As a player of Rappelz, and it being a rather large online gaming community, I feel I need to get this information out to all news sources that will accept it, and follow up with their own investigation. For the last year Rappelz has been under attack from Ruppee sellers and Hackers. It has escalated to the point where 1/3 of the entire community at minimum, across servers has been hacked. We have a currant wait time of over 3 months to get any restoration, with a policy of 2nd hacking’s NOT being restored, and the community has had NO word other than a minimal acknowledgment that there is a security breach in the Gala security.

The forums have been littered with “Ive been Hacked” threads for months now, and has come to the point where they have heard ALL the hack post’s to one thread to try and minimize the exposure to the rest of the community. The forum admin. have, I assume, been instructed to do damage control but have no information on the process that is being taken to fix the issues the game has at the moment.

Through efforts of the community we have started to identify fences for hacked items in game, but the account locks still come too slow. At which point they DO lock the fence account down there is another wave, less than 24hrs later of new hacks to replace the lost gear and player property.

The community has started a petition ( that sends daily emails to the company as well as the CEO Jikan Jung and co-founder Sean Yoon, as well as players sending personal emails to the public Facebook pages of each. The only response we have received is that our efforts may be doing more harm than good, and this was said by what seems to be the ONLY GM left at Gala-Lab.

So far the Game Co. has done nothing to slow or prevent the hacking that is crippling this game BUT is never short on a new and exiting item for sale in the cash shop. It clearly seems that the company is more concerned with the short term income from cash shop sales than long term success of the game in this market. We don’t know what else to do as a community other than make it know to all the major publications, in hope that any investigation on your parts will bring light as well as spark a much needed fire to correct the problems in such an interesting and fun to play game. Also, as one of the primer gaming publications, i thought it´s your place to be informed so you may in turn inform your readers of the pitfalls of this game.

by Rusty

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  1. People sure are looking down on hackers if they think the use of keyloggers is hacking.
    You will not easily find a hacker who uses keyloggers, or even encourages the use of them.

    I do agree with most of you guys though, spending years playing a game, it sucks like hell to lose your items.

    I remember playing Hero Online. I spent about 2 years playing it, then I finally had enough money to buy an awesome weapon. I traded all the money and pets I had for it. The next day I lent it to a guild member and he then sold it on another channel. That was enough for me to quit the game.

    I know it has nothing to do with this game in particular, but it’s still a loss, so I feel your pain.

    Apparently there are private servers, though.
    Private servers usually have more active GMs, higher rates and free cash shop items. If you’re still very interested in the game, perhaps you should try one out?

  2. Re: the comment above . . .

    Well, imagine if you will, a Rappelz player who spends $5000.00 in a year or maybe two years, and they get hacked twice. If they refuse to restore that person’s items the second time, I’m pretty sure that player, who put that much money into the game, is not going to continue putting money into the cash shop or even play anymore.

    There has to be respect for the players in this game, both those who support it financially, and any other player as well. I understand that it’s probably easier to discard non-cash shop users, which technically is rude, of course, but are they going to treat cash shop users the same way? If so, that’s a very unwise decision, and going to hurt their business extremely.

  3. The hacking wouldn’t bother me if it wasn’t for the fact that if i get hacked again they will not return my items. all companies have security holes but the fact that an open hole goes on for well over a year is unacceptable we only recently got a response from a GM stating that there is a hacking problem. imagine if sony had gone for over a year letting hackers take credit cards never admitting falt and not doing a damn thing to plug the holes in security.

  4. NagasB1tch wrote:

    “We both stopped using CS after that, shortly after i got hacked aswell, and also a few of our friends, most of which are waiting to get restored, most of them have stopped using CS, a hand full still buy the most basic stuff like the Hidden Village pass.”

    The treatment you and your friend received was very wrong. This is no way to treat customers at all. I can’t imagine any other company treating their customers this way.

