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Hello I wanted to make a complaint on behalf of several users publicly injured in the game Forge of Empires.

The users in the game are being repressed on the forum when they complain about the game, with threads deleted and complaints excluded. Those who complain on the forum have their profiles banned in order to mask the problems of the game.

Forge of Empires has a long history of decisions that have injured the player-base. One such injury occurred with the recent update that added a building type called Great Buildings. To get a Great Building the player needs to spend diamonds that are bought with real money. This Great Building has several advantages in the game, such as having the largest number of points in battles and a major production resource.

The point is that the team of developers behind Forge of Empires, created these Great Buildings with huge bonuses and then waited for the users to inevitably buy them. After one month, the developers decreased more than half the advantages of large buildings, characterizing it as “gamers theft”.

This was just one of the cases. Now today all users on the Brazilian game servers (600,000 players) have had half of their points in-game removed. For example, some users that had 300,000 now have only 150,000 points.

These points are achieved through battles that are fought for several days and were removed without warning and for no apparent reason.

It is my personal opinion that the administration is manipulating this game as they see fit with little respect for their users. The Forge of Empires forums are packed with tons of complaints and the developers have solved nothing. I decided to make this complaint through portals like this one, in order to see if the developers would respond and do something.

This situation is not just happening to me. Anyone can search and see that Forge of Empires users all over the world are going through the same situation.

Thank you and thank you for this space.

By rickbritto

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  1. A couple of years after Fredo’s comments, above, I can add my story with details of the corruption of mods on the International market. I got immediately and permanently banned for typing in global chat “Looking for VF and CE goods on Langendorn, offering same goods on Jaims”, once. No discussion followed. The banner was Lady Marlena.

    Marlena also hates me, because I defeat her BF on Jaims in GvG, consistently, and used my advert as the excuse to ban me. No warning, nothing.

    See the full evidence on how Marlena “moderates” on behalf of her inept friends, to help them win: Arno Banned by Marlenal

    • Why did you get banned for typing “Looking for VF and CE goods on Langendorn, offering same goods on Jaims” in the global chat? I don’t understand what’s wrong with that?

      I’ve just been permanently banned because of my username. This is after Inno told me in a support ticket back in January that my username was fine and didn’t violate their policies. They offered me the chance to change it and I decided not to seeing as they said it was OK. Now suddenly I’m banned.

      I opened a support ticket and was told to reply with five different usernames. All good I thought. But I’ve heard nothing from LA a week. So I opened a separate ticket asking what the problem is with the original ticket, and it was closed down with a very terse message telling me to be patient while they are conducting their “investigation“.

      I don’t know what on earth they need to investigate, I haven’t done anything wrong! It doesn’t seem there is anywhere else to appeal to so I have lost 18 months of gameplay.

      • Puta is Spanish for wh*re or sl*t is it not? Do you not know this? Are you using this user name and you DO know what it means?

  2. On one hand this article is over the top, on the other hand in some parts it is outright wrong.

    You never had to pay to get a GB (Great Building). You need 9 Blueprints to be able to build a Great Building and there are several ways to get the neccessary BPs (blueprints)without diamonds: i.e. with a certain chance you can win a BP solving certain stations in the Guild Expedition, helping other players by just clicking the ‘Help’ button. A surefire way to get the BPs is spending FPs (Forge Points) into an other player’s GB, for which you get back some FPs back plus medals and some BPs of the GB you spent your FPs for, if you happen to be in the top five list of the donors for a level. It is possible to buy a BP with diamonds, but with a little patience this is absolutely not neccessary. So this complaint is plain wrong.

    In the four years that I have been playing FoE, there have been some justified complaints in the forum, i.e. about the sound bug in the Guild Expedition that took Inno quite some time to fix or tasks like ‘conquer a sector’ in events, that forced players to either abandon the event or enter the next age. Sometime Inno took care of the issues, sometimes they didn’t or it took them a long time. In the end it’s up to them because it’s their product and you never can satisfy everybody.

    I don’t know what’s the situation on the Brazilian servers, but on the German forum servers, which is where I am on the forum, I have never heard of user posts beeing deleted or even user accounts beeing shut down because of complaints — and I’ve read lots of complaints and some pretty harsh criticism about FoE in the FoE forum. As long as you don’t start calling other players or the mods names or start beeing abrasive in another way you are free to express your opinion about the game.

    There has been a cut down in players rank points and as well as a cut down of the strength of some boni of GBs (the ones that increase yout fighting power if I remember correctly), but in all cases the game designers explained why the corrction in form of a cut down was neccessary.

    Before blaming Inno for a certain decision one should keep in mind that the game is developed while users are playing it and you can’t anticipate and take into account everything that might arise from a design — even not as a game designer 🙂 There are beta servers at which users can register to test features before they are released into the game. But that doesn’t give anybody the chance to tell for sure how a new feature will turn out in the long run.

    For those that think they have to blow cash on diamonds to get along with the game: I spent some moderate amounts of cash the first year only to find out that one can do pretty well in FoE without the diamonds for cash. You occasionally get diamonds from wishing wells as well as in the Guild Expedition once in a while. Which is enough diamonds if you don’t have to have every fancy event building — the space in your city is limited anyway. If you have to have every fancy building, have to complete every event — well, then maybe you will have to blow some money on diamonds now and then. But this is the design of the game and you can’t blame Inno for trying to make money with the game.

    I don’t think Inno makes tons of money with FoE. I suspect their cash cow is Grepolis (another game from Inno). In Grepolis, your cities can be razed to the ground by enemy players in a matter of hours and you can get kicked out of a world only to start over from zero. This is where I’ve seen players blowing insane amounts of cash on the diamond equivalent, ‘gold’, and I quickly left that game. But Grepo is another story …

  3. My bone of contention with them is the fact they release a major element into the game GvG, that from the date of release had many bugs and issues and they refuse to fix it. This has caused many players to quit the game or to just become GBer’s.
    And no matter how much information we supply about the bugs and issues ( some of us has spent a great deal of time collating this) they ignore us. In fact on the US server if you dare raise a post about it they slam it shut instantly, talk about suppression.

  4. I don’t get how people are stating that you can’t win in this game if you don’t buy diamonds. I have been playing this game for over 1,5 year now, and never spent a single dime. I have a level 80 Arc and another 14 greater buildings all between level 6 and level 38 and I clear the guild expedition up to level 4 every week. This game is all about patience, planning and strategy. If you don’t like that, then the game clearly isn’t for you. No need for all that bashing about F2P being P2W etc, only if you lack patience, a good sense of logic and skills will you need to buy diamonds to achieve something in FoE.

  5. The game is a scam it looks like as many as 70% no longer play and IMO some gamers are INNo its self. If you want a game that you can never win, be pushed around by bullies , have to kiss A$$ in this is the game for you.

  6. All who complain are a bit over the top. The game is not advertised for anything that it is not. It is one of the best games out there with a very complex algorithm that allows players to play how they decide. Good collectors? Fine, gain troops to protect your city through daily challenges, events and Guild expedition. Fighters? Go play in the GVG wars, fight in Guild expeditions or attack community players. As far as the OP said that great buildings have to be bought with Diamonds, that is complete nonsense. It may take longer to collect the blueprints naturally or one can jump from guild to guild aiding people to accelerate that process, but it can be done! I love this game, it is a boatload of fun and anyone who disses it, go play something else. The development team is huge and like someone else said, they need to be paid for their efforts. Call of Duty/Activision gets paid for their games up front. This game is up to you if you want to pay or just play at a slower rate. Even paying can’t buy your way to victory. So I 110% disagree with all that claim they are ripping you off. This is not an easy game to make fair and it seems they are always trying to do exactly that.

  7. It’s all YOUR (and mine) fault, just stop playing f2p games. They’re lying right in your face and you still playing ’em…FREE? HA HA HA they’re expensive as heck and give NOTHING in return. The f2p thing is just a gimmick people…just another commercial trick…pour money in and inflate your ego…IS THAT YOUR IDEA of proper GAMEPLAY???

    Back in the day it was skilled vs less-skilled, now it’s what…rich player vs less rich? What, you think you can beat the game or the wallet warriors without paying…think again YOU CAN’T! NOT REALLY…And it’s not like I’m having problem paying them, I’m not a free rider, but when you need like 600 euros a year just so to stay afloat it’s just a rip-off in my book.

    I know is hard to rally players towards such cause but the fact remains…f2p games suck big time. Lets ALL go back to the monthly fee, at least that was honest gameplay/skill-wise.


  8. The game has degenerated into an over-glorified farmville spin off. GvG play is plagued with lag, and the map no longer consistently updates in real time. Large guilds have found a way to stifle smaller guilds with lag by simply overloading the server by having mass amounts of players entering the battle at once. GvG is about unplayable at that point and Inno has said they are NOT going to do anything to fix it. FoE has degenerated in a sludge of sewage run into the ground by the blatant greed of the developers. The developers are extremely out of touch with the player base. I understand pay to play on these “free” games but Forge is dying rapidly. If you doubt my statement and still play the game then look how many people in the neighborhood are not playing. About half or even more some weeks are dormant. They had a good thing for a while but have succeeded in killing it off.

  9. i have played the game for more then a 1 year and sins 4 days back my game loads in but after 5 seconds the display goes of and only see Blue screen

  10. I’ve been playing about 4 years. I’ve spent about $100. A few years back, I was blocked from finishing a contest which gave a town corner (9% attack & defense!) When I emailed and complained about the 6 hour software “glitch”, they said i wouldn’t have won any way! I stopped buying anything there. Apparently, I’m being “blocked” again, from advancing in the Summer 2017 contest. For over 3 hours, I’ve not been able to get to my province map, to finish the contest, and begin the bonus quests….

