Thinking about Star Wars: The Old Republic this week, especially that interview from 10 years ago. SWTOR was announced in Oct. 2008 and seemingly every week until its 2011 launch, there was some new developer diary or other tidbit of information coming out about the game. It went on like that for three years, to the point that when the actual game came out, it almost felt like a relief.

Guild Wars 2 was similar. It was teased/announced/reworked for five years before its launch. The first expansion, Heart of Thorns, was formally announced nine months before its launch and then followed up by a significant content drought that players still talk about to this day. Probably learning from that, ArenaNet only announced Path of Fire less than two months before its launch … and that almost seemed like too little time.

So that’s the topic of today’s BombPoll. What is the right amount of “hype time” prior to the launch of an MMO or major expansion? Five years? Five weeks? Or something in between. Let us know what you think!

In the last BombPoll, we asked you what you thought would be a good IP for a new MMORPG. It wasn’t too surprising to see Harry Potter at #1, with 35% of the votes, but I’ll admit to being a little surprised that the new Star Wars trilogy was dead last, with just 2% of the vote.

Maybe SWTOR has left that sour of a taste in people’s mouths. Or maybe there are enough people who still can’t get over Star Wars: Galaxies being gone and don’t want to have their hearts broken again.


  1. I say longer then a year, one the year mark is a great time to release an expansion. The game upon release should already have enough content to keep the player base happy. It would also give the option to work the bugs out of the system (can’t build a stable house on quicksand).


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