype train. And open beta starts in a few hours!), Tribes: Ascend for the best shooter(though I haven’t played it for a while and its playerbase is dwindling, it was fun this summer), C9 for best mmorpg(It does the instance-based world better than any other instance-based mmorpg), and Hawken for game of the year(Not the “wet dream” Brim described it as, yet still very fun and with tons of features. Again, I can’t wait for open beta!)

  17. OH god, PLanetside 2 taking majority of votes: PURE SHEEPLE choice. Planet Side 2 is like a MAC: There is only one. There is only one persistent online shooter. So yes, it gets a vote for that. BUT it is a FAIL as an FPS on every level of FPSdom: IT IS SITUATIONAL – NOT STRATEGIC! I have soloed 50% of the map because the situation allowed itself. The winner only wins due to situation of log ins and movements, that is the magic of PERSISTANT FPS, sadly, it FAILS on strategy on every level: Close combats, it is just most accurate gun (sniper or brutes), class is out the window. YOu can kill 100 people or heal 100000 of men aithout dying, but that is NOTHNG if the situation that presents itself based on the log ins; otherwise death vs payoff sucks.
    The long range combat is Medicore, a broken vehicle combat that is SO OFF scale it sucks. A man on a ATV can take hits like alight armor truck. Weapons are a joke. Just laser gun like weapons from star wars. A truck mounted cannon cant even 2 shot a man on a ATV. So…what is in those magazines??
    The TACTICAL COMBAT IS A JOKE: No tree or rock is EVER used to provide cover fire. Cover fire does not exist: IT IS JUST SITUATIONAL MOVEMENT. IF you have a tank, vs a tank, it is he who shoots first or he who has most guys logged in rround supporting. That is it, no tree or rock can give a strategic advantage like other shooters, making alll that land your PC is processing USELESS.

      • I do like AION as an mmorpg (total opinionated based on gae play and CS) –
        For shooter I think allot is broken in this field, and sadly the most balanced and fun sort of resides in the box versions of BF2 and BAd Co. 1. BF 2 for best squad tactic game play, (unrivaled and ruined by other BF titles) and BAD CO for the terrain destruction and ability to burn holes in houses and create unpredicatble fronts on the map. Bad Co2 was a ruined joke. Never played BF3 as EA seemed to be copy or feeding the masses to match CoD bois
        For MOBA – LoL
        Action – Dragon NEst (The anime can be a turn off, but the game play seems to be right on and cash shop never punished me for noting that armor should not stay in bag and body when equiped like in Vindictus) : RaiderZ is engineered to cash shop and that coes when all named bosses or mobs lose exp value to avoid the farm and push you on a linear path that kills the epic ambience, and then haveing to reskill at least 2 times before current end game (cash shop))
        Browser – New territory, I would call out OB as games using Unity engine: Check out Be Gone. NO CASH, NO GRIND; GREAT play.
        This leads to Most anticipated as it is hand in hand with browser title: City of Steam.

        • What about BF1942? That game actually went free to play recently. My friends and I used to download the demo onto all the computers in the language lab and have lan battles. Good times…

          • I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Slender was featured in a video a few months back, and that game’s always been freeware.

          • They were just jumping on the bandwagon because the game got so much attention. There are several good freeware games that come out every month that MMOBomb turns a blind eye to. Is it because they’re out of the loop? Is it because they’re worried about offending the companies that publish these shameless cash cows? Who knows.

        • I understand these are your point of views and opinions, but based on that analysis comes to breed mine.

          Your hate for Planetside 2 is so lacking in actual constructive thought considering the game does not have the flaws you so finely pointed out. It’s not flawless, but no game is… well maybe Final Fantasy Tactics… best game ever. How exactly does it fail at every level of being a FPS? I know you thought you explained this, but you didnt. Where is this false sense that you thought it was going to be purely strategic? 2000 folks per server (give or take, if not more.. not sure of the max in server integrity) in a sandbox style of a presistent FPS world can only breed at least some form of chaos as this should be a given. I would love to see them infuse more strategy into it by locking down newly captured territories for at least a small period of time before becoming capturable once again. If you soloed 50% of the map (assuming that you meant you only played on one of the three current continents of Auraxis) tells me that you’re doing it wrong or playing on the wrong server based on your time zone. Population matters, but they have been making balancing tweaks by giving bonus aids to the underpopulated factions. However, a competent squad or squads can successfull take and hold a territory based on what the game proves itself on; balanced fundamentals from the chosen classes/vehicles in the squad and changing when the advantages present themselves.