    My conclusion is, after this interview with GALA and all, if the company continues to let things fall, it will be the end. They better get their you-know-what’s in gear and start actually doing something asap because there has been a lot of lost time in this process. All of these people leaving the game due to hacking is not only unfortunate, but I can’t understand how a company can let this continue for so long while people stop spending in the CS.

    Oh, and as for the comment above by the “hacker,” seriously, are you thirteen years old? I think thirteen year olds have better sense than to post stuff like that.

  5. Any one that has played the game within the last 6 months or so knows how bad the hacking has become in ourbeloved game, if you by chance havent gotten hacked and play it, go to horizon field and ask how many of the people there havent been hacked yet. Im bettin at least 50-60% of those present will say they have gotten hacked.

    As to the customer support, sadly, i gotta agree with everyone here, it is virtually non existant. GM’s arent present in game, maybe they pop up every once (/once a month and i think im beeing generious) in a while and stay for 10-15 min, Sending emails to the support staff is just pointless because it takes forever for them to anwser simple questions and u will most likely get a template response that has nothing to do with the actual matter that you have emailed the support staff with.

    Hacked cases i hear take 6 months or so to get solved, and i have heard of many cases that Gala didnt even restore hacked accounts due to “account sharing”, my friend beeing one of them (and i know for a fact that he didnt because i visited his house and watched him play) – he showed me the emails he got from the support staff about his case. 5 of them were template emails, 6th one said he isnt gettin restored, he complained and stated he didnt share accounts – that he uses 3-4 accounts regularly – and guess what? They didnt even respond to the email. We both stopped using CS after that, shortly after i got hacked aswell, and also a few of our friends, most of which are waiting to get restored, most of them have stopped using CS, a hand full still buy the most basic stuff like the Hidden Village pass.

    Fact of the matter is even though this is a Free2play MMO i know many people in it that have spent loads of money buying various stuff from the CS on a regular basis. And we’re talkin about large amounts of cash that could easly buy a car in RL in some cases.

    I have tested out a few games since the hacking started 1 year ago. And have basically left all Gala’s games since. I login mostly to chat with old friends, help with a quest or 2 and log off to play other games.

    So to all of you that think its the end of the world if this game dies: A company with a crap attitude to its customers like Gala deserves to get bankrupt.
    To all the HardC fanboys: I hope they fix the game so you can grind your way to the max 🙂

    After the bottom line : I’ll be sad to see the game i’ve played 4-5 years die, i know i wont spend any money on any of Gala games again. And theres a ton of f2p MMO’s that have way better support, nicer staff and GM’s that acutally login to the game and help people with quests anwser questions etc. – yes in a free 2 play mmo –

    Peace and Love

  6. well as a rappelz player myself i have seen people many many players hacked. an i don’t belive gala has done enough. this has been an issue for along time. an now it has become a serious issue an now they calm to be fixing things. but like rusty said. its gotten really REALLY bad.

  7. “Well I agree with most but as for the game itself I really don’t think they would be releasing new content if they wanted the game to close. Also the EU servers are not having a hacking issue only the North American serves are having the issue.”

    Okay, if we consider your POV then the problem could be that Chinese based hackers are preying on the game because the US dollar makes more money for them, thus as long as the rupee buyers keep buying, the hackers won’t go away; but if the hacks continue relentlessly like this and more and more people stop playing or don’t spend in the cash shop, then this will affect the game overall and may have to shut down. I am hoping the lame brain people at GALA wake up and do something about this before it gets to this point.

    What I don’t understand is, and here’s a main point of mine: why is the hacking so intensified right now? From all the years the game has been around, that’s the one mystery I am not able to understand at this time. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen since I started playing the game years ago.

    “Key factor is that I have been told by a few different sources that a hand full of the GM’s had been let go or quit 2 to 3 months ago. Also many rumors of it being a inside job and with the taught lipped people over at gala. I am to come to wounder if maybe those GMS are not involved in this trying to get a extra pay day over the last 8 months they got caught fired and than took it to the next leave to screw over Gala north American and sold the back door way into a hacking group.”

    That is very much a possibility.

