Dungeonland is a cooperative hack-and-slash which lets players adventure through a dangerous medieval theme park. Players must work together to face deadly suicidal ducks, lactating cows, and hordes of other monsters as they fight their way through the Dungeon Master’s tragic kingdom. Players may even play as the Dungeon Master, customizing a deadly army and taking control of his minions, even bosses!

To find more about Dungeonland check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. DonĀ“t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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  1. jesterhead85 on November 25, 2013

    The design theme of this game makes me want to shoot myself in the face…It looks horrible. Its literally painful to look at.. never playing.

  2. goose on November 17, 2013

    the level content is locked but right now you can buy the code on amazon for 1.49$ that will unlock that content

  3. Secound on November 15, 2013

    Is It Possible To Play Without STEAM?

  4. Donald on November 15, 2013

    Reminds me of “The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot”. TMQFEL ended up being a pretty hefty play to win leaning free title.

  5. Kamigoroshi on November 15, 2013


  6. I have mounted infinettlies on November 15, 2013

    yup its true

  7. First on November 14, 2013

    omg fgts imm first

  8. Dee Ray on November 14, 2013