    • Lots of emotive stuff here.

      Think about it – the only revenue Inno gets is from selling diamonds. The servers, game development, staff etc all have to be paid for.

      For me, given the number of hours I have had from this, think its money well spent.

      And no, I am not an Innostooge/Innoemployee etc. Just a happy Innouser.

      • Inno staff has consistently disregarded their customer’s input and continue to slide into the dark hole of greed with each event they come out with. Everyone understand they are out to make money, we get that. However, Inno crew have lost their minds and are drunk on their own kool aid. The fact so many people are walking away from this game after being so committed to it is proof the game no longer offers the reward for dollar they once enjoyed. The FACT Inno is putting its efforts into creating all these new building sets and not willing to improve GvG speaks volumes.

        • I was an innogames staff member for a few years. I’m not anymore so am free to speak my mind.

          It’s not about disregarding player input… When these games are made there is a guide for the direction they are to go. While ideas may be awesomeness incarnate if they don’t mesh with the targeted end game they arnt really listened to. So it’s not that you’re ignored.. but your idea isn’t really needed.

          Now I’ve seen a few ideas implemented so they do listen but not every idea is endgame compatible.

          As for Anybody’s opening comment on you wouldn’t have won anyways.. That was responded to by a dumb moderator. The only people on the payroll are the community manager and the co community manager. The rest are volunteers. Volunteers work for 1 of 2 reasons.

          1. They want to help out… always joyful and nice to have around but they are sorely underappreciated.

          2. They just want free premium or mod powers… If the second part they are buttheads and usually removed right away. These players are rude and disrespectful and love banning people. If the first part then they are subtle and have an I don’t care attitude. These mods usually sneak under the radar and need to get reported for flippant attitudes. Sounds like you got that kind.

  11. I have played FoE for around 5 years now i think, and have spend a few hundred £££’s buying diamonds.
    My advice to any newer players considering playing any Inno games… DON’T DO IT !!!
    They do not and will not care about you .. your family and friends do.. spend the time with them instead. Learn from others mistakes, and DO NOT waste a single penny in this game.

  12. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!! I have been playing this game for eight months now and have spent thousands on it.. it is VERY addictive! trust me!.. they make it so hard to get blueprints that you wind up buying them in the end.. they make everything so hard on purpose.. they look and depend on people like me~!.. i know other players have spent even more then i have! and the game has sooo many glitches.. its so annoying!! God forgive me for every paying a dime for this game.. they keep changing the game and it makes it worse.. the game is a great game.. but the customer service is horrible!! even to paying customers!! DO NOT DO IT~~

    • Just to tell you. You dont NEED to buy blueprints. The options there if you want to speed up the process of getting a GB. You can get Blueprints from aiding players or contributing Forge Points to someone elses GB.

      • I have been playing this game for a little over two weeks and I have spent over $200 cash money for diamonds. Free survey diamonds on the web are fake and fabricated. The reason I spent the cash is that without spending diamonds the game is rather boring and very slow. I am only in the early middle ages. Don’t know how you advanced in the game without spending real cash on diamonds. I do not intend of spend anymore real cash on this game. Very hard to wind battles without upgrading the soldiers which require diamonds. I have plenty of coins and supplies. The game becomes very slow and boring without being able to advance due to lack of diamonds. Since you say you have played for three years how did you advance?

        • So whats wrong with Early Middle Ages. To not spend any real cash, you advance in the game SLOWLY… just like in real life… Take it slow and smell the roses.. If you are in a hurry (some might say greedy), then you pay for it.

        • The big trick to not having to spend money on this game, is finding a nice guild. I have been playing for almost a year now, without ever spending a single dime. I have almost 2 mil points, most of the significant Great Buildings (even one from the Arctic Future), all without spending money. I spend diamonds, yes, a lot of them. Only the ones I can get my hands on through the Guild Expedition. I earn about 150 of them every week.



    • I agree with you %100.. i have paid to play and spent way to much.. in the thousands!! i got addicted to this game.. but they keep ripping me off in the game.. the game always has glitches and always freezes up.. they new GB contribue window takes my forge points from the 1FP bar.. the list goes on and on.. i asked them to put back the forge points that where taken and they said no!! it was only 30 fps and i have spent over two grand on this game!! they are greedy and greed will hit you back in the ass!!

  15. thank god this article exists. im now convinced that not going to spend any real money if the rules are that moderators can do whatever – do they hire kids? sounds like some are kids because of their behaviour according to replies… devs deleting worlds if inactive? c’mon! dont they have a real life at all? no one will spent their whole life in a game and has a vacation and is “out of business”…

    no way, no honey or money to this game. i need to now think should i maybe end my game and find another better moderated/administrated game.

    • I have been playing FOE for about 2+ years. I haven’t spent any money. Recently I left my PC unattended and when I came back several of my great buildings had been deleted. I’ll concede straight off I learned a good life lesson and now use wind button + L to screen lock my pc whenever I leave it.

      Still it was clearly a 3rd party who was at fault. It would be minimal hassle for FOE to roll back to before the GB’s were deleted or replace the GB’s + Fp’s put into them. After numerous back and forth mails with support they gave me the BP’s for the GB’s and that was it. They kept saying they “couldn’t do x y and z” when clearly the could but WOULDN’T. Pretty sad.

      If you don’t buy in game stuff they don’t give a crap and even then its touch and go. So to those who FOE is their thing, be warned if *anything* should happen to your a/c you will not get any help.


  16. Oh forgot to mention I managed to claim back around £100 of the money I spent by contacting my bank and paypal, wasnt easy but if you stick at it and can prove they have done you over then you may get some justice as I feel I did but only a little, I spent around £400 over 3 years so 25 % was the best I got out of it. Better than nothing I suppose!

  17. They are rip off merchants and you are of no consequence to them if you challenge them on it, they will either ban you or tell you that they are working on whatever your issue is, they will tell you to use another browser. The biggest complaint I have is how corrupt the moderators, they can ban you for the most ridiculous reasons if you are affecting one of their ingame friends because they are just players but not in the world they operate but often their friends play on the world they moderate in and they will ban you if you say anything to any of their friends that they deem as insulting or plunder them or you challenge them on the gvg map. I was banned for putting the following characters on global chat twice which says it all: _m_(o)(o)_m_

    I placed it twice over an evening and got banned for 3 days and i appealed and the corrupt moderator twomsuk who if you google the name is her business name lol, just saying. She told me It was classed as graffitti?? WTF I thought and had to accept it and I had 3 or 4 over 3 years like this and getting worse as time went on.

    I reluctantly went back after the ban because the money and time I have spent on the game but knowing in the back of my mind its a big corrupt fix and you cannot beat players known as mods with god powers. The most corrupt moderators I have found was Lady Marlena who did not like me as a player and when I found out she became a moderator she quickly got me permanently banned for asking to have the 3 day ban I got lifted or I would report it with names on all forums i can find and she said it was a threat to life but it wasnt me who put twomsuk game id, business and ebay ids are never good to mic especially as a moderator lol, I said I would highlight the names of the moderators including their real life names which I didnt but to report how corrupt they are and that was the end of that and to be honest its the best thing thats happened.

    Corrupt Mods in east nagach in my opinion are Lady Marlena, twomsuk, Princess Xyster, Zarok Dai, Richard Stephenson, strangely enough when they are no longer mods they tend to join Juggernaut like Jadealana another ex mod and Lady Marlena’s first guild before she left to start her own Dragons Fire and then left that to do her dirty work that she couldnt do as a player. All of them are disgusting cheats, you cannot beat god powers save your money for a game that is worth your hard earned cash. Total waste of Time and money.

    Forge of Empires is a fix and totally laggy, the god powers they have can get your screen to blink and flash, allowing their select guilds to achieve more in GVG, they can cause you excessive lag to aid who they support in the game, they dont moderate chat for swearing or foul language they watch to ensure their friends are succeeding and catered to in everyway possible. No point reading the rules because they make them up as they go along lol, Absolute joke of a game and the company who made it, wouldnt touch anything that they make ever again!! 3 years of my life wasted, back to programming again in my spare time instead of that place thank god……….

  18. I just lost Santa’s work shop when I was deleting another building. All the normal buildings have a warning pop-up box that will say, are you sure you want to delete this building. But not the ones you win in the special events. I accidentally placed my finger a millimetre wrong and the Santa work shop was gone, just like that, no warning. I’m so angry. I can’t buy it or achieve again. And I can’t find a support chat so I can text them and complain. I want my Santa shop back. It was the best building I had in my city. Anyone who have a link for a support chat?

    • when you are on your game you can right click and it will pop up in a white window..but im sorry to say that they have horrible support.. good luck

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  20. We are commencing a class action lawsuit against Innogames and it’s subsidiaries. We have several recorded instances of fraud and evidence of bait and switch.

    More info coming soon.

    • Hi. I am experiencing issues with Inno right now, specifically with Forge of Empires very poor support in the US. What are the terms of your lawsuit and how can I participate if I qualify?



    • I am being ripped off by INNO too!! i have payed thousands unfortunately to play this game and they are even ripping me off!! they treat there high paying customers like crap!! i am trying to reach their CEO.. he has a facebook. people need to go on there.. he is the owner his name is Hendrik Klindworth. .. i am thinking of suing them myself.. im so tired of them ripping me off!!

