EA Play Live has been dropping information left and right tonight, and some of it may start to change the landscape of digital distribution as we start to see the partnership between EA and Steam (Valve) that was announced about a week ago start to pay off in spades. In addition to a number of buy-to-play titles from EA’s teams being made available on Steam, we’re seeing free-to-play titles jump the gap, too.

Predictably, one of the first free-to-play titles that EA will make available on Steam will be its battle royale Apex Legends. The surprise hit shooter will make its way onto Valve’s platform later this fall and will have a release on the Switch in that same time frame. Apex Legends players will be happy to know that the move is coming with full cross play functionality across all existing and new platforms.

Apex Legends just released information about the upcoming Season 5 content and if you are planning to jump into the game again and need a refresher on the new season, including the new mobile respawn beacons, head on over and read our recap of everything you can expect later this month in Season 5.

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  1. Trash game that was created and is only around cause it pleases the EA overlords. Little does Respawn know. It’s just a matter of time till EA wraps their greedy hands around their neck. And murders them like they’ve done to the rest. Because EA is a company full of psychopaths.

    But who cares right? The virtue signalling has done it’s job. The desensitization is complete. And EA will get to stick their agenda in your face now. Cause they’re not scared anymore to show their true colors. Cause the internet is the last heaven for all the freaks and weirdos in the world.

    And Steam… They’re a bunch of hypocrites breaking their own “Rules and Guidelines”. They allow pornographic games on their platform. And now they’re going to be allowing a company that virtue signals their political views in video games. And if not in the games then on their social media.

    You know all the things you arn’t even allowed to post in their forums.

    Anyways, stop supporting Steam and EA long ago. Seeing Steam sells nothing bunch junk. And allows thieves to steal your money. And then protects them. And EA can goto heck for all I care. They’re just pure greedy.

  2. I’d rather have EA burn in hell, along with Nexon but… alas.
    Would be another reason to throw a party if it actually happened.
    For now… i suppose i may as well give Apex a shot. Maybe. We’ll see.

  3. This seems weak.
    If AAA’s think they need to get back on steam when they’ve proven its better to be out of Steam, than in, its daft.
    Or If steam are chasing their tails meeting with AAA’s trying hard to get them all back online, then Steams still working on maintaining the monopoly of PC gaming. Which is wrong.
    You either break away or you don’t.
    Why would you back track on something that’s working for just for a few coins from a stubborn steam follower.


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