    I heard from a guy about a year ago, that one of the GMs who recently left was somehow involved in hacking and selling accounts. I can’t prove that this is true, but his name was mentioned more than a year ago in a YouTube video comment section from someone claiming this.

    “This is just a idea but why else would it be so silent coming from the company. Any other company would come out anJust make sense why would not the hacking been fixed last year if not the people hired to fix the issues of the server are not behind it.d say hey we have a problem it is being fixed we have located the hole and patching it.

    I don’t know. This is very odd and the reason why sometimes I wonder if they are going to close the game. I guess all we can really do is wait and see, but continue to voice our opinions to GALA and their employees.

  8. Well I agree with most but as for the game itself I really don’t think they would be releasing new content if they wanted the game to close. Also the EU servers are not having a hacking issue only the North American serves are having the issue. Key factor is that I have been told by a few different sources that a hand full of the GM’s had been let go or quit 2 to 3 months ago. Also many rumors of it being a inside job and with the taught lipped people over at gala. I am to come to wounder if maybe those GMS are not involved in this trying to get a extra pay day over the last 8 months they got caught fired and than took it to the next leave to screw over Gala north American and sold the back door way into a hacking group. This is just a idea but why else would it be so silent coming from the company. Any other company would come out and say hey we have a problem it is being fixed we have located the hole and patching it.

    Just make sense why would not the hacking been fixed last year if not the people hired to fix the issues of the server are not behind it.

  9. Wanted to add a little more detail to what I said:

    There should be no logical reason why, after a year of hacking, the problem is getting so out of hand. If you want to speculate, I would say to question why, after a year of this problem, is the problem suddenly so fast and disastrous? There are no more players today than a year ago, in fact, there are probably many less players playing this game, so why so many players hacked? Who are the many new players who do not exist who are buying the rupees? Do you see how this does not make sense?

    I am totally convinced that the game is going to be shut down, and this is being allowed to happen. Someone on the Rappelz forum said the game company and its representatives are like politicians and are just lying to everyone. Might as well quit and go to Rappelz SEA or somewhere else because I’m convinced with the outrageous amount of hacking going on, the game will be gone within a few more months.

  10. I agree with the person who posted that this is probably Gala’s way of grabbing money before they close down the game.

    The writing is on the wall. What more could it possibly be about? Why would hacking intensify all of a sudden when the game is several years old? Use logic, common sense, put one and one together.

  11. It’s a forced PvP oriented game with an awful cash shop and terrible customer support. I’m honestly surprised it took this long (played Rappelz, couldn’t level because of getting camped)

  12. Best proof of gala being hacked is that you can play rappelz on private server. Btw have any of you ever thought that their using this hack attack as way to make quick money from stable community. From what i seen so far all that happens is items dissapearing yet no account loses or anything like that. So this hacking just a harsh way to squeeze out some money before closing down the game. Though this is just an assumption taking in few facts. First game development slowed down,second new cash shop items are flooding the market ( you all know that actual game has little to nothing when it starts yet companies buy full product which allows them to release new paches and expansions with exceptions of new versions),Third they put new walls yet nothing changes meaning those walls is just to calm community down like saying “Were doing our best be patient and buy more”.

  13. Well i am one of the many people who have been hacked, frankly i was one rich and powerful mofo when i played and i didn’t play long or cash shop, i was just good at what i did. When i got hacked i was sorta confused why i wasnt devastated, probably because i have an active social life so it literally didn’t bother me. The fact is though just because i couldn’t give 2 sh1ts doesnt mean i can’t see why some of my in-game mates and random people who have played for years working hard and earned what they possesed wouldnt be pissed off. No1 likes working for something and having it all suddenly taken away from you. So yeah they have a right to qq and wouldn’t you want the game owners to do something about it if you were an active player who got hacked? and the fact they admitted it was their fk up? Meh whatever to sum sh1t up The owners of rappelz could care less seeing as its been going on for a year apparently. I reccon cause they released some new game called Prius theyre not really bothered

    • “Well i am one of the many people who have been hacked, frankly i was one rich and powerful mofo when i played and i didn’t play long or cash shop,” – UGHHHHHHH you must have been a level 5 running around thinking you were hot sh1t. LOL BECAUSE in this game, There is no mob or group beg enought o power level you. You have to play long time, and eventually cash shop… You do realize this is an article about Rappelz, not WoW….