  21. Same with me.. I have a issue and he is saying their isn’t any problem but the Pharos isn’t doing his 85% but 0%. This is already 2 months going on. He really has a big ego and is being very rude. So i asked for his boss. This blackstar or whatever things he is the owner of the game!!!! He closed the issue without solvent it because probably he isn’t a big shot and cant solve it. Only know my game isn’t working i can start again but i refuse that and i had put a lot of time in it to be bulliet around! What a crap support group at zz. USA

  22. horrible customer service….for 3 years now they have horrible lag issues if you have a very large city….cant even fight battles in gvg for the first hour after collections due to inadequate servers to handle the volume….have to refresh numerous times every day due to constant freezes and lag…they have moderators who are players that recieve diamonds for their work…but instead of appling the rules they choose a side according to their bias towards certain players and will ban you due to their biasness towards each players…the lag issue has gone on for three years to only fall on deaf ears…..many bleed thru clicks and if it happens and accidentally spend diamonds due to the bleed thru they dont want to reimburse you and will deny responsibility…..players have complained for 3 years now and still horrible lag issues in a game where time is everything during battles in gvg………perhaps the c.e.o has a new 100 ft yatch he wishes to purchase for his kids instead of dishin out the funds to upgrade servers so the players dont suffer as they have for 3 years now……its like a joke….if you compalain they just send u a auto reply tha says they are working on it…been 3 years….and their still workin on it….how much work is it to write a check for new servers…..the worst properly workin game ive ever played online……

  23. Yes don’t forget about real life, but if someone is buying diamonds (takes real money) and get non of what they pay for, for example, I have purchased a $20.00 diamond pack, did not get them or a receipt. So I have no way of proving that I paid for them. They can still take the money and not give you a receipt. The receipt is the only proof you have. If you didn’t use real money it would not matter. PS, this has happened to me twice!

  24. You have a problem with not receiving goods you paid for? DISPUTE the CHARGE on your CREDIT CARD or through PAYPAL.

    You have a complaint about the play of FoE game? Or EVONY? Stop playing…

    These are MASSIVE games, played by hundreds of thousands of people. Even if 1% of the players send an email complaint, you think they will read 10,000 emails ? NOT! Just stop playing and get outside… meet a girl, get your sexy groove on with her…. these games are great for passing the time, but dont forget live LIFE.

  25. My most recent experience with Innogames was on Tribal Wars 2. I am completely disgusted with the company after learning that they give all authority for banning players to other players who get moderator privileges.. After expressing my opinions in their forums I was messaged by one of theses moderators and accused of “spamming”. Through the course of disputing my case and asking for other players to give their opinions on the matter I was then banned. It started with banning from the forum first, then after insisting that they were mistreating me and abusing their privileges they proceeded to ban me from the game entirely and permanently. This is the main problem with Innogames and why they will never improve on their games. So, if you want to play a game that doesn’t evolve and allows their moderators to ban you when you try to offer some suggestions, then that is what you will find with them. Buyer beware and player be warned!!!!

    • Says in the rules not to complain publicly but to pm the mod and talk privately. This is so you dont rile up the community over a possible miscommunication

  26. Innogames and Forge of Empires sucks. The leaders of Innogames don’t care about people opinions, which is evidenced by the implementation of a horrible message system that was loudly opposed in Beta and by the vast majority of players, yet Inno put the system into place without that consideration. They even offered me a 40% bonus on my next purchase of diamonds, then took it away. When confronted with this they asked for a screenshot. Who does that when they are playing a game? Inno is a BAD company. They willfully crippled the communication system in FOE and they didn’t care that most people complained about it.

    Most of all…NEVER, EVER give them any money. They don’t care about you, they only hope you will buy diamonds. And they will dangle that carrot in front of you then deliver the stick. No carrot for you.

    Don’t trust Innogames, don’t belive Innogames, and most of all don’t play any Inno games, free or otherwise. In the end you will simply face frustration from Innogames when they do whatever they want, even if if makes the game worse. Unfortunately I witnessed this numerous times and finally said enough is enough.

    INNOgames is a bad company and should never be trusted.

  27. I think that Forge of Empires is a great game, I have been playing it for almost 2 yrs and I find it to be user friendly and easy to play. The commitment level is up to the user. I have days were I can do the minimum just to keep generating goods or I have days I can leave it on all day. So I guess I am wandering, Is there a FOE convention somewhere?????

  28. Do you ever read your complaints? The battle fields in Forge of Empires are unfair. The enemy gets to move all over befor you can move your units and then you can only move a little way at a time.UNFAIR!!!!!!!!! N

    • Movement is controlled by the type of unit and the terrain. It is identical for both you and your opponent. It is obvious you simply have not bothered to read the information available on troops and their characteristics.

  29. Bunch of a-holes running the game.
    They say it is free, but will plunder your supplies until you purchase the great buildings. Then they change the rules as they go along, just to sucker you in to buying shit from them.
    DO NO PLAY THIS GAME WITH THESE A-HOLES. All they want is your money! Then they will dump you.

  30. I went to bed with one bar of gold left to open Monarchy and when I went to open it today the 4×4 space it was to open was gone. This happened one other time and I am getting tired of not receiving the things I work for.

  31. You can’t win battles.the enemy is given all the opportunity to move where they want and your y
    Troops are restricted to a small area and can’t move. Either both have the same properties or forget fighting!

    • They do have the same properties for you and your opponent. Each unit type has different attack/defense and movement capabilities. As the troops advance, those change. You have posted numerous complaints about this, but apparently you don’t care enough to learn how to play the game. There are issues with the game, but the ones you are complaining about are simply a lack of knowledge on your part as to how the game works. Read the forums, instructions, etc. and learn how troops fight, move, etc. Troops have advantages that are different by type. Some move better on one terrain type, and very slowly on another. If you would bother to learn you might find the game more enjoyabl.e

  32. The fighting fields are not fair. The opponent can advance any amount of squares and you can’t move your players into position . I think the playing field should be entirely open to both sides. You don’t fight horses and people unless you have back-ups and the way it is you can only move one of your men while they can move any number of spaces.

    • Wow! You’re persistent! Dense, but persistent.
      Before shouting your mouth that the game is “unfair”, learn how to play it properly.

  33. I think that in the market people need to identify themselves for making trades because I traded iron for ebony and lost the iron and never was given the ebony.using p,Ayer names would prevent stealing

    • Player/Merchant names have been clearly visible in the Marketplace for over 2 years.
      You really have no idea what you’re doing, or saying.

  34. Аз спазвах всички изисквания на играта. Играех самостоятелно, без да споделям интернет връзката с друг играч. Но, въпреки всичко, бях баннат. Бил съм използвал мулти акаунт според тях.

  35. Beware of this game, after spending allot of time building my city and foolishly spending some money to enhance the game, I traveled for work for 7 weeks and when I returned my game was gone and all I got was well we deleted it due to inactivity and it cant be recovered, if a game is selling items to enhance the game you should never be able to just lose it all for not being able to play for a period of time, once again I say thanks to World Of Warcraft who understands this and never deletes your game even when your account is off, Forge of empires has allot to learn when it comes to customer satisfaction and retaing customers who were willing to spend money on their game.

  36. As of Feb 2015 the game just works amazingly… Contemporary Era long time ago released and soon to enter Tomorrow Era… lots of nice fixes, number of total units displayed… unlimited levels for Great Building and so on… I just love it.

  37. This game sucks banned me and my friends just because shared the same internet connection and no one of accounts was never used of adventage of other account the funny thing is that i told them that we share same internet conection and they banned me after i told them. Congrats FoE for your respect that you show on your players this game is a SHIT!

  38. I made purchase in Forge of Empires, but never got the items. Customer support is silent, ignoring me with absolutely no feedback! My money is just LOST! I wrote to all possible email addresses that Innogames provide. None of them answered. What can I do with this situation???

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    • Really surprised by the evolution of the game. Continuous expulsions for any suspicion of having multiple accounts for a single player, where players unbalanced neighborhoods with many points are along with other low level players, players who appear with few points in the neighborhood and in a week you surpass points and are not banned. All this on servers in Spain but I see even allegations in Brazil.

  40. i was banned simply for calling a mod im friendly with hun what kind of game is this that we can’t be polite to one another plz chk out chrisj974 city deadwood i think this was way over reacted

  41. I’m contently logging onto syfy games and then not being able to get on forge of empires! I get stupid msgs instead! Mostly “An internal error has occored and will be fixed as soon as we hire a competent tec! Very unhappy! falling behind, getting looted, could be kiced from guilds! Have been playing for about a month and am earning respect now ill lose EVERYTHING! and it’s hapening more and more all the time! ive been trying for hours!!

  42. I wouldn’t say fraud BlueKnights. I think it’s better to say very poorly designed. Yes the GVG did give advantage to top guilds who could spend more goods, and yea i agree with the 7 day rule wait that made all guilds suffer from that. But i think on the Hall of Fames, i believe the developers were trying to figure out a way to help many guilds boost their prestige up, and then probabaly got many complaints from GVG guilds about it, so they adjusted the Hall of Fame points again to make them happy, but what they did was they pissed off the players who had bought cups to get many Halls, therefore pissing off the players who bought the Halls. And when you add that all together, they really screwd things up all over. I guess you could say it did mislead players buying those, cause it really did, but i don’t think it was done on purpose. i just think it was all a very bad design that was changed again that ended up causing more problems.

