Nothing says “We’re ready for Summer Alpha” like a live action trailer, but don’t worry, the live action part only lasts about a minute. The rest of the video above will get you introduced to some of the key concepts behind Albion Online, the upcoming sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive.

With a player driven economy, a “play the way you want to play” design core, and a dash of “old school goodness,” Albion Online hopes to offer players something a bit different when it launches. Next Monday, June 29th, the team takes a big step forward as the Summer Alpha will begin. You can still buy a Founder’s Pack to gain access, but be careful when clicking which bundle you want as only the $49.99 Epic pack and the $99.99 Legendary pack offer Summer Alpha Access.

When you get into game, you’ll be able to see a lot of the newer features previously detailed about Albion Online, including the recently announced Hellgates.

Click here to see the official announcement and check out the available Founder’s Packs.

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  1. if you buy the most expensive founder pack you get headstart for the closed alpha. A headstart, FOR THE CLOSED ALPHA. This is some next level business model.

  2. what i heard from active supporters is hold your horses!.
    So unless you whanna support the poor developers wait for launch people.

  3. As we all know founders packs and early access are blatantly money grabs. I hate them and avoid them totally, they should be advertised as buy 2 play instead. Especially when the alpha goes on and on and on. And by the time the game gets released everyone will have already moved on to better things.

  4. Is this a advertisement site for every overpriced alpha early access founder pack mmo’s? I thought this site was suppose to be for Free mmo’s.

    Let me put it this way if it has a price to get in it or stay in it. Nobody cares but the whales!

    This site is starting to feel like IGN. Over hype every piece of crap that comes out.


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