Genshin Impact Ningguang Guide: Kit, Best Weapons, And Artifacts

Her wealth is unsurpassed in all of Teyvat.

Aspen Pash
By Aspen Pash, News Editor

Genshin Impact Ningguang

Another week, another installation of our Genshin Impact Guides. This week we will be talking about another personal favorite, the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, the 4-star Geo catalyst user, Ningguang. Ningguang is a strong DPS that allows for a lot of fun team comps all depending on a player's creativity. So, to start, let’s talk about her skill set.

Ningguang’s Normal Attack, Sparkling Scatter, shoots gems that deal Geo DMG. Upon hit, this will grant Ningguang one star jade, which can be seen floating behind Ningguang as they stack. Her charged attack will consume a certain amount of stamina as it fires off a giant gem that deals Geo DMG. In addition, if Ningguang has any Star Jades stacked, unleashing a charged Attack will cause the Star Jades to be fired at the enemy as well, dealing additional DMG. These Star Jades can stack up to three, so the best way to use Ningguang is three normal attacks to gain three Star Jades, and then fire out a charged attack. This rotation can be continued over and over while Ningguang works on regaining energy to use her Elemental Skill and Burst.

Next is Ninguang’s Elemental Skill, her Jade Screen. Ningguang creates the screen out of gold, obsidian, and her great opulence which deals AoE Geo Dmg. This shield can also block opponents’ projectiles and its endurance scales based on Ningguang’s Max HP. The Jade Screen is considered to be a Geo Construct and can be used to block certain attacks, but cannot be climbed. Only one Jade Screen may exist at any one time.

Lastly, let's talk about Ningguang’s Elemental Burst, which is her Starshatter. This attack gathers a great number of gems and then has Ningguang scatter them all at once, sending homing projectiles at her opponents that deal massive Geo DMG. If Starshatter is cast when a Jade Screen is nearby, the Jade Screen will fire additional gem projectiles at the same time.

Players should prioritize Ningguang’s Normal Attack and her Elemental Burst. However, Ninguang’s skill also provides many benefits as a shield and can deal extra damage during Ningguang’s burst so feel free to put some materials into her skill as well, although, if a player is trying to save, then they can hold off or choose to omit leveling her skill altogether.

Best Weapons

• Best 5-Star: Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a great 5-Star weapon even this late in the game. The weapon adds CRIT rate and the book's skill, boundless blessing, increases movement SPD by 10%. When in battle, players will gain an 8% Elemental DMG Bonus every 4s. This will last until the character falls or leaves combat.

• Best Event 4-Star: Dodoco Tales

Now, while Dodoco Tales is an amazing 4-Star for Ningguang due to her low base attack. This weapon allows for normal Attack hits on opponents to increase and Charged Attack DMG to increase by 15% for 6s. Sadly, this weapon was an event item so new players may never have a chance to obtain said weapon. If that is the case, the 4-Star below is a great second choice.

• Best 4-Star: Wine and Song

Wine and Song gives an ER bonus and also will decrease Ningguang’s stamina consumption of Sprint by 15% after hitting an opponent with a Normal Attack. Then, using her Sprint ability will increase her ATK by 20% for 5s. Players will need to use sprint properly to get the full use out of Wine and Song.

• Best 3-Star: Twin Nephrite

Now, for our beautiful new players, you cannot go wrong with Twin Nephrite. Twin Nephrite will give Ningguang increased movement speed and a bonus of 12% ATK for 15 seconds. Plus, the weapon is made of jade, and giving that weapon to the owner of the Jade Palace just seems perfect.

Digging Into Artifacts

Players should go for a Geo Goblet, ATK% Sands, and a Crit rate/DMG circlet. Ningguang is a pretty basic character to build, so she doesn't need anything too out of the ordinary. As for her sub-stats, players should focus on CRIT, ATK%, and ER.

• Berserker/ Martial Artist :

Berserker is one of my all-time favorite 3-Star artifact due to the 2-Piece CRIT rate bonus of 12%, if players want to go with a four-piece, they would want to keep Ningugang’s health below 70%, therefore she would get an increase in CRIT Rate by 24%. Players who are looking to do two 2-piece sets can couple Berserker with Martial Artist which can increase Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 15%--perfect for Ningguang. Remember, if you are above AR45 you should really be looking for a 5-Star set like those below.

• Archaic Petra:

Now, Ningguang is a character that I don't recommend any 4-Piece set for, which is good because that makes things easier to farm usually. This also allows players to pick and choose and build a character on their exact wants and needs. To start, I think one of the most important artifacts for Ningguang is the Archaic Petra set as the 2-Piece will gain a 15% GEO DMG Bonus.

• Gladiator’s Finale:

This 2-Piece will give an ATK bonus of 18% but the 4-Piece should be avoided as it becomes utterly useless for Ninguguang for she is a Catalyst user, so only stick with a 2-piece of Fladiator's Finale or a 4-Piece of something else.

• Noblesse Oblige:

Nobless is another great choice as Ningguang deals a lot of damage from her burst and this set will give an extra 20% bonus to her Elemental burst. Pairing Noblesse Oblige with either Gladiator's Finale or Archaic Petra will make a fine build for Ningguang.

And there you have it, folks! Ningguang may have been a bit of a wildcard choice this week, but fans can look forward to next week when we learn about the newest 5-Star, Cyno.

We hope you continue to enjoy Sumeru and we will see you next week for another Genshin Guide.

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