As the summer launch for westernized Korean MMO Archlord II inches closer and closer, details on the game are starting to emerge, giving those anticipating the localized version a little more meat to chew on. Revealing April as the time frame for Closed Beta Test per-registration, the Archlord II team also teased eager fans with bits and pieces of lore and gameplay mechanics.

Archlord II is a parallel universe to its predecessor, portraying a realm that is in a never-ending war of the gods. As the Archlord was corrupted by his own power and permanency, he thus became the Lord of Chaos and rose up against the gods, only to be defeated by them and the guardian species they created, casting him into the Abyss. Whilst the gods rested victoriously within their palace, and the Lord of Chaos devised a scheme from his damnation, a society was manifested over time in the world of Chantra.

Initially, two factions will be available upon release, with one race to support each faction. The Human race is quick and agile, capable of strategic examination which makes them more knavish and resourceful. The Orcs are a brutish force, wielding a strength that should never be underestimated, and a furious rage that is hell to reckon with. Although they both share the same ancestors, their own separate evolutionary path has created their own special abilities and functionality within the realm.

Pre-registration for the Closed Beta Test will be available on the official website in due time.

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    • since u tested this i got a question for u.
      As far as combat goes is it tab target or action based?not that it matters too much just tryina get some info bout this game other that it looks cool

  1. wow they leave out the orcs and the humans and add some random elf… is this really archlord? frankly i like the original archlord 1 cg


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