Little Orbit has picked up APB Reloaded along with the GamersFirst portal that has published the game since 2011. The game was originally developed and published by Realtime Worlds, which famously burned through its assets and shut down the original, pay-to-play, version of the game in just 80 days.

Little Orbit’s website shows three games front and center: Descent Underground, Unsung Story, and Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations. The “My Games” pull-down also lists Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends. According to VentureBeat, Little Orbit CEO Matthew Scott said the company is moving away from licensed games, due to the complex and time-consuming approval processes required and the need to take down the games once the license expired, which is apparently what happened the Adventure Time games.

The company won’t have that problem with the unlicensed APB Reloaded. In the press release announcing the sale, Little Orbit promises “an aggressive update plan, including better and more consistent communication, a clean up of the forums, a new content roadmap and a complete rework of the banning and cheating procedures,” as well as an upgrade to Unreal 4.

You’d think that when APB Reloaded got acquired by another company, it would have involved fast cars and lots of high-caliber handguns. But no, it appears that today’s news is your typical business transaction. Maybe the deal was made with small, unmarked bills stuffed into a duffel bag?

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  1. Thank god. I bought this game when it was released and you had to go buy a physical copy. Got shut down and I played a few times when it was a Free to Play game and then again when it was released on PS4. This is one of those games that is a hidden gem and has an insane amount of potential to be a great game. However the studio behind it hasn’t done A DAMN THING to fix any issues yet alone release new content. it’s LITERALLY the same game it has been for the last 3-4 years.. Console version runs at a disgusting frame rate, id say around 15-30 fps tops and is constantly crashing and has loads of bugs.. I truly hope this is a sign that the game will move forward because it is incredibly fun!

  2. i love this game, this is the best news . i hope for massively unban for all players, and not for help the cheaters, but for help the legit players banned for capricciuos of some “friend” of g1 company. especially on forum the banhammer was stupid,useless and destroyed the good part of apb universe.

  3. This game does have a lot of potential I played the beta way back when, but only the package contents. The title needs to be squashed.
    They should use all the games mechanics and re code it into a new game. Its that simple.

  4. In right hands APB: RELOADED could became one of the best free to play games. I mean just look at it 2010 game and still have bigger customization system than any game …

    Ppl. say that APB is poor man GTA5 ,but truth is that RockStar should learn from APB thing ot two.

    • Being undeniably pay to win game? Game’s free but not fun to play if dont pay alot of money just to get a single good gun.

        • It is pay to win lmao. I logged hundreds of hours in this game, you don’t HAVE to pay to win.
          your options are spend 500 hours unlocking all of the possible attachments for guns to compete with good players, or spend 5 dollars to rent a gun that is equal to that gun that took 500 hours to unlock and some are even better.

          I wouldn’t even play if I didn’t have the gun I always used, which was a gun through the Armas market you had to purchase. Was so much more difficult without it.

  5. This is a surprise to anyone, the game was entirely killed by Gamersfirst. I believe the words of Matt Scott when i see actions, he promised a lot, but all that was promised before.

    The game has Huge Potential, if Little Orbit does it right and gets the things done we might see a huge revival of the game. It might actually become a really big game, that’s wishful thinking but still, I invest thousands into the game and I obviously don’t want to see it die like that. Tho I stopped playing years ago.

    • Its not pay to win !!! All best weapons and gear is for FREE … You just need to play and unlock things like in all games.

      • 30$ for a car or gn thats better then ANY wep/car in the game… yep not pay 2 win at all…. morons

        • Dude, the best gun in the games are all free, those on the market are either worse or equal since alot of em are just reskins of existing free guns. And the best Car the Vegas 4×4 can be obtained by simply playing the game.

          • I wish you guys would just accept that it is Pay to Win lol.
            I love this game, have hundreds of hours logged on it. but it is.
            the ATAC 424 ‘Watchman’ and the OCA-626 ‘Whisper’ PR2 are insanely powerful guns.
            I haven’t even come CLOSE to being able to unlock a gun similar to it and I’ve got hundreds of hours logged! Yes those attachments and guns are obtainable without paying. but that doesn’t take away from the fact that a new player can’t hop in the game and have the same chance of winning as someone who has a gun they paid for, they will need to invest atleast 500+ hours into it in order to get a gun that will compete with the guns you can purchase off the market.

            It’s possible to kill those players, but your chances are much more slim with those stock guns you can get a few hours into the game.

            fantastic game, and with a shooter like this there aren’t many other choices for a Free to Play platform. I am okay with it, I just wish they would get rid of the stupid renting system with guns. If I’m going to spend real money on a gun it shouldn’t disappear in a month. Players that take a game serious have no problem buying into the F2P platforms, but it needs to be worth it and can’t be an endless money dump.

  6. Game has potential, a lot. It can have a competitive scene which has been neglected by devs since forever. They just refuse to put relevant updates to what the community demands and ignore them completely. Just a simple clan vs clan matchmaking with leaderboards and rewards will boost this game by a ton.

    Put thousands of hours in this gem, hope it does revive and it goes into better hands.

    Gamerfirst is not taht well known, but it’s just like Aeriagames… maybe worst.

    • agreed! there hasn’t been anything fresh added to the game in years!
      New maps? New gametypes? ANYTHING Clan related?
      all of this would make it so much more fun.
      we don’t care about new guns you can buy on the marketplace or new skins. yes that’s nice but we NEED new content in a small game like this to keep it fresh.

      game could be HUGE but Gamersfirst couldn’t care less about it and just want to make a quick buck and let it sit there.
      the release on PS4 was an absolute fail and I can guarantee the only reason on doing so is to get more people to buy into their F2P system and cash in


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