      • Well actually i was R7, had My T2 Death tyrant, R7 wd, R7 Iffy/angel/naga/cerb and was a very difficult opponent in PVP considering i could spam a 7k Fire Arrow and yeah i know its not WoW just because i managed to get where i was in a shorter amount of time doesnt mean it cant be done. I spent hours merching but in all honestly took me ages to hit r7 because i loved to PVP but dps bored me. So most of the time I went and solod HC Tols. Also you said you had to eventually cash shop? no you don’t lol + just bought the CSed items from other players who did with rupees. Though yeah i would obviously not have those unlessed somebody Cash Shopped but meh either way I didn’t Cash Shop, yet managed to get where i was without spending a penny in this game

  14. well I stopped playing this game when the GM’s started to kill players that was afk in the field. I caught one doing it and he said he was just having fun and we shouldn’t complain cause it was a free to play game.

    the staff doesn’t take the game seriously and don’t care what happens in the game so i doubt they ever took the hacking thing seriously no matter if it was on their side, they get paid from cash shop players regardless so you have 2 choices… quit and play a new game or don’t complain and keep getting pwned by hackers and gaming staff.

  15. Also bestmethods most of those steps I do take and had been safe for years with no issues. I never used any type of third party program never needed to, I also thought like most it most be the end user and something they are doing to get hacked until it happen to me. I change passwords every time i log off I never use the same password as any other site.

    Also to the people that say it is f2p yes it may be f2p but yet in games items like Stamina that every one uses or even animal cracks that most use as well as pieces are not items you can just by in game and when you do. You have a very good chance that a cash shop user bought those with real world money out of the cash shop so please do not say it is f2p because it is more f2 log in but to complete some quest or have good items or even level with a stamina saver a real world person bought those items for you to buy in AH and flee.

  16. Before any one make another comment about it being keyloggers and end users that caused the issue Gala-Net has already admitted that the trouble is on their end. This has nothing to do with any one person and their actions. Their data base and systems have been hacked not the end users.

  17. Seriously ? People still act as if this is a surprise?

    No Game in the world can be protected from Hackers, period, End Of Line.

    As long as there are Intelligent bored people out there, and the game interests them enough to hack it, It will be hacked.

    Anything game that is made can be attacked, if it isn’t, then obviously the right (or wrong) people don’t give a diddly squat about it.

    Truth is truth, they realize they can do nothing about it so they move on, Such is the risk of having Huge games. The fact that the people who play this have not grasped this simple fact yet Astounds me.

    • I think the confusion here is to do with data not hacikng. If Twitter had not stored those docs on Google Docs (the cloud), it would not have been possible for the hacker to steal them all, using the employees Google username and password.If the docs were hosted locally at Twitter, they would have been safe from this attack.

  18. ok first off there are 4 procedures you can take to prevent from being hacked that most players don’t do. many gamers should do these things to keep from being hacked in any game.

    1. use the maximum amount of characters you can for the password. if the limit is 24 characters use all 24 mixing in numbers, letters, case, and don’t make complete words.

    2. change your password every week. set a day like maintenance day and change your password so that its never the same one twice.

    3. never type your password in the log in window. use a program like microsoft word, wordpad, or notepad to type your password then save it. when you want to play your game open the saved file, copy, then open the game and use Control key + V to paste your password into the password window.

    4. clear your browser cache and cookies out every day. this prevents it from being sent or read by hackers since google chrome, firefox, and IE all have security issues with cookies that love to send out your info.

    do these things and you should never have to worry about hackers again… thank you. buh bye.