  43. I have played this game just over a year. Im founder of Knights Star guilds and recently Star Wars ( ep FOE )….. in my opinion, FOE has committed fraud to many players with deception and misleading. Some of these developers actually play this game and have before it was even advertized. When they designed GVG, they set it up where only the top guilds ( who most developers are in ) would be dominating while everyone else didnt have a chance. When the damage was done, they changed design and made players have to wait 7 days before they were allowed to go back to their guild , and they did this to prevent other guilds from getting extra help in trades and maybe having an outside chance to compete….. But what it really did was put a block from middle guilds and lower to have slow growth now…. Now they once again mislead players into Hall of Fames. They wanted players to buy diamonds to buy Hall of Fames making them think they would help in prestige, instead they mislead buyers and changed it again. From what i have learned from my time of playing this game, most of the developers are cheating to give themselves and their buddies who play and montior this game,heavy advantages while the rest of us get the shaft. And by misleading players , they have committed fraud.

  44. I just could not go away your site prior to suggesting that I actually loved the standard information an individual provide on your visitors? Is going to be back steadily in order to check up on new posts

  45. I have played forge of empires for almost 2 years and Inno games have realy screwed it up now. The only reason I have played for so long, is that I could log on when i felt for it. Just a couple of times a day. Neither have I spend any money on it, since its not much to spend money on.

    They added a guild vs guild part some months ago, even when their own beta testers begged them not to. What they released was a badly thought off early beta version. Full of loopholes that 1 percent of the players have fun with and 99 percent hates. No wonder so many high ranked players have left. When a game developer begins to ignore their own beta testers, you just know its going to be bad. They could have introduced some simple rules to balance, but have just ignore all problems for months and only worked on the age.

    They claim the game is no longer a beta, but trust me it realy is.

  46. DarkArtist69 should be removed. They assume just about anything is in bad context. They have no tolerance for reference to pornographic material. So why is it that the twit behind this is exempt from that.

    I wrote to support because I noticed a Watchtower was missing and suddenly I was in a neighborhood with 8/10 top players. I was told there was nothing they could do because it was the server and the watchtower was gone over a week. So I told them to stick the watchtower up their A**. I got a PERMANENT BAN. a little drastic since it was not within the game. I had a right to be upset over being screwed. Maybe I did use another word for donkey. Permanent Ban? Been over a week with DarkArtist69 telling me that they have to know that I wont do that again and that my actions were wrong. My actions were not wrong, I have a right to be upset. They can ban me if thy want, but permanently? I said that I would not contact support for any reason therefore removing the possibility of this happening again. DarkArtist69 continually keeps telling me not to bring up the facts in the appeal, yet he is the one that reiterates the original issues.

    DarkArtist69 is very shallow and when I tried to talk to the managers of the company, they insisted on referring my case over to, low and behold, the one and only power mad punk that is the whole reason for an ongoing ignorant vendetta, DarkArtist69 himself.

    There are better games and better companies for games like this. this while game is evolving and there are so many changes. Those who pay win. Period This company doesnt care about their customers. They will let someone argue with a player to impose their point of view. Unless you use the specific words they want, you are screwed. I have a year and a half in this. That is to be cast away by a moron with supreme power and a vendetta? Over one word in support after being blown off ?

  47. Inno Games is a fraud. Granted you can play for free, but that will only take you so far in the game. When you do set your sites on handing real money over to them to purchase something (great buildings) they change the way they work after you already paid. Think of it as you buy a real gold ring only to find a gold colored plastic one is what you get in return. Its called bait and switch which is a classic con (and illegal)

  48. The new Guild Wars and consequent removal of Great Building boosts is hogwash…..wallet closed….hope they lose all their revenue stream….

  49. seems there are tons of allegations and nothing to back them up. first the game doesnt protect its players and then it borders on fraud. erm well.. this game killed my baby. It wasnt the dingos after all.

    If your going to say something explain why. Otherwise it is just the ranting of players who cheated and got caught. or Broke the rules and got banned and are trying to lash out back.

    • Good to see Inno Games staffs this site – LOL! If I’m going to be accused of cheating would love to see some proof other than “you been linked with…blah blah blah…” Complete BS – love this response:

      Hello XXXXXXX,

      You were actually banned for operating a push account with other players. We will consider converting your ban and applying some penalties based on your honest explanation as to these actions.



  50. The owners of this game only care about profits they are not interested if you complain they do not protect the game players from crime or scammers.
    Don’t play the game.

  51. I have to agree – innogames time is coming to a close fast because they are cheating people out of diamonds, gold, etc. Sure there’s a sucker born every minute, but when a person just wants to play for entertainment value and they get ripped off, it stings. Kind of like buying a movie ticket and then the theatre tells you sorry, closed for renovations, ticket was non-refundable and the movie is canceled.

    • How are they cheating people out of diamonds gold etc? If you’re going to make a claim like that you should actually note some evidence or reasoning behind what you say or you just sound like a loon and a whiner. Like the ones that say they got banned for no reason. Sure every game bans potential money spenders for no reason XD

  52. This game would be good if it wasn’t so pay to pay orientated and the staff weren’t so corrupt and banning and deleting threads that say anything negative about their precious money farm that they call a game. I don’t think this money farm is that good I have played it for less than a day and I know what it is a pay to pay farm where the devs farm money and the lap dog moderators ban anyone who says anything bad about it or complain. They should really make the game less grind orientated to the people who just don’t pay for diamonds and also stop the unnecessary bans and hushing up of any bad publicity about the game.
    Just my thoughts

    • Pay to play mate. Not pay to pay XD and yet you say that people also dont pay for diamonds. That doesnt sound like pay to play to me.

  53. Since starting this game and handing over my email address my spam has increased bigtime. Looks like my email address is being sold on.

  54. Yes, I agree to the complaint stated above. My account too was deleted or removed by the forge of empires staff. This was since I made a complaint about my game Diamonds mysteriously dissapearing last week. I had 30 Diamonds and last week i had no diamonds at all. Since then, my account has been deleted.

    • When I used 5 diamonds to purchase one limestone in order to negotiate a land instead of attacking for it, an error message came up, I had to log back into the game, when I got back to the game, my 5 diamonds were still gone, but the limestone I purchased with it was no where to be found. This is not the first time it has happened. I am willing to forgive this every once in a while due to the realization that nothing in this world is perfect, but it has happened multiple times and way too close together. I like this game, but will stop playing it and will not recommend it to anyone else if these issues are not fixed.

  55. I was going to try the game out and I found out your account gets deleted after staying offline for more than one month. Now I find out about this and I wonder why are people still playing it. It’s not worth the time and effort seeing how your account can get banned/deleted so easily.

  56. >>1.) If the game is too much for you then QUIT ALREADY !!!

    Read the original thread.

    >>2.) Why the _ _ _ _ are you people even bothered to spend REAL MONEY on a GAME, dont you have anything better to spend it on ?

    That’s why there is freewill – you know the choice between doing something and not, oh and caps just makes you look foolish, are you insuating that people can’t read?

    >>3.) Stop with the moaning if somebody attacks you and especially if the plunder you … its not a WAR GAME for no reason … you people should honestly go back to farmville ( btw there is farmville 2 out now ) xD

    People have the right to complain about any product or service they are dis-satisfied with, simple. What your suggesting is everyone should stay quite and keep their opinions to themselves? If that’s the case why didn’t you?

    >>5.) Lastly but not least dont you people have anything better to do like work and being a bit more social with people in the REAL WORLD not on a game ??? ( I think i need to read that one carefully as it includes me ) xD xD xD

    How on earth can you make a comment like that?! Of course people have real lives, jobs, families etc… what difference does that make what-so-ever? If someone wishes to express their opinion about something be it right or wrong they have the freewill to do so. Who exactly are you to tell others that they cannot?

    >> p.s. Dont report me for censoring a swear I may have intended to use

    A full response without a swear word censored or otherwise, maybe you could learn a little from that!! – now unless you really have something constructive to say, just don’t say anything at all! It really is not that hard.

  57. 1.) If the game is too much for you then QUIT ALREADY !!!

    2.) Why the _ _ _ _ are you people even bothered to spend REAL MONEY on a GAME, dont you have anything better to spend it on ?

    3.) Stop with the moaning if somebody attacks you and especially if the plunder you … its not a WAR GAME for no reason … you people should honestly go back to farmville ( btw there is farmville 2 out now ) xD

    4.) Just because you dont like something doing make it other peoples problems … just get over it !

    5.) Lastly but not least dont you people have anything better to do like work and being a bit more social with people in the REAL WORLD not on a game ??? ( I think i need to read that one carefully as it includes me ) xD xD xD

    p.s. Dont report me for censoring a swear I may have intended to use

    p.p.s. You arent going to achieve anything in life if you do

    p.p.p.s. I didnt use those star thingys for my intended swear word so that doesnt count xD


    p.p.p.p.p.s. Ive got no more p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s’s xD

    p.p.p.p.p.p.s. That was last p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. btw

    p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. I dont blame you for reporting me for any p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s’s

    Please feel free to leave any comments behind xD

  58. when the game was in beta it did have problems and they would ban you if you complained, but remember, it was in BETA!!!!! so there of coarse there is going to be mistakes and wile i dont support the ban’s they did, i understand them. they where in beta trying to solve the problems and they dont need every one complaining giving the game a bad name before it is out of beta. now that it is out of beta they also are not so ban happy if you know what i mean.

  59. After spending a long time reading all these comments, I am baffled by the overwhelming amount inaccurate information on display here. I think you all need to remember it is a game and if it isn’t working out for you….QUIT!

