Interview: Wayne Song Talks Swordsman PvP, Bots, and Cash Shop

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief


About a month ago we started a 3 part interview with Wayne Song, Swordsman's Associate Product Manager, to catch up on the Gilded Wasteland expansion to the MMORPG. Today we bring you the third and final installment from that interview.

Magicman (MM): Gilded Wasteland adds a few new items to Swordsman’s PvP, but before we get to those, can you tell us about PvP in general, like when can players jump into some of these arenas and does it take long to be able to participate?

Wayne Song (WS): When players reach Lv.30, they can enter the first arena, creating a room to invite other players for PK, or joining the existed rooms for challenging with other players. This is one of the most important parts in Swordsman's PvP content. With the progression of player’s level, more content about PvP will be revealed, like the Way of Dragon, the newly added cross-server battlegrounds, etc. Some of them may require the team work, so meet more friends in game, and have fun!

MM: The expansion adds the new “Capture the Lion” mode which looks to be similar to other Capture the Flag PvP modes. Tell us a bit about this mode. How is it similar and how does it change things up a bit?

WS: Capture the Lion is a 6v6 arena mode. Players on the Red team and Blue team need to try to seize the gold lion, and take it to the target location, then get 1 point. The one that gets more points in 7 minutes will win. The respawn point for each side has the black lion costume, used to grant the special combat skills. It is indeed inspired by Capture the Flag modes, but we wanted to add our own flavor to it.

MM: Cross Server battlegrounds has been something I’ve seen discussed on the forums for quite some time and they finally made it into the game with Gilded Wasteland. How have they changed and improved the PvP experience?

WS: We believe it does, as it creates a more unified multiplayer experience. The actual gameplay keeps things fresh and interesting, and the key for winning is not about how many times you knock down the enemy, but how to take the gold lion to your team base safely. Have fun with it!


MM: How heavily does the game’s cash shop impact PvP? Some players may not be pleased with the ability to buy power (items like Gem Combination Charms and others). While these items may also be available in game without a cash purchase, does having them in the cash shop at all create a “P2W” (pay to win) perception?

WS: We like to give players options. For players interested in competitive gameplay we have normalized arenas. For players interested in progression PvP we have open world PK, PvP dungeons, and Arenas where your upgraded gear and special skills can swing the battle in your favor. We mainly see complaints from open world PK due to the clash of natures between PvE and PvP players. We are working to address this by giving pure PvE players an alternate progression pathway by boosting rewards from instances. We have the ability for players to trade Gold obtained in the game for our cash currency. This helps pure free players earn anything in our cash shop. As the game gets older and gold becomes more and more important free players will get more value for their time.

MM: While it may not impact PvP as much, how has Swordsman addressed the “bot” problem as the game as continued to develop over time?

WS: Bots are always a major issue in free to play games. We have personnel that actively investigate their trade rings and ban them in mass using our logs and special tools. This is why you can see them spamming like crazy one week and not at all the next. We have more plans in the future to guarantee that the players will always get more value from directly supporting the game so they can never be tempted to buy gold from real-money trades.

MM: Are other new PvP modes/elements planned for the future? Care to give us a hint at what may be coming?

WS: PvP is an important part for Swordsman, we’re always do our best to optimize the PvP experience, and creation for new content about PvP is in progress. Stay tuned, some of them will be released in 2015!

Our thanks to Wayne for giving up the updates.

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Discussion (11)

James 8 years ago
aboute game class how com all other can solo event with alts and what purpose with an Shaolin character! for me it would be great if u guys can make that u need all class to access. and as shaolin player it would be nice as tank...

Sob 8 years ago
Awesome game, very enjoyable, I've been playing since closed beta, reached max level about 2-3 months ago and had nothing left to do.
Yes it is pay2win, and extremely so. I knew a guy that basically got the legendary weapon the day it became available, cost around $1,000 I believe. A free2play player would have needed at the minimum 240 days to get that weapon. Oh, and this being a PWE game, there exists (of course) RNG cash shop boxes that have a chance to drop uber-overpower skills called Lost Arts that if you just wanna play the game to get them would take you months, maybe years to get a complete skill book.But that wasn't what killed the game because even though it IS pay2win, combat is all skill-based. Even open-world pvp combat is somewhat skill-based, I've personally beaten people who are way more cashed-up than myself (what little amounts I've spent were used on fashions lol). What killed the game was PWE's lack of attention to the game. There were multiple bugs/glitches, bots were (and still are) running amok, unscheduled/unexplained downtime, unexplained bans, not to mention the lack of updates to the Western version of the game. At first we were only behind the original Chinese/Taiwanese version by like 1-2 months - that's like a few small patches and maybe 1 big content update. But due to PWE's lack of attention we are now behind by I think 5-6 months. Almost everyone I know have already quit after they hit max level if not way, waay, waaay before then. I only log in once in a while to chat with friends and maybe help out with guild stuff but other than that there is absolutely nothing to do at max level. The so-called end-game is horrid with its super easy and super boring instances that have utterly horrible gear drop rates. Oh, last I heard China is getting a new class and removing one of the existing class - new players won't be able to roll said class, though the existing players stay - while we're still running with the same version since November 2014.
Final verdict: great game; so much, so much potential; killed by PWE with their stupid cash shop policies (surprise surprise) and their incompetence.

Mizhun 9 years ago
Played it through most of the story when it launched, i liked it. Haven't played since though. but that time was well spent for me.

Fandall 9 years ago
I don't understand the rage here. Sure, PWE has it's downs ( hehe... ^^ ) but this game actually is really enjoyable. And this comes from a person who has played most F2P titles available since 2007, and some before. It has a dodge system ( which works ), it has really good and smooth ( REAL ) action based combat, ingame CS money can be easily made, comunity is great, storyline is actually good, quests are mostly ''go kill this, kill that...'' but from time to time u are given some with disguise, or collection, or ''chase that guy,...''. Classes are ballanced. Yes, it gets a bit boring, but that's only if you're playing alone. Get into guild ( which is easy ) and have fun doin events. And in world pvp, even if you are 20 lvls lower than everyone in your team and in enemies, you can still help your side by CC ( ing ) opponents. As a free to play title, it's really high end and enjoyable.

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Kiyoi 9 years ago
Is it just me or does it seem like the whole Pay2Win question was dodged by Wayne Song?

View 1 reply
L-A-M-E 9 years ago
"Bots are always a major issue in free to play games." Pff, there are a lot of another games free without bots. It's just about good support/stuff. Pwi, your support suck(sorry Magicman), there are no Gm's.
"We have more plans in the future[...]" Typical.
This game is dead, and prob will shut down.

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PandaStick 9 years ago
Can this game please die and take PWE with them.

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