  19. if im not wrong rappels has alot of famous hacks(third party program) in game, i wouldn’t doubt one of those famous hacks could have a keylogger and now everyone is crying hard, sending e-mails saying theyre innocent playd for 3 years have 3 childrens to fed and a wife. When the real thing is that they wanted to have a unfair advantage using a third party program and now theyre paying it back. the possibility of a person hacking “rappelz” site or ingame accounts for knowing pw is literally impossible, but a keylogger on a hack is simply and 100% effective

    • “the possibility of a person hacking “rappelz” site or ingame accounts for knowing pw is literally impossible”??????????????
      Seriously don’t kid yourself, If the CIA , SONY, and x+ businesses can be hacked and information stolen from them what makes you think a run of the mill game can’t be ?

      Though the rest of your argument is most likely true, as it normally is.

      • the CIA was hacked by network servers, sony was hacked by faulty website security coding, and most hacks are done by key logger or website ads that load hidden cookies that copy your passwords when you type them on secure pages. see my methods below… they prevent most user side gamers from being hacked because there is no way keyloggers can read pasted passwords and when you delete cookies/cache you erase those web ad hacking cookies that copy your passwords from websites.

        • ” because there is no way keyloggers can read pasted passwords”
          I used to use KGB Keylogger, It can view copied and pasted info, so…… hmm.
          Don’t wanna burst your over protective bubble, but the way you do things do definitely help, no doubt about that.
          Just remember.. keyloggers reside on your computer, Copy pasted data is information that resides on your computer.
          They, both being on your computer can interact with each other. If your computer can read it, a keylogger can be made to read it as well.

          But honestly I don’t need to be told how those things happened, I’m old enough, I’ve followed it, and I’ve been involved in a few things myself.

          The point is, things Can and will be hacked, as long as some smart guy gal or group is interested.

  20. To Annoner,
    This thread is for those that play rappelz or are thinking of playing. Since you seem to be neither why don’t YOU get a life and shut the hell up. Seems like you have nothing worthwhile to say pertaining to the game or the hacking situation the OP wrote about.
    P.S. You already lost, because you obviously have no life if your trolling forums of games you do not play.

  21. P.S.
    If i was trolling, i would have won… last time i checked the fact that u respond and try to belittle me and bring me down means i won as a troll, but i wasn’t trolling so u are ok. ur dignity is safe with me. <3 remember… <3 love is the answer <3

    • No, I’m pretty sure people replied just to let you know how much of a moron you are. They probably just assumed you weren’t aware.

  22. ahm ideal, casual gamer? are u like an English teacher? casual gamer means i don’t play more often than 2 times a week ish for less than 2 hours… just to make that clear for u. it seems u are still butt hurt.

    tell me off? well see it made me write a name and email so i wrote something it should default to 😉 or are u again thinking everyone “thinks” before writing down a name… are u an english teacher? thinking there is an underlined meaning in my name. sad….

    and i am not trolling. of cause with ur limited intelligence its hard to see.. which is ok…. i’ll explain, i made a point of u stop complaining about “just a game” getting hacked and go do something else… and i didn’t say go outside 🙂 u just think i did cause u try to see underlined meaning… go do something else, play another game… JUST STOP QQING… so stop being butt hurt boy or girl or whatever u happen to be.

    ah u just don’t see simple concepts. sad… but then again u’ll just regard me as a troll in choose to be in denial… so that’s ok too. i have learned to not care my dear lil friend <3 love is the answer <3 just stop being so butt hut cause it's exactly what u are <3

    u take everything i say as me trying to insult u cause u are so used to being insulted… i am sorry for that. the world just doesn't have the love for everyone <3

    • got a question for anoner, say some1 stole something from u after u bought it from the store, would u A: just say meh its ok and resume life, or B: try to get some justice brought. im guessing most likely B, there hard earned money is being stolen pretty much cause of the hackers, so thats most likely why people are pissed, not because of the game