    You do not have to spend a single penny on forge of empires if you do not wish to do so and the comment that spending money is encouraged is a daft thing to say too because all of these types of games encourage you to spend money. If there were not people spending money on games like this then games like this would cease to exist.

    Moderating is not an easy job to have. Many people will criticise and I have seen comments like. I am so effing peed off because some bleep bleep plundered me.. I mean, for goodness sake… Of course comments like that will be removed along with others that are not helpful, constructive, informative or of any use to anyone. It is possible to voice an opinion without getting nasty and I have personally had nothing but good encounters with moderators on forge of empires, but then I don’t swear, I stick to things the rules have allowed me talk about and I don’t try to make the game into something it is not.

    I come to forge of empires to relax and I enjoy the game very much. I have spent money on the game, but I didn’t feel I had to. I wanted to spruce up my city and fancied the look of some windmills. I have many friends who are not as they call us, “diamond players” and they have progressed very well and have more GBs than I do.

    As for saying this or that is encouraged in terms of gameplay… do all games not have some kind of agenda? The motivating and polishing can be a pain, but it is also optional. You do not have to do well at the game to enjoy it.

    For the most part, this game has enhanced my life along with many others who play alongside me.
    And I’m sure it hasn’t ruined your lives to the extent you imply. I’m guessing you are all in need of relaxation. ay I suggest you play an online game to relax? =D

    • I strictly oppose and am against your comment Mr.Rhubarb’s guardian. Because this game has removed or deleted my account for making a complaint. This game does not support its players and this game does not respect its players. The game is enjoyable up to some extent until they ban or delete your account. I played very well in the game and reached colonial age and suddenly today i noticed that my account is mysteriously disappeared. Legal action should be taken against such consumer unfriendly web browser games.

      • Kane the game does not remove or delete your account for making a complaint. You probably just tried logging into the wrong server. There is the en server the us server and the zz server all of which have english as the primary language. If you think you got deleted file a ticket in support and ask about it rather than assuming your being censored. Though with a small mind that instantly goes “Legal action should be taken” I dont know if I want you playing with me. If I plunder you, you may try to call your lawyer.

  60. If I were in FOE devs shoes, I would sue the crap out of the original complaint poster. Great Buildings are completely free of charge, you don’t have to spend a single penny in this game to progress. I should know, as I have played ever since it started and have yet to put any real money into it. Get your facts straight, before you come bashing and crawl back to whatever Brazilian jungle you came from.

    • SirSh**Alot,
      You are a racist, an idiot when it comes to civil suits, and a moron for simply putting your name out there. The end. 😉

  61. You can get Great Buildings from voluntarily helping your neighbors and friends in the game, free of charge.

    You don’t to spend a single penny, to get a Great Building.

    So a player does NOT “need to spend diamonds that are bought with real money”, at all.

  62. I have a complaint , I just got banned for 24 hours for quote on quote insinuating a fowl remark what the hell is going on in these chat rooms . I then tried to appeal to one of these wanna be monitors and he says what i wrote was fowl language and got censored . but check this he was full of crap because i wrote it the same way it would appear as if it was picked and censored . in other words i typed part of the word with stars Example Bull**** does that mean i said bullshit no it doesn’t it mean i typed,star . after i confronted this so called monitor he changes his story and says i was banned because another player reported my (bull****)
    then he adds oyeah your not suppose to discuss being banned thats another reason you got banned . i told him thats Bull****

    Do you think i should of got banned for what i never typed you basiclly can get banned for using * stars in place of letters Bull**** could be Bullcrap you tell me ?

    • Dude you should read the rules. They say that if you censor your own words its still considered a swear. How would they know if its a swear or not. And if your censoring it yourself then you know dang well that its a swear so trying to twist words on it could have been bullcrap doesnt really work.

      • really ?? the thought police are now banning for censored words because people can infer that you really meant to say filthy obscene dirty horrendous words …but you didn’t ..but you implied that you were thinking them so you might have cause offense to some virgins totally pure mind that of course should have no clue as to what you were trying to censor in the first place…..*GASP* (_)):::::D <— Random punctuation don't take offense (to any prudes out there !!

  63. I have a complaint , I just got banned for 24 hours for quote on quote insinuating a fowl remark what the hell is going on in these chat rooms . I then tried to appeal to one of these wanna be monitors and he says what i wrote was fowl language and got censored . but check this he was full of crap because i wrote it the same way it would appear as if it was picked and censored . in other words i typed part of the word with stars Example Bull**** does that mean i said bullshit no it doesn’t it mean i typed,star . after i confronted this so called monitor he changes his story and says i was banned because another player reported my (bull****) then he adds oyeah your not suppose to discuss being thats another you got banned . i told him thats Bull****

    Do you think i should of got banned for what i never typed you basiclly can get banned for using * stars in place of letters Bull**** could be Bullcrap you tell me ?

  64. The OP has lost touch with reality. Yes they have great buildings that can be bought with real money, but you can also earn them for free. I have spent exactly $0 on the game and have all great buildings except from industrial age (and i am half way to getting them), but it seems some people don’t want to do the polishing/motivating that is required to earn the blueprints for the buildings. Every f2p game has to make money somewhere and it is usually done by allowing people to buy items.

    As for the points loss they had it posted for several weeks on the forum that they were revising the points awarded for buildings to try to balance it out. The game is in beta and that means there will be changes made periodically.

    As for forum posts removed, they remove them because they are not constructive criticizm. They are removed because they are not posted in the proper thread and/or they result to personal attacks. Hopping on a forum and saying “FOE can suck my ****” will almost certainly be removed. Is it your opionion? Yes. Is it constructive or informative in any way? No.

    • While it is correct that the game does not force players to buy diamonds in any way, it certainly entices players to spend as much money as possible by literally putting a diamond option everywhere. Earning diamonds from ads and surveys is not an option as SponsorPay either fails to validate most offers or does it on purpose to cause even more user frustration.

      It is nearly impossible for a casual player – you know, those people with a job and children – to succeed in the game without paying an absurdly high amount of money, with the added chance of getting their progress hindered by the highly encouraged PvP system that is a large part of the game. Decay was added to ensure maximum player activity, and even though it scales with production time, not being able to check the game often enough will end up in a constant loss of in-game resources and motivation to play, as well as deter potential paying customers.

      Points are far from being the only issue. Some people actually play games for some fun after a day of hard work ; they don’t play to fight and grind 24/7 in a browser, sit on their throne and brag about their virtual achievements. There has been much nerfing going on instead of fixes to unbalanced content, which is the issue with most freemium games. As a developer myself, unless InnoGames are incompetent coders and the game code is a mess, scaling all variables to what was considered “overpowered” or “too high” is a matter of minutes and would ease progress instead of making it harder for new (and existing) players to enjoy a decent gaming experience.

      Random quests and blueprint lottery are an additional source of frustration – rather than a certainly wonderful use in a distant future, erasing all chances of duplicates and lowering the droprate accordingly to ensure Great Buildings remained rare and valuable was another option. An online game getting such a high percentage of ragequits might have its wheel running the wrong way. While easy indeed is boring, adding frustration to every patch does not really help.

      Feel free to discuss as some arguments may be seen as biased and not really constructive.

      • Blueprints are not random either, this is a FACT. They can change the ratio for each player or all players at their discretion.

  65. Oh man just got the link for here… so funny.

    Ok I may reply to some. Not all online games are for everyone 🙂 if you dont like a game then simply dont play it. Its great to see that some go out to complain about things and some of the complaints in the first post do seem to be valid points.

    The problem with posting on other sites is there is no validity to who is who. If you are indeed some form of organization then you should have the cranial capacity to figure that out.

    As for the staff and admins for players who complain about the staff actions themselves. Remember that any game site has supervisors. If anyone is treated poorly I encourage you to ask for their supervisor. If you dont like the response then ask for their supervisor. If the supervisors are bad and enough people go up the food chain then chances are someone will take notice.

    As for talking about Blacksmith behind his back. Go talk to him in the forums for the site he or she works on. Instead of talking about lawsuits like your a 16 year old that found out what EAW stands for and are trying to flex your brain. If you had any intelligence then you would realize that you cannot charge a worker of an organization only the organization itself. Then its up to the organization on how they want to deal with the individual.

    As for most of you that seem to have had a bad experience, I hope you find a game you enjoy.

    • The Real Blacksmith maybe,

      If someone is claiming to be someone who they are not then its down to them. My replies are on ‘what is going on’ so where you get ’16 year old that found out what EAW stands for’ you really wouldnt being saying that if you were sat where I was!

      You have no idea on whats going on, so what position are you in to even come out with such a childish remark?

      Its comments like that, again that make you look foolish (whoever you are). Clearly I know exactly what im talking about and you choose to pick a section of Law that relates to an EAW, what about the rest? Possibly a 15 year old came up with it?

      No one is talking about blacksmith behind his back and he has the option to join this blog if it is not him that has been replying, either/or it makes no difference. Blacksmith was not required to give any information to prevent/continue action, so what difference does it make?

      I think ‘The Real Blacksmith maybe’ what you need to do is READ, ALL of the the messages rather than grabbing snippets and then dipicting it in your own way. What I find very interesting is that every post has been about a complaint regarding FOE, its staff and central operations, and all of a sudden as soon as a company decides to take action people pop up from no where claiming this, that and the other.

      If you really dont have anything ‘constructive’ to say to benefit the Original Poster and those members that have been ‘wronged’ by the practices of FOE and its staff then simply dont say anything at all.