          Long ranged combat is not broken. I’m sorry you did not have a pleasant experience with this, but i have had many. Love seeing an armored division of tanks engaging the enemy from an adjacent hill with hordes of salvo or infiltrators offering long range support to close range combatants. This is far from CoD or any other fuster cluck twitch gaming where the maps are super tiny, but even close ranged combat is just as fun (and usually my preferred combat as i suck with sniper rifles).

          Laser guns like Star Wars? I’m assuming you went Vanu…

          Tree and rock coverage…? Rocks are often used for cover… if you’re using a tree for cover in nearly any game… you’re, again, doing it wrong.

          I’m a diehard fan of the Battlefield Series. I bought a computer back in the day for only two reasons.. Ultima Online and Battlefield 1942.. So, i understand your comments on BF2.. good game. Liked 1942 better as well as Bad Company 2, though. BC2 was a huge bound over BC1. Sound, graphics, mechanics, and the awesomeness of Destruction 2.0. Here lies another problem I have with your post. If you’ve never played BF3, how can you assume it was to match CoD? These two games are so far apart in the FPS spectrum that anyone who compares them for similarities are console based morons. BF3 takes many different aspects from the past BF games and has pulled off quite a great game. Besides its stunning detail and (first time for a BF game to my knowledge) single player campaign, the sound is the best I’ve ever experienced in action packed gaming.

          As for the rest of the games you mentioned, (besides League of Legends which you are dead on.. damn good game), i dont have input for since I didnt play them for very long.

          I dont believe enough people have heard of City of Steam to call it most antipated in which i believe MMOBOMB has done their research well enough to select Firefall as most anticipated accurately. Although, it does seem to be losing its steam due to an outstretched closed beta which will seem to drag out until no one cares about it as already pointed out, it still has some nice aspects to how the game world pans out by revealing areas and no SciFi RPGs taken up to this level, i can understand its place as most anticpated.

          • You tried to refute him. Then you went on to confirm him. I thought his post made perfect sense and I will be skipping out on Planetside 2 because I understand exactly what he is saying.

          • You can pick on the details of my post. Even point out the bad grammar. But in the end. I am right. And I urge you all to take the voyage Play the game. Test it and see. MY only problem with that, is you have to be coming from enough games to see the trend, otherwise these comments become NORMAL: 1) Oh, well, it has good grpahics so its obviously the best.
            2) Oh, I guess ill pay that since they have to make money some how
            3) Oh, Well; this feature is better than that feature so I guess that means its a better game.
            etc etc etc..
            PS2 is a good example of an over all NICE package, and one of its kind…but if you played PS1 you know SONY DROPPED that game and collects the cash despite its bugs and fan base. Updates stopped and so did maintenance, yet the credit card system is pretty strong there.
            I hope they doll up PS2 for awhile, but they did NEGLECT allot of things to get servers packed (how they really get paid, your sub is just cocain and hooker cash). They already have expanstions coming out. – the problem is zoomed in, every detail of an FPS in PS2 is just fail. The combat is SITUATIONAL not STRATEGIC. The weapons are not at cool, but just laser gun like. The vehicles are waked out, try snipering a guy in the head on an ATV…it is like he is in an tank…it is crap psyics and design. OTHER GAMES have this done right. All they had to do was copy the wheel and color its spokes, not re-invent it abd end up with a deflated product, that the masses flock too.
            I think the most frightening is the illusions players have now. They THINK they are doing things THAT NEVER EXIST. One example is the subliminal art work that shows troops clinging to Galaxy windhsields shooting in with a sub machine gun. That does not happen in the game. They also show vids of guys ramping off rocks on ATV to land on Galaxys to be take to battle…THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN. PEoples in game experience is take some steps, die. Get in armor, die. Depending on the SITUATION. Cover fire! USELESS: Commanding squads: situational (try spawning on a squad leader dedicated as a pilot).
            Everything that they think they are doing is not happening in game. It is marketing. “Become a wizard harry” is the dream. Being a muckblood peasant is the reality. There is fun to be had, but not game of the year fun, ESPECIALLY when games like BF2 have so much potential, but LIKE SONY, are DROPPED and neglegected to the point it is just market of greed pushing diahreah out.
            I just DL Far CRY2 for my Xmas present in advance. Going to play that to end 2012, not the 3rd one because it is pure garbage. Case in point.

