Blade & Soul will be adding its 8th class, the Warlock, soon! The trailer above comes from NCSoft’s announcement of the class at this year’s TGC2014 (Tencent’s annual Carnival) and showcases some of the abilities players will be able to use once the class is live.

One ability that is sure to cause a bit of chaos is a spell steal type ability. Warlocks can steal certain abilities from monsters (and other players in PvP) and use them against the recently robbed target.

Our friends over at Freedomplays have a few nifty screen shots of some of the other skills that we can expect to see but of course these skills will probably change quite a bit as development continues.

The Warlock will be available on the Korean servers later this month and become available on the Chinese servers sometime next year.

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  1. Now that it’s being released and they had to increase the server cap during alpha cause a lot more people than they thought bought the founders pack how does it feel to be wrong?

    Also BnS can’t be compared to standard MMORPGs and another thing is that the graphics still equals or beats A LOT of the newer games. BTW Rift didn’t reach their projected amount and had to turn it into a free to play game. Those of you who say that it’s the same as any other MMO haven’t really played that much MMORPGs, (and probably the the players in Tera that fail at everything.)

  2. ppl piss on this if they will finaly realse it … ppl will palay 30 days and will get bored because…. this games time has passed 2 years ago RIP B&S… u are old and late…. my money go to RIFT.

  3. The handling of this game has been abysmal. By the time it gets to the West it’ll be obsolete and fail hard like Archage from idiots thinking their game is the next coming of Jesus and trying to use the hype to milk money from the masses.

  4. i will probably not even bother waiting for this game to come on.As mentioned below in one of the comments this game is already 5(soon 6) years old so it will eventually become old graphic or combat wise.Will i try it when and if it even comes out?sure i will but will i bother think about when it comes out?not really.does these updates tease me and piss me off cause the game isnt in US/EU yet?yes it i gonna ever play this game?i highly doubt it

  5. I agree with Fandall. I’ve played this and most other mmos lately and BnS isn’t groundbreaking for sure. It’s entertaining for what it is but in my opinion is just the standard mmo recipe: get quest -> kill stuff -> turn in quest for stuff -> repeat. It does have some pretty graphics and character designs and a few things that are interesting (like the weapon evolve system). I was waiting for this game for years until I decided to just try it, but now after playing it I believe by time (if ever) they do decide to bring it to NA it’ll be so outdated and behind the times with all these new games that are actually coming to NA/EU that the game will be dead in the water. I mean this game did come out in 09 I think? It’s already fairly old in terms of games today. At least now (or so it seems) quite a few Korean game companies are seeing the immense popularity of their games in the NA/EU market and are either releasing or quicker to release games in these markets. Here’s hoping to more new games to see the light of day in NA/EU sooner!

    • 2012, dude. Summer of 2012. It’s not five (!) years old.

      And yes, Korean MMOs have been outdated and samey as far as game progression go.

  6. PSO2 will also never see these shores, just like this game! Asians hate america!

    This has been Breaking News with Noel Wan Gibbafawkis!

    • That’s Sega of America’s fault we never got PSO2, just like it’s NCSoft’s fault we never got Blade and Soul after promising it two years ago.

  7. As someone who has played most ( close to all MMO’s available to me, even remotely worth checking out ) MMO’s, BnS is the same as all the rest. Yes, the combat feels a bit more ”actiony”, but it still uses tab targeting/lock targeting and feels, well, just dull. And there are close to none innovations regarding questing and social experiences ( just saying that, cause i don’t understand why everyone is so hyped about it ). Apart from that, it’s still better than most games out there atm and definitely worth checking out, but before giving us some news about new class released, they might want to release the game to NA/EU, so we can actually enjoy the new ( and the old ) classes.

    • BNS don´t have tab targeting or classic lock, is like TERA. and the combat system is more like a fighter than a typical MMO you can do combos, block, counters, etc.

  8. the game is great, it has a enjoyable gameplay, but if NCSoft don’t release soon this game in NA, they will lose a huge piece of market. Black Desert is just around the corner , Archages will have time to improve and the interest of the player for BNS will be transform in frustration and hate.
    The same will be true for SEGA with PSO2


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