      Again, we have yet someone else who cannot hold a normal conversation and resorts to rudeness and unprofessionalism. I’m guessing the team of FOE have now arrived to add there continued attitude and disrepect that hundreds of members have complained about. So, to ‘The Real Blacksmith maybe’ i thankyou for demonstrating the attitudes of FOE and why members should stay WELL AWAY from FOE.

      And finally your quote ‘Oh man just got the link for here… so funny.’ does it really get anymore disrespectful than that?…

  66. Blacksmith,

    As i am sure you are aware, ‘sarcasm is the lowest form of wit’. Im not even going to attempt to drop myself to your unintellectual level. It is quite clear to myself, the members of Forge of Empires and anybody else who has had the opportunity of recieving your abusive manner or simply by reading these public posts, that your only focus is on yourself.

    I do apologise that you are, as you so put it ‘quivering in my boots’ thats not our intentions of our company. We have publicly informed you of whats occuring and more over to the other members who ‘were’ looking to join Forge of Empires and for those that are already playing the game the current legal situation. It really is that simple.

    Maybe instead of being sarcastic, unprofessional, rude & quite simply unintelligent with your replies, maybe you should actually address the ‘members’ that have posted in this blog and address them directly. All you have managed to do is make yourself look very silly and a little withdrawn possibly.

    So, in summary, there is no need for you to further reply to anything I have to say. The information I have provided is factual and the updates to come will be factual, they are also in line with ICO guidelines and I would concentrate your replies to the members that you supposedly support.

    I do hope we havent caused you any distress, and if we have, well, its down to your actions and nothing more. So at least do the right thing and address your members in the correct manner and with a little less sarcasm.

  67. Blacksmith,

    Your actions on Forge Of Empires have finally caught up with you! I would not concern yourself so much with InnoGames themselves (thats for their legal department and board to deal with) but your should be looking a little closer at your own position. Like i mentioned in my previous post, once our evidence is collated in it’s entirety a Civil Hearing will be made against you.

    With respect to the European Laws that you seem to think you are immune to, when they knock on your door I think you will quickly find out that your not. An EAW is not issued by a public company, but of course judging by your comment you have neither researched it or felt the need to. The CPS will issue the European Arrest Warrant against you. I will of course point them to your comments.

    Feel free to be anywhere you like blacksmith, im not sure you understand the gravity of an EAW but either way i think you may want to look into the treaty legislation between countries and the EU Laws you feel that you do not have obide by.

    Either way, we have our case for you, so feel free to sit back and relax. Remember legal consulation is free when remanded.

    Oh and on a final note, just for your little quotation ” I look forward to meeting you”, it wont be me you are going to meet. I really do think you need to get your facts in order before publicly posting a post which contains no relevance to the one previous and has clearly demonstrated to the community your attitude towards your clients. For that, I thank you.

  68. Lol, I find Forge of Empires to be very good. And that blacksmith guy you mention, I find him to be very helpful on the forum.

    I don’t know what you guys have experienced, but I would reccomend you to give it another shot. I find the forum staff and community managers to be very nice, respectful and helpful.

  69. Our legal team has found several things in relation to InnoGames and there central operations. Our legal team has reviewed a few things. (This was because InnoGames through a third party claimed they don’t have to abide by law) I’m guessing that they forgot they were part of the EU and have an MEP in the European Parliament and have to abide by European Laws. (not to mention that of there own country).

    Our legal team have found 3 Major elements within the European Law that InnoGames have broken and will be subject to criminal charges. This needs to be confirmed by our own Barristers (who are working on this), but in a nutshell InnoGames operations on certain things will have to give everyone their money back.

    Our team is preparing the documentation for a Civil Hearing and as for the criminal laws that have been broken will be passed to Scotland Yard along with all the evidence.

    This is not something that has been sat in silence!!.

    I can also give a BIG mention to ‘blacksmith’ one of the co-community managers and often Chat Administrators, that you are being handled separately and our investigation has concluded that you will also be held ‘personally’ (outside of InnoGames) for Civil Damages and if you don’t know already, you have also broken 4 legislation’s within the European Law which will be passed onto Scotland Yard when we expect a EAW (European Arrest Warrant) to be issued for you.

    InnoGames should have thought very carefully about how they have treated their players, their Global Operations and now what could be very well be their colapse. Its a shame that it has come to all of this, but unlike most people they don’t have the backing of a multi-million pound legal company to take on InnoGames where as we do. We will ensure that justice prevails.

    • Hello Innogames is going down.

      I eagerly await the EAW and will be in Germany in August for when you want it served 🙂 I look forward to meeting you.

  70. Everyone is yelling at this point. It’s dangerous. Hope it will present a new appearance and new experience just as Age of Wushu does.

  71. Why don’t all of you make complaints to the proper authorities. There are consumer rights agencies in each country. And gamers must respect your rights even if they give you their product for free!

    As I see, they also have an abusive contract in which they deny all user rights, which are guaranteed by laws in most countries. Which means that they can be sued fore abusive contract.

    But you don’t need to spend money , a complaint to consumer protection is free, and ussually can be done by email

  72. Hi Guys and girls,

    I am also one of the people that is a little hurt by the game, i have been playing the game for only a week and had problems and reported the problems only to find out the next day that i had been banned for 24hrs!!! That was for reporting the problems i were having trying to play there beta shite version of a game….. Also i have learnt just by reading on this page the no of others that have been ripped off or banned for just playing the game or having issues is ridiculous and a joke!!! Innogames are in it for one thing like most others fast ££££! they dont care and have the powers to piss you off even more. The best thing to do is leave and find something else like settlers or something that actually works. Its easy for someone to say or even type ” our members and readers opinion is very important to us and they have a lot to say” it dont mean shit they should just have we dont care just play the game and pay us and we will rip you off as a thankyou gesture.

  73. This game is fun for the first maybe 4 hours. then its just an endless grind for resources and points to do research. ‘Nuff said

  74. The best (or better put worst) part is yet to come:
    Forge of Empires has recently been nominated by a big fat f*** bunch of idiots for the German Browser Game Award, if they win they will get around 50.000 €.

    Yeehaw, just widen the Cash-Shop, piss of the playerbase and finally getting awarded for that …

  75. wow,

    try to stop playing this game lol…
    once it become biased constantly gold demanded game….u will see how the developers desperately need money which it is a stage when the whole game servers will be closed after they hav no gold earned….

    similarly to ‘Stronghold Kingdom’….
    why bother struck into a game, while there are many games born at the same time !!

  76. Here is the topic That Has Been closed by the forum moderators Brazilian
    because of complaints from players, they do not allow any member covers what is right, banning several players from the forum and the game also.

    Topic in brazilian forum

    I have a friend who has invested more than about $ 500 in the game
    and was complaining on forums and in game support, he was banned permanently from the game.

  77. wanted to leave here my regrets for having been deceived, I’ve played oforge of empires for more than a year and given time I have lost motivation. due to lack of character of administrators and providers who commands the acts of sending and desmandar as well either.
    ‘ll sitar some that went with inha person in the game.
    1st DIAMONDS are such, that is entregui a company to manage the sale.
    are full of twisted if you buy via payment slip pray a lot to receive, or do as I did, I complained to a central international and received after almost 30 days.
    the company is globalcollet.
    2nd moderators are mechanically partial to everything that happens in the game.
    with answers marked and when questioned the post is closed.
    3 to inno games ñ had infirm consideration the time spent at the computer and getting points battling the points rangins our placement in the game.
    and comes with an update that only benefited those who buy diamonds, you guys have to build GEs after very lucky, because only in a GE (estatau zeus) Chegui I have over 20 plants repeated.
    what they are doing is an insult to our intelligence and our defy the hours, days, weeks, months and years of dedication to a game.
    we take a personal offers.

  78. queria deixar aqui minha lastima por ter sido enganado, eu já jogou oforge of empires a mais de um ano e determinado tempo venho perdendo a motivação. devido a falta de carater dos administradores e provedores que comanda os atos de mandar e desmandar como bem quer.
    irei sitar algumas que se passaram com inha pessoa no jogo.
    1º os tais DIAMANTES, que é entregui a uma empresa para administrar a venda.
    são cheios de enroladas se vc comprar via boleto de pagamento reze muito pra receber, ou faça como eu fiz, reclamei a uma central internacional e recebi depois de quase 30 dias.
    a empresa é a globalcollet.
    2º os moderadores são mecanicamente parcial a tudo que se passa no jogo.
    com respostas marcadas e quando questionamos o post é fechado.
    3º a inno games ñ teve nehuma consideração ao tempo que passamos em frente ao computador batalhando e conseguindo pontos a pontos a nossa colocação no rangins do jogo.
    e vem com uma atualização que só beneficiou a quem compra diamantes, os GEs vcs tem que contruir depois de muita sorte, pois só em um GE ( estatau de zeus ) eu chegui a ter mais de 20 planta repetida.
    isso que eles estão fazendo é uma ofensa a nossa inteligencia e um afronto a nossas horas,dias,semanas,meses e anos de dedicação a um game.
    vamos pessoal tomar uma providencia.

  79. The whole point of the article is to warn potential players. Of course, whether you decide to play or not is up to you. Although I can’t be too sure about “do not represent the views of the MMOBomb staff”, you think they will post any comment without checking the source first? I only played this game for a few of minutes, it’s not my type of game.

  80. Well to be honest, I really feel sorry for the players being treated this way. However, this game is just a casual game to me, something I log on every once in a day or two, maybe even longer. From my position you wouldn’t care enough to read the forums and cry if I get treated badly. I really don’t care what they do to the game, I’m fine with whatever their decisions may be. If the game shuts down, I wouldn’t care either.