  23. Okay after reading all of the rage festering in the comment section I have to say, do you really call this “Journalism” ? So it has a few typos and spelling mistakes, lets cut the guys hands off and burn them in from of him, for Christs sake chill out about the grammar.
    I quit today, after the “Christmas Egg Event” Where all the empties I got failed, the lack of customer support (it seems even asking for a character to be placed back on your account can take over a month now) and the over all “patching up issues but not actually fixing them” attitude has driven me away.
    So they added a security password, big woop, thats hardly a big feat as it was already there. In fact, part of the reason I stopped playing was doing anything required at LEAST 15 minutes to set up and drag pet skills to bar, get correct equipment from WH, equip it to pets and do everything I shouldn’t have to. Jesus Christ this game has gone to the dogs, after 4 years of loving the crap out of it I am finally sick, tired and finished. It has some terrible security holes and it wont get fixed. Deal with it.

  24. Ive been playing rappelz for 4-5 yrs now. I was hacked about 8 months ago and it took 6 weeks to get my stuff back. Since then the hacking have gotten a lot worse. The ruppee selling sites send their cockroaches to spam Ads in every major town. They even send you PMs if you happen to shout anything in global chat.
    If the company doesn’t do something to fix these problems soon the game will die. Period. After 5 yrs im still in love with this game and would hate to see that happen. My advice to any new rappelz players is not to invest too much money in the game until the hackings are under control.
    Otherwise This is one awsome game.

    • Maybe they want the game to die? Do you really think they care? They care for money they make not you. Is that so heartbreaking for you to understand? The only reason they are polite and listen (sometimes) to what you have to say is, because that keeps you paying. Other than that, they couldn’t care less. Most organizations are profitable, not geek comforting. It’s just life SO GET OVER IT… there are plenty of games to play. i mean go click 10 top mmo on this site and play to top one and see if you like it. i bet you’ll get addicted within first 5 games you try…

      • To wit your response seems to just repeat your blithe and egregious narrow minded ideals as a so called casual gamer. Telling others to go outside as an avatar named anon? Are you afraid that someone you know reads this and will actually tell you off? This post is both community and player related. Go over to the zynga forums where I’m sure there are subjects that best suit your trolling needs like gambling addiction. Leave the real discussion to people who actually play these games, not some child who might’ve once played wow and became an expert in his or her own mind due to following a build for a tank that made their to on awesome. You are fail, you have nothing to put forward in this conversation, your experience is nothing more than a footnote in the entirety of gaming. Any comments from you after this one focusing on spelling or grammar, heck even trying to troll your way out of your own fail will only dig you a deeper hole. This isn’t butthurt, this isn’t raging, this is your life.

  25. Worst, literally and sincerely the worst customer support you will ever encounter.
    A careless company not being able to handle a security issue for longer than a year. People keep getting their stuff stolen and nothing helps. Customers are left down and only extremely privileged people (basically close friends of the game staff) are able to get their cases worked within hours.

    The rest, mere mortals, which are probable 99% of the player base are bound to wait 3-6months (in some cases even more) for account restoration.

    If you are looking for a stable, not-agonizing game to invest time or money for the matter, stay away from Crappelz. You won’t ever see any worse, promised.

  26. The fact that someone is concerned with a game this much concerns me… Something must be wrong with the world. “it’s just a game!” “QQ” about it and move on. There are plenty of games to play. Treat the fact that you have been hacked as a gift. Take your family out for dinner. Get a family… do whatever you did before you played the game. You know… life where you don’t get hacked….

    • how about the people that already have that like my 45 year old day he is playing games in his spare time and it even hurt him if hes been hacked i know many people take the “games”to serious but heyif something you like or something you spend a long time getting is taken away from you it always hurts right?

      • haha 🙂 Well you see i happen to think there are plenty of things to do aside from games. i am a very casual gamer. My dad happens to be old and with lots of free time on his hands… well he goes fishing lots. it’s a lot better than a game. fresh air, sport, family… it’s good for everyone. and 45, shouldn’t be playing a game but helping ur kids get their life started… really.

