AION's Next Update Will Bring "Sweeping Changes"

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Big changes are coming to AION. When the game's next update hits on October 24, it will not only raise the level cap to 80, it will also add new skills and abilities for all classes. In fact, several major systems will be overhauled.

The primary goal with this update is to offer players -- both new and old -- a fresh way to play the game. It optimizes leveling, removes enchantment penalties, and creates a clear gear upgrade progression path. And, of course, it will add new content.

The update will introduce an all-new zone dotted with ruins and filled with creatures not seen anywhere else. There's even a fortress to explore.

To encourage players to give the new update a go, NCSoft is offering a special gift pack to those who register their account on the game's site. (Think of it as RSVPing to the update's launch.) The pack includes a special costume, Ancient Transformation Potion boxes, and Transformation scrolls. Read more about the update and register your account on the official site.

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Discussion (2)

FinalLight 5 years ago
i've played this game for ages, i was even rank 1 in kahrun asmodian for like a month in abyss.
But this game seriously needs a new graphical overhaul, we got promised alot of things in the past with aion vision, yet it stays the same.

Zariarn 5 years ago
yesssss! I've always liked this game but I thought it needed a class refresh.

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