    That’s just how I feel though.

  81. Hello Guys, Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening to All Da Time Depending On Who Are Viewing This Commentary, Game Forge Of Empires A Four Months ago and I see the Game That Fell From So Much, How The Great Buildings Castle Deal What It offered Maximum Level in Nearly 200 Users Per Day Now Offers Nearly 100, Half Of Price and No Refund to Let Players Very Sad See This, not that and also updates arrive, I see the Beta Server in Game Better than in Other Server, but What They arrived Announce a New Found On Deadline and Mudam After Making Many buy and prepare, Alem Of Points Of Very Lost, Do not Know Why the Most Viewed At the Forge Of Empires is Worse Every Day.

  82. I would first start by giving an Da-bomb to mmobomb allowing a users voice to be heard here so players will get the message of “DONT PLAY THIS”

    I would like to continue(and this might sound harsh)by saying ot quit the game
    I personally as a guy who never even knew this game existed or played it ever would like to say there is asolutely no reason to support a game like this if its company have been stealing/banning people and not giving a sigle reason as to why doin so for 1 year

    I cant think of a legit reason as to stay in a game where devs or the company behind this game simply putted “Doesnt care” whatsoever
    Someone also said leaving this game makes u a coward.That may or may not be true.I do not believe ur a coward when u leave a game when u get half of what u promised and u get “blocked” from expressing your opinions/doubts to the company itself.As for Name Required i got nothing to say to you since you’ve already got the point for the answers you got from your comment.If you cant tell the difference between a complain from a “member” of the game and from a “staff member” of the game then well thats too bad.

    And i would like to finish(and i maybe going way too far)by sayin that from the comments i’ve read so far(all 44 of them)i really hope this game closes not the company cause no matter what happens i dont like people losing their jobs personally but i just hope this game closes and people get their money back(which i highly doubt)

    Good luck to all players who play this game i hope u save this game eventually

  83. realmente é uma vergonha o que este jogo vem fazendo tbm tive meus pontos roubados, esta é a palavra correta a se dizer e não podemos falar nada temos que nos mobilizar fazer uma greve 3 dias sem ninguém acessar as contas temos que fazer com que eles reparem o erro e tirem o jogo do beta que jq era pra ter saido a muito tempo.

    Mais uma coisa a maioria dos jogadores ja terminaram todas as missões e nada de atualização de missões e novas eras muitos gastaram dinheiro real e agora o jogo parou e não tem mais o que fazer no jogo a não ser ver seus pontos e dinheiro serem roubados.

    • really is a shame what this game is doing tbm had stolen my points, this is the right word to say and can not say anything we have to mobilize a strike three days without anyone access accounts have to make sure they repair the error and take the game jq beta that was supposed to be left for a long time.

      One more thing most players already finished all the quests and missions update anything new eras and many spent real money and now the game has stopped and what to do in the game except see your points and money being stolen.

  84. Wait did I really see people trying to defend this well-known and terrible abuse of authority?

    A lot of game devs/pubs tend to want to sweep their dirty laundry under the rug, but this is almost as bad as the whole WarZ Scamtacular a little while back(Yes, I went there, sue me). Honestly with the whole being in beta for over a year and screwing with people’s accounts like they have it seems like the whole thing is just one big scam and the company at fault should be ashamed and flogged for their audacity.

    I’ve been hearing similar reports from friends who play, but whenever I looked there would be nothing on the main forums. Good on MMOBomb’s MemberZone for allowing this user to speak their mind freely. And to the anon user who suggested that this site would be liable for slander due to said opinion, go pick up a law book sometime and actually read before you decided to spew your personal and possible professional agenda on an open site.

    • This situation happened to me too, I had many cut points, the building that were mostly obtained with “Diamonds” game currency, now give less than 50% bonus up to some less, some decreased 60% bonus. Register here such claim is of utmost importance for all to see who are the team FOE (Forge of Empires), which calls for nothing is resolved or answered. They do whatever they want, but these changes is not to improve the game, being only to harm the players. So we are being wronged, robbed and we can do nothing.
      Well, we could stop playing? Yes of course, and more investment ever made?
      So the complaint is important when more is better disclose.

  85. “ll players were injured, a huge lack of respect with the customer. We buy and pay for something that simply does not exist as advertised. Support for no good when not exclude their claims, simply ignore them. I spent horrors of money in this game, and what I had? Headache, off discouragement, lost in last update more than 100 000 points. “

  86. this is a shame!!! i was going so good then poof: all the points that i earned i have lost… if i didnt love this game i already quite playing it..

  87. INFELIZMENTE Todos os JOGOS da Inno Games são assim…

    Tribal wars é um grande exemplo pois muitos jogadores ja foram prejudicados mesmo comprando pontos premiuns e a maioria se desanimou e pararam de JOGAR 🙁

  88. I find it strange that anyone would try and defend this game’s developers.Sounds to me that the game’s developers are just trying to pull the same crap they do now.I applaud mmobomb for giving a gamer that has like so many others been mistreated by the devs a chance to have their voice heard.When obviously the game’s devs want to just silence them.Anyone that honestly tries to defend scum that is essentially stealing from it customers needs to have a reality check.God bless the author of the article for bringing this to the communities attention.And god bless mmobomb for giving gamers a place where they will be supported.

  89. i played this when it was in CBT , just it was not my type of game i hated it , the only RTS browser games ive enjoyed are desert operations and command and conquer online

  90. I guess most here did not play it earlier as they adjusted points around very often then and halving the points was nothing back then.

    Adjustments happen and I love people thinking the game forums are a right when they are a privilege.

  91. Guys this is not a personal opinion
    all players of the game were affected by these stories that rickbrito is speaking.

    are 10 million users around the world, taking their points halved.

    the company’s developer of the game ,does not care about its users
    and this is very serious, considering that Forge Of Empires won several recent awards,how best mmo.

    And if InnoGames they sue who defames the game, will have to process all the users, because the complaint in communities within the game is widespread.

  92. ll players were injured, a huge lack of respect with the customer. We buy and pay for something that simply does not exist as advertised. Support for no good when not exclude their claims, simply ignore them. I spent horrors of money in this game, and what I had? Headache, off discouragement, lost in last update more than 100 000 points. Which is totally unfair. I think like this: If you are unable to meet your client according to his needs … downloading the doors, but continue with this farce is totally unacceptable –

  93. Todos os jogadores foram lesados, uma falta de respeito enorme com o cliente. Compramos e pagamos por algo que simplesmente não existe conforme anunciado. O suporte pra nada serve, quando não excluem suas reclamações, simplesmente as ignoram. Eu gastei horrores de dinheiro nesse jogo, e o que eu tive? Dor de cabeça, fora a desmotivação, perdi na ultima atualização mais de 100 mil pontos. O que é totalmente injusto. Penso assim: Se você não tem condições de suprir seu cliente de acordo com as necessidades dele…baixem as portas, mas continuar com essa palhaçada é totalmente inaceitável.

    • All players were injured, a huge lack of respect with the customer. We buy and pay for something that simply does not exist as advertised. Support for no good when not exclude their claims, simply ignore them. I spent horrors of money in this game, and what I had? Headache, off discouragement, lost in last update more than 100 000 points. Which is totally unfair. I think like this: If you are unable to meet your client according to his needs … downloading the doors, but continue with this farce is totally unacceptable

      is what he said ^^^^^

  94. apothegm im glad you left your name sir… but the fact is mmobomb is for gamers so its a “rant ” and it may not be “valid or not” is just that man call it what you want your the one that took the offense “fan boy” I just said how i felt about it buddy…. If i made you upset pal it was not my intentions but how ever seems to be a positive outlook on the subject it should at least bother you , have you never been ripped off? how serious should a gaming site take its self , “friend” I do not find it unprofessional OR any kind of wrong doing on mmobombs part period. if you do not like the post man scroll on bro

  95. This last update that was made​​, is a farce, I lost half of my points. When I contacted the game support, they informed me that they could not pass me the reason for the calculation of points because it was a confidential information. Now that I’ve spent a lot of money to buy diamonds to build the Great Buildings cachorrada they do this with all the game, many friends are unhappy with this game.

  96. The simple truth is, we sacrifice to get them and now take?
    And want to leave the game is cowardice

    is what Menbro top1 do brasil has said above just figured i would toss that at you

  97. I love how the guy that does not even take the time to leave a name would say some crazy stuff about a problem that was written BY a PLAYER of THE GAME .. your comments are not valid sir… we have no cookies for you internet tuff guy . I loled (like a real laugh out loud not a LQTMS or laughing quietly to my self )

    • I am the “name (required)” uh… “tough guy”

      I don’t know where you get that. His rant, valid or not, makes this site look unprofessional and do not want to see everyone get negative repercussions just cause ONE guy had to make a rant news items about a game, valid or not.

      This site has more integrity than that. Stop being a fanboy and realize a statement like rickbritto made can have an impact on EVERYONE.

      • and btw, no I do not play that game, nor do I support “f2p” games. I just find his news worthy personal rant unprofessional for this site.

        • First… this post was posted by a member… “MemberZone”

          Second… So… the opinion of a member is not important?

          And third… please… just read this: “About MemberZone: is all about the Community, our members and readers opinion is very important to us and they have a lot to say, that’s why we have a section on MMOBomb called MemberZone”

          And yes we support free to play games, but we also support our community.

        • Why are you even posting on a free to play gaming news site then jackass? We do well enough without trolls who don’t even get involved in the free to play communities, gtfo.

