is proud to announce the launch of the MMOBomb Android app! Now available via Google Play, simply download the app to your Android­ enabled mobile device and get all the news, reviews, opinions, podcasts, first look videos, shows, contests, giveaways, and more from the leading website dedicated to free­-to­-play gaming. Best of all, like the games it covers, the app is totally free!

Download the MMOBomb Android app today and stay in the know regarding everything that has to do with F2P gaming. We’ve got a lot of other plans in the works that will give you new ways to enjoy’s content, so stay tuned!

The iPhone version is up next. If you’re interested in that one, let us know in the comments. Also dont´t forget to post a review in our Google Play page and rate our application!

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  1. I know this app just came out recently, but I found a problem. Whenever I flip my phone to its side or back vertically, the app will bring me back to the home page. Plz fix this. Other than that, I love that you made this app. Now I can find some mmos on my mobile easily.

  2. As an iphone user I cant wait for the iOS app for mmobomb!! As a previous windows phone user I do hope you make on for them as well!

  3. I just switched to a super duper awesome Samsung Galaxy s5 and traded in my iPhone5 and already seeing how much better the phone can be not saying that androids are better just saying that i can enjoy all the extra apps and stuff that you can get on the iphone 5. I was waiting for this app for awhile now and happy that i switch right around the time of app release, i used this app its really good and already loving it 4.5/5


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