          • this applies to all people who have not been in organized play in planetside 2.
            Planetside 2 IS NOT a game to just hop into. you play Planetside as a group, in an outfit, and then you dominate. this game is about cooperation between large groups of players, and that is nearly impossible to do with a zerg. this game is built for competitive gaming, and it is time people see that this game IS NOT anywhere near its full potential without an outfit/ gaming community to play with.

          • “or infiltrators offering long range support to close range combatants”
            You could at least try playing PS2 before commenting on it.

    • And to feed your broken brain, they advertise with things THAT DO NOT EXIST in the game: ATV jumping off hills and landing on GALAXIES to hitch a ride.
      On the last marketing video more things that never happen in game.
      The client loading has game art, showing a soldier clinging to the window of a ship and shooting in with an assaul rifle…yeah……NO

    • There were plans for Tribes: Universe, a concept like PS2 only with Tribes stuff, but I don’t think that will pan out, especially since Hi-Rez has a difficult time managing several games at once and GA2’s coming next year.

    • I must say, you are right.
      And, in my opnion, the best PvP in this year was Tribes Ascend, at least i dont need to SPEND 70 HOURS IN A GAME TO GET 1000 CERTS TO BUY A FREAKIN WEAPON WITH THE SAME SKIN (iam looking at you, PlanetSide 2).And the Graphics stuff, Planetside?Really? Hawken looks a lot better and it doesn’t have huge FPS drops everytime in a battle.I mean, my PC isn’t great, but i can run better games with no FPS issue, but in PS2, even in the lowest settings and modding the config file, its horrible, it looks like a “bad port” for me.

      I cant stop laughing at “SOE well balanced cash shop”.Seriously?Taking 60-70 hours to buy a weapon with Certs is balanced?Really MMOBomb?REALLY?

      • You need 70 hours to get a waepon, but at least you can get the weapon for free… I understand you but there is much worse out there believe me.

        • That’s still far from acceptable by any sane person’s standards. Being marginally less ridiculous than other games out there doesn’t excuse that.

          • 70 hours to get 1000 CPs is not the most accurate prediction…. i can get 100 CPs after 4 or 5 hours of play, give or take. (Medic and Engineer are great classes to farm up some CPs if CPs are your worry) I just like to play the game and enjoy it. I have to agree that 1000 CPs is a bit eccentric. I think it was about 700 or so in beta which made more sense. I’m glad that you cant buy CPs from the cash shop which would horribly outbalance the game and some skills cant even be purchased with Station Cash. I have to admit I’ve bought a few skins and maybe a weapon or two from the shop. Didnt want to drop 1000 CPs for rockets on the Reaver…. with that same token, i was gladly ready to shovel some cash to the Ps2 team to keep this game going and let them revel in their profit, its well deserved.

          • The problem is that iam more “casual” gamer, so i dont have much time to play, also, keep in mind that its cost 1000 Certs to buy 1 weapon, to 1 class, to 1 character, and most weapons looks the same to me, like, the exact same skin with a little change…
            And to get those Certs, as a casual gamer with would take weeks to farm that stuff!

    • Glad to see I’m not the only person going “Why the hell is planetside dominating the list?”
      I played it for an hour before going “Wow, this is rediculously stupid” I logged in for the first time, was not told the controls or what I am even supposed to be doing, zoomed in and headshotted like 2 people and it leveled me up. After hitting level 5 I only had 3 coins towards buying equipment and the worst sniper in the game, that was weaker than the default sniper, cost 100, but I had already unlocked my second loadout.


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