      • What he posted was indeed a rant, but it was not a “whiny” rant written by someone who had a bad day in-game, which is the kind that gives ranting in general a bad name. It is absolutely reasonable, and almost obligatory, for a website dedicated to discussing MMOs to put out a red alert when one does something as underhanded as sell product, then undermine it or take it away without compensating the one-time buyer. If you bought a subscription to a magazine, and then two weeks later they stopped shipping you issues, you would be legitimately outraged. This pattern of behavior is similar. FoE is a game that carefully lures players into the position of buying diamonds to enhance progress – if the boosts you purchase aren’t as advertised, ALL potential buyers should know about it. I find it deeply disturbing that you would attempt to shame a forum trying to spread a well-founded warning, and do have to question your motives for such a surprising move – after all, FoE staff are obviously just as capable as posting here as anyone else…

  98. At last update said it was necessary to revise the scoring mode and with that many people really “lost” several points, however, the greatest form of scoring was struggling, and it remains the same, but it seems to me that players who lost more points are the ones that had previously evolved battling …

  99. Also this game, and really this complicated situation … many ridiculous things happen, as in the case of large buildings that you can receive repeated several plants and then can swap only 2:1 and then built it or you can not do more!
    In several forum users say they have made posts with criticism and complaints and say they have been deleted by the moderates!
    Support has no answers useful and often stupid.
    Do not know how I played it for so long and how have others who still play.

  100. I come onto this site for info about games, not some disgruntled employee’s rant. I’m sure Forge of Empires has a basis to sue you for defamation. This is a very unprofessional news item, even if the game sucks or not.

    • First… this post was posted by a member… “MemberZone”

      Second… So… the opinion of a member is not important?

      And third… please… just read this: “About MemberZone: is all about the Community, our members and readers opinion is very important to us and they have a lot to say, that’s why we have a section on MMOBomb called MemberZone”

  101. IMO personal opinions need to stay out of a public, well known, site. I would be surprised if you keep your job after this post.

  102. excuse the grammar punctuation and the SPilling of werds as this time is free time so i dont really care atm to be proper 🙂

  103. Should be very sad to all of us although I personally would never play it , he still is a fellow gamer and it is the rape of the F2P gaming format very sad indeed and far more troubling to me to see this becoming a trend in the majority of F2P games as a whole…. feel free to rage as much as you like it is only my opinion. but if more or less a attack on a fellow gamer by manipulation of a game from original state to be a instant cash grab the ole feed the pig deal blah . I will not even go into the fact its still beta that is the big red flag there before investing time in a game check the publishers out first is a good rule of thumb now a days 🙁 anyway you can come sit in the circle plenty of room me and one other fellow gamer knows we have COOKIES with Tears soaked inside them …..

  104. I avoid playing games like these which are played in browser because all of them are pay2win or epic grind fest if you don’t spend money. There are many good F2P games to play and I spend more money on games that are not forcing me to pay because developers care about the balance between freeloaders and people who pay. If I’m forced to pay in F2P game to be competitive or not to grind for ages then game developers can hear me singing Kumbaya after 3-4 days of playing and quitting their game.

    • I dont know you but thats sad to hear in a way.

      Dont take F2P games too serious. It will hurt you someday… (sry for my bad english)

    • Im sorry to hear that bro. There are alot or F2P games that are quiet good. There are some which are a scam or devs just dont care what to create as long as it gives some money. Check out Neverwinter or Firefall or Smite or League of legends. Games like that make the comunity of MMORPGers go around.

      Dont give up on a genre you actually like ( you post here right?) just because some of the games are uterly baaaaaaaaaaad.

    • why quite so suddenly when you see game like this and re think that at other game that is what a reviewer is supposed to do you doing the right thing and with tera and some games competing against tera or some game rivaling at the other its nothing more but to call it a shit fight campaign using slander against each other or player base an yes I mean by players opinion and how they instantly jump on other game after the first few days or week they don’t stay to see the game develop at least play the game to get a grasping of liking or disliking in it they may be of the same genre no less but think well for the new game set to come blame company’s not the game games never did ppl wrong .

  105. P.S- if game doesnt have a bug report button on game client rite there ,or even ingame button ,dont go to forums to complain ,they will bann u.

  106. just quit game ,(F) devs and whole game lik (derp) said ,hate co. lik that ,look at most publ. do same ,i put up a couple of bug reports in most games ( recently) smite in beta no less and they got bck by sayin i bug report to much and blocked my toon from reportin any. for 30 days <<<<beta,,,, no less ,,,yes said it again ,lol

      • I agree… This guy (or a really, really stupid girl) is either ultra-lazy to write English with proper grammar or is just really, really bad at it… And English not being your first language is not a excuse… It is not mine either but at least i know it this good, when this guy is…. yea…
        And what i said in the ( ) is because generally guys neglect things like that more then girls and more often…

  107. Its getting worse and worse. On the one side you cant expect a real F2P browser game like this. On the other side, thats the whole point in making a browser based game isnt it? Make a decent game. Act like you care about your players. Destroy eveything with an cash shop. Watch the game dying.

    I feel very sorry for the ppl that invested much time in this game and helped to get ride of bugs etc. Thats a shame.
    But game is also still in Beta? Who would spend real money on a game in Beta Status? Many games wipe everything bevor they go full launch…

  108. I played that game for two weeks and realized on my own that it was a scam being run by a terrible company. I have since quit and moved on.

    Everything that this guy posted about is true. The one thing that he fails to mention, however, is that this game is still in Beta and has been for almost a solid year. Yes, the developers are charging real life money for things in a perpetual beta test. That should be the biggest red flag of all: a beta stage game with a real life money cash shop.I doubt that this game will make it out of beta, but, that doesn’t really matter.. as the developers are already profiting from their game as it is.

    • Yeah everyone treats this game like its a normal FTP game but no one ever talks about it still being in beta. Ive read reviews on this game like its a final version but no site talks about it still being in beta.

      That guy is 100% right about the mistreatment of players on the forums. If you have a suggestion that the devs dont like or if you try to respectfully complain about something in the forums your post gets deleted and your account banned. They just club your account in the head like a baby seal and kick you into the sack of nothingness to shut you up. Their forum is so one sided you just say one thing about a feature in the game that you dont like and you get blackballed.

      • Just got banned today for complaining about a Soccer event which I thought was fixed. You buy diamonds with real money to kick balls in a net. A % chance is given. on a 10% chance I kicked about 75 in a row and lost. I did this three times before I ran out of money. I complained the percentages were incorrectly marked. Today I have been banned.

        • The game might be rigged and it might not be, but the only people who know that for sure are the developers. The people playing the game only see the results, and you cannot draw conclusions based on those results when all you have to go on is stated probability. That’s not how probability works, in the real world or in a game. A 10% chance is still a 10% chance on the 75th time. You have a 10% chance every time, so there is no guarantee you will get one out of 10. In fact, it is very unlikely you will get one out of 10. Theoretically when you toss a coin, you have a 50% chance of getting heads. However, after 10 tosses, you can still have seen nothing but tails. That does not mean the coin is weighted or double sided. Probability simply describes your options. It does not predict the outcome. So if you are playing a game and have a 10% chance on every try of getting something, that means you have a 90% chance on EVERY TRY of not getting something. Coming up with nothing after 75 tries is therefore much more likely than getting anything.

        • FoE and every game out there, as well as every casino, lottery, race track, and other gambling establishment in the world, is banking on people like you who clearly do not have any understanding of probability. This is why you don’t use money for anything but tangible goods. Once it starts, someone will take advantage of you.

        • Dude! I thought it was fixed too. The percentages made no sense at all, and were designed, I think, to coax people into buying diamonds. I got so pissed off after a while that I almost sent an email to my state’s Attorney General because it was, in my opinion, a consumer protection issue. I think those percentages were purposefully misleading.

    • This game is a scam if you invest in buying diamond. I payed a couple thousand in this game and followed all the rules. I played in three worlds so when progress slowed into one I could play the other worlds.Then one day my account was said I was banned when I went to sign it. After appealing over and over come to find out its was because I had one person donating lots of forge points to my great buildings in two of my worlds. I didn’t know this person but I was grateful he was choosing to donate to my great buildings. He would also receive forge points, medals, and blue prints for himself to get great buildings thats the point of the game unless you buy your great buildings like I did. Well come to find out that person is the reason I was banned. They accused me of having a push account and saying this person who I never knew except by this game. They said that was my push account. I know it isn’t and I also know I put a lot of time in money into this game and I felt heartbroken after my hard time, work , and money I put into this game only to be falsely accused and banned for something I had no idea about. They insisted I had a push account after much appeal. People please be very aware of buying into this game because it can be taken from you without notice. That being said I just on here to warn people they obviously don’t have a very good system to distinguish cheats from non cheats. Im only posting this message a hoping I can save some from heartache and a lost of money if you get addicted and start going crazy buying diamonds. Bewre and I hope you think twice about my experience. There are other all over the internet that I have found since this happen to me.
      thank you,

      • Yep – they are doing the same thing to me right now – check this message I got while trying to appeal:

        What of the people that donate to you. Know of any user that donates to you that might be questionable? This information will help in getting you back in the game.



        and this:

        More to the point, was the issue of others donating to your Great Builds. A small number of other users may be in violation of the rules. They are linked to you.

        Please let us know about any arrangement you may have had with any other user for such things.

        We will consider converting your ban based on your answers.
        Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



        There is no damn link and they can just say whatever they want


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