Aion Upheaval

“There be dragons here!”

That would seem to be the call from a lot of MMO expansions these days, and Aion is no exception. The upcoming expansion, Upheaval, was announced today and sends Dragon Lord Beritra on a rampage across all of Atreia, where it’ll be up to the daevas of both factions to stop him and his villainous horde.

There’s not much info on game mechanics in the press release, and nothing other than a splash screen on the game’s website, other than that Upheaval will bring “new zones, new questlines, and new gear.” The expansion, like all of Aion, will be free and will release later this spring.

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  1. I played Aion hardcore from like 3 months after initial release for 2 straight years. Quit and came back, and let’s just say you CAN’T catch up EVER. I got discouraged and quit again. If they want this game to be good in the expansion, they should get rid of a lot of the pay to win crap. No one is going to fork over that kind of money for enchants, and if you’re not enchanted, you aren’t having fun because you are getting steam rolled.

  2. Aion is a good game the grind is not that bad i power level people so they can have fun in the game. End game is great and pvp is massive so never be alone.

  3. if you dont give a damn about pvp then aion is the wrong game for u. its one of the few actual world pvp games left that works.

  4. i REALLY tried to like aion but everytime this game is trying to bore me with their grind.

    i don’t give a damn about pvp.

    • So here’s the thing. AION’s end game is absolutely brilliant, but I agree, the grind has put off so many of my friends too and it’s a shame considering it’s such a great game. Hope they re-evaluate all of this in this expansion, would be incredible!


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