The recent merger of the European Aion servers is causing a whole new set of issues for NCSoft. Intended to help keep the game’s community bustling, server mergers should have been fairly standard. However, a problem has arisen due to the servers that were merged.

According to MMOSite, several of the mergers were handled by Gameforge. In these cases, three servers – two multinational English speaking servers and one language specific non-English one – are being merged together. The end result are servers in constant conflict over language difference. Those used to being on the primarily English servers are taking issues at those from the language specific servers using global and LFG chat in their own language.

The issue appears to be most prevalent on Antriksha server, which combined the English peaking Perento and Nexus servers with the Turkish speaking Zubaba. The conflict has even spilled over into social media. As of now, no immediate solution has been proposed to fix the problem.