If you’ve been hoping for a new mount — or even a new-looking mount — in Albion Online, you’re in luck. Today, Sandbox Interactive announced the kick-off of the new referral season and associated rewards, like a mount skin for your Direwolf mount. They also announced the return of the Divine Challenge and its accompanying Divine Owl mount.

As always, when players refer friends they’ll receive a variety of rewards, including the Ironjaw Hyena mount skin. This skin can be used on the Direworld base mount to turn it into a warlike hyena. Other referral rewards include piles of tomes worth hundreds of thousands of fame. The referral season lasts until October 1. So if you want that mount skin, you’ll have until then to get it.

As for the Divine Challenge… That runs throughout the month of August, during which time players can earn points for open-world activities, and potentially claim a ghostly, white flying mount — the Divine Owl. The mount has a brisk base movement speed and the Foresight ability. This ability absorbs damage and grants a temporary speed boost.

If that’s not enough for you, then you’ll also be happy to know that Rise of Avalon arrives in less than two weeks, on August 12, bringing the Roads of Avalon feature with it.

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