In preparation for Aion’s 4.0 expansion set for this June, publisher Gameforge has released Update 3.9 for the fantasy MMO. Gameforge who has amassed over 3,000,000 accounts since the games Free-to-play transition has brought in some new content, as well as some enhancements to existing features.

The update includes a new instance called “Corridor of Betrayal” where players’ Daevas will attempt to loot treasure from a hidden stronghold. To ensure players have plenty of space for all the new dungeon loot, the inventory system has been expanded upon so that quest items, coins, insignias and tickets will automatically be stored in separate storage cubes

For those of you that are new to AION, or would like to level up a new character undisturbed, the update also brings a new beginner’s server. Any character created on a regular server, up to level 55, can be transferred to the beginner sever to participate in PvE adventures without the fear of being a victim to the harsh reality of open PK. When you’re ready your character can return to its regular server at any time.

And finally, for those of you looking for something on a grander scale, there is now a new integrated instance server. This server allows for AION players to contest areas together in selected group instances, across all server boundaries. Participants will be rewarded with more experience points and a higher chance defeated opponents will drop items.

You can read the full patch details by visiting the official site here.

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  1. People stating that “Gameforge severs aren’t official” don’t know what they are talking about. Actually it was NCSoft that notified EU players to move their account with Gameforge, and you had the option to migrate your account from NCSoft to them.

    No company will ever give you an option to migrate to some private server.

    Gameforge is the European publisher now. They ARE official, you just can choose to use the NCSoft servers instead.

    • first, uninstall your current Aion. Delete the folder that is in C:\Program Files (x86)\NcSoft\Aion. You are not the only one my friend. download the aion 3.0 full client torrent. paste the Aion folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\NcSoft. open ncsoft launcher and right click Aion, then click repair. keep repairing till u get the option to update. after u update, u are good to go. Just remember that it is common to get errors on random pak files and don’t worry. just keep repairing. it took me like a week to finally figure this out. good luck and have fun playing.

  2. I tried aion like 5 times. For a 40 gig file it is not worth it to download unless you have the space. Also very slow to start. slow toon leveling system & lot’s of grinding. Awesome that in all the reviews i read it is not p2win & it has improved a lot but the time it takes to download all the updated & the space it requires it is not worth it.

    • I downloaded it after reading this article and it was more around 20 gigs then 40 gbs these days.also the fast track server they have is pretty nice if your starting get increased xp.and yeah it’s not p2w,which is always a welcome sight.And the community in the game at lest on the server im on seems nice.which after watching games like wow continuely get filled with more and more pricks is a godsend.i only have a 1mb/s download speed and it only took about two abd half should give it another try.

  3. Love Aion, will probably play again if they do the beginner server for nxsoft na version. Not a huge fan of open pvp in most games.

    • Yes, exactly.The thing is, that people like you, who played on EU until level 3 ( correct me if i’m wrong) always forgets to mention, that you can buy this thing called “gold pack” with in game currency and you’ll get full acces, no restrictions. Plus, if you buy enough ( 1 gold pack is about 20-30 mill, you can earn this much money about 2 days and it lasts for a month) you’ll get “Veteran status” which will let you trade, use auction house etc. permanently.

      • That entire process is exactly why EU is not worth the effort. There’s literally no point in farming 20-30 MILLION kinah just to be able to do something as depressingly basic as auctioning.

        Go NA, if you can.

    • ewwwwwwww…. u dont understand? Gameforge is not official server. never was. U download the game in NCsoft website, and then u open the game… and u can chose 1 of 5 servers. there u can see NA and EU official servers. Gameforge is not official because aion y free to play.

    • Hi!

      We get news articles sent to us compiled in one email. This just happened to be some of the F2P news I found in the email. We only reported for Gameforge because that was the publisher listed as pushing out the update.

      Contrary to some peoples opinions, we did not post this because we want more “views”, but merely because it was news regardless of the source. Not all of our viewers are in NA regions as well.

  4. Hi mmobomb,
    i would like to ask why you only announce aion changes from EU gameforge?

    NA server have 3,9 already and btw AION 4.0 will release in June only on NA server not on gameforge yet.

          • ACTUALLY depending on which faction(race) is superior on the server you select would qualify as that race being the best.Not many of you have gone to the abyss and been chased by a horde of Elyos vs 5 Asmodians…so Elyos would be the best race on that server just because of the fact that they dominate the abyss and have access to AP rewarding instances.Also classes from both factions,even the same classes,have different racial skills.EX:Warrior on Elyos has skill to stun while Warrior on Asmodian faction has a skill to increase damage.As far as class go that depends on your ping.If you have high ping playing as an assassin will be difficult but playing as a templar or other class won’t.Read the forums they will explain this more.Faction and ping will help you choose the “best” class 🙂

            You idiots need to stay in your cave and not show your faces here.This is actually a legitimate question on Aion.

          • Funny dagudman.. You are either totally retarded or you are trying to act smart by trying to “diss” someone for typing an “h” instead of an “r”..

            Pretty pathetic and childish if you ask me.. ^^

  5. Avoid Gameforge. Stick with the NCSoft NA servers and don’t let the temptation of pre-4.0 update suck you in. It’s not worth it.


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