Okay, So Little Orbit isn’t calling it a battle royale, but APB Reloaded is getting something at least inspired by that genre. The developer announced what they are calling “RIOT” mode today. It is described as “a new team-based collapsing map mode.” Sounds pretty BR-like to me.

The new mode, which will launch first on PC, divides players into teams of four. It takes place in San Paro, with blocks being shut down as they play. At the end, only one team will be left standing.

So, there you have it. Just in case you haven’t got enough battle royale on your plate already, there’s one more on the way. How much like other BRs it will be remains to be seen. No mention has been made of features like building as of yet, so at this point it seems it may be a bit BR-lite.

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  1. Uhm. . . yeah, every game that has a reducing map is BR, sure. If it’s anything like the modes they used to test its technology, there’s really no similarities. Sure, it could be entirely different from Christmas, and it could be BR, or it could not be, but we legitimately don’t know, so all we have to go off of is what LO says.

    Please, wait until there’s actually something to report on and cease the fake news.

    P.S. What does building have to do with BR? BR != Fortnite.

  2. Ohh boy … instead of baning cheaetrs, fixing servers and other problems, they making “Battle Royal”.

    New player joins … sees lag, bad performance, bad optimization, bad hitreg and tons reroll cheaters. Ques what this new player gonna do after few hrs of play time ?

    • “Its not battleroyale… it just a colapsing map and last man standing like a battle royale but its not battle royale i swear”.


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