More than 5000 accounts have been banned from Smite in the last week, according to a recent tweet on the game’s official account. All the bans are the result of a full chat log review that helped the game’s team identify racist behavior among players.

The post also noted that new tech has been put in place to help identify and deal with racist behavior on the game’s servers. No specifics were offered on the new tech. Instead the dev team notes that there’s still more work to do in order to achive the “hate-free environment” that they’re hoping for.

One thing to remember is that the number of banned accounts does not equate to players banned — what with players often having multiple accounts. Keeping this in mind, Titan Forge Games has not stated what they plan to do to prevent banned players from simply creating another account and coming back.

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  1. Honestly I’m glad they did that, it’s a start. I don’t play Smite but I play League and like it’s super annoying to just have trolls be racist in chat just to troll.

  2. Didn’t this game ignore entire nation’s of people for making a game based on their sacred dieties? I guess when you need to be trendy and make money you can be racist. Lesson learned. Gotta love thefake left Psy ops. hypocrites to the end.

    • How is using mythology that is available to everyone “racist” lmao. You’re just trying to pull arguments out of your ass when there’s nothing there. They used the concepts and stories, but the gods themselves are made of how they view them after reading the stories. Guess what its been done a million times in movies/plays/books and what nots.

    • Hey I’m religious and I see nothing offensive of them bringing in deities of my culture. People like you don’t have to stand up for us just like rioters that vandalize walls with “BLM” do not help them. It’s only offensive if they had a weird racist-sounding accent or had a nasty stereotypical joke in their dialogue, but they did not do any of that. So go ahead and please stay out of this because people like you are the problems.

  3. The next article will be about how “Smite gains 5000 players!”

    If any of them were putting money into the game. I doubt they will be back. But if they do come back. I also doubt they will put any money into the game ever again. And if they don’t put any money into the game I’m pretty sure they will just stay quiet.


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