(UPDATE: Never trust Reddit 100%. After the publication of this article, were were informed, by Jennifer Scheurle, no less, that she had never been a designer on Guild Wars 2, which she further clarified in a Tweet. Our apologies to Jennifer and ArenaNet for the error. We’ve edited our original article below.)

Despite its rough 2019 that included layoffs, departures, more departures, and the supposed cancellation of at least one additional project, ArenaNet is still looking to branch out beyond Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. We already knew about this, thanks to job postings from late last year, but now we’ve got an additional source confirming the news.

Posters on Reddit have noticed the Twitter bio of Jennifer Scheurle, who currently describes herself as “Lead Designer @ArenaNet on unannounced title.” As an additional clarification, Scheurle tweeted earlier this month that she doesn’t “work on that [GW2], I work on this new team.”

So if there was any doubt that ArenaNet is still working on something else, this should put those to rest. Still, job postings are one thing; it’s a little stranger for an employee to openly admit to working on a project when there’s been no official announcement, but it’s not that unusual for ArenaNet to try and maintain a veil of semi-secrecy regarding its plans. The company likely will only make an announcement “when it’s ready,” but one wonders if it wouldn’t be better served by at least confirming the high details of its new project, before even more details slip out, even if — as is likely — it’s a few years off.

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