        • Yes there are many other things to do. I’m sure you have sunk well over a grand in car insurance so you can drive to your local game shop to spend over 100 dollars on minis or magic cards that will eventually not have any value what so ever so you try to spend as much time ad possible using or playing with them. Mmo gamers who have spent money to invest in a digital character is ver similar to you investing in stocks. Then in kind if the game is getting hacked is very similar to a company going bankrupt due to security measures beyond your control. Your stock dropped value and it will take months to recover those losses. If you are going to troll so poorly I believe you should at least use another insult than ‘go outside’

          • awe baby u butt hurt? cause u can’t come of ur game? awee did i insult u? i am sorry i didn’t realize u hold ur games so dearly <3

          • Seriously? I was almost considering this an interesting discussion on points of view, but after your last comment ‘annoner’ it’s clear you are just after some trolling.

            Yes, there is stuff to do. Gaming is one of them, deal with it. I’d rather spend a night gaming with my friends then getting drunk and chancing out a car accident or another bullcrap that seems so common this days.
            Doesn’t mean I don’t go out or abhor doing so. It is just that gaming IS a viable entertainment solution and it is a fun activity.

  27. As a loyal Rappelz Player, I really enjoyed playing this game and have sunk many $$$$ into it as I am a CS whor* and have been one of the many that were hacked. I feel that this hacking issue was getting outta hand 6 to 8 months ago and Gala has sence put in their many new security walls. So now as we speak in my guild alone we have atleast 5 people awaiting to be restored and 1 person who changes his pw every week that was just hacked.
    Let me just say that the HACKING is not outta hand now, It has become the normal daily business.Players now log in only to see if they have won the all important 6 to 8 months for restore after being hacked. So to Jackson YOU my firend seriously need to actually play the dam game and realize people are figgin tired of it and become part of the solution and not continue to be part of the problem. Just one mans opinion.

  28. Jackson, the fact that I put this letter together at 3am, and forgot to maybe click the spell check DOES NOT change the fact that was I described is FACT. If your a player then you well know what is happening. We call your response on the net “Damage Control”.
    As far as you”enhanced security” it is not only laughable but a complete joke. Many players have literally been hacked while ONLINE playing this game.Just because it is a free to play game does not give Gala the right to take cash shop sales money and not protect those items purchased…

  29. This article represents just about everything that is wrong with Journalism today. Littered with mistakes. Dotted with UNVERIFIABLE claims, MANY of which are untrue. So biased in opinion that one has to question how mmobomb could even think to post this.
    Fact is, Rappelz is indeed facing a hack attack, but there have been enhanced security measures implemented and new methods of security are being tested at this very moment. 5 GMs are on the case as I write this but they take less of a ‘hands on’ approach simply because there is nothing to be said to the community that hasn’t already been said.
    Lastly, it is unfair to forget that it is a FREE-TO-PLAY game, but the publisher has still increased the Customer Service workforce for this game to exceed HIGHER EARNERS such as Allods.
    The writer of this article is, as they say on the net, ‘butt hurt’.

    • ^^ Most be a employee of the company again trying to hide the fact that nothing is being done to stop the issue because we know 6 people that have been hacked just today add it is only 2pm

    • Jackson thank you for the feedback. Atention that this article was not written by MMOBomb, but we give the tools to our members broadcast their voice. For us the opinion of our members is extremely important and deserves to be featured.

      • It’s still up to you to review the article before you put it out. You can’t just say “this isn’t written by mmobomb”, wash your hands and walk away.

        Even though I don’t play Rappelz anymore, this article is way off the reality and seems like a rant a 16 year old would make on their official forum, coupled with the trivial petition that won’t add anything to the case or make the hacking problem solved any faster.

        • If you do not play the game anymore just shut it up really. There is no words to describe the security issues and the reaction time of the game staff. I had NEVER, EVER seen such a bad customer support. Not to mention how careless is the company regarding this. People are getting daily hacked and stolen since 1 year and nothing has change.

          Jackson and rushmepls just GTFO.

    • Jackson, a whole f**** year and people keep getting hacked daily with an increasing of cases.
      If you deny this fact, you f*** belong in the **